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Sonics Menu And Prices Of 2013

What does the cross mean in nutritional facts?

Oftentimes they use crosses instead of asterisks for ingredients that don't have firmly established daily values, as measured on a X calorie diet.

What is the refill policy at Sonic Drive-In?

As Mr. Good said, in most cases we charged 50 cents for soft drinks and tea. Water would typically be free with purchase of anything else, and slushes wouldn’t be “entitled” to a refill (though sometimes we’d do it if we were slow and you weren’t rude about it.) The restaurant actually has more invested in the cup than the drink (soda/water/tea at least, probably slushes too though they are made differently) because they mix it all at the store. The fountain system automatically pipes in concentrated syrup, water, and carbon dioxide so it’s nearly all profit, and 50 cents keeps it being profitable.

Is there a free database of restaurant menus online?

There are a variety of menu aggregators and menu distributors. It will depend on what you want to get out of the service. Some menus are obtained and then sold to publishers and other news sites. Sometimes, companies will feature your menus in exchange for your purchasing their services.Make sure the option allows for FREE updating when you need it and access to modifying your information.Sometimes, the service for restaurants is truly free and of no cost to you, and worthwhile. Other free menu providers include Open Menu and All Menus.As an example, one appears to be a menu database distributor and the other, mainly a publisher of menus.

Do you tip the carhop at Sonic?

Yes. Carhops in most states make the same as servers. They work on a tip wage. In Tulsa, ok I started out at $3.63/hour and they have since raised it to $4.50. so they don't even make minimum wage. Carhops get in trouble if they don't make tips to equal at least minimum wage.

What might be the reasons for having a "passenger air bag off" warning light on in a car?

Do you mostly drive by yourself? In other words you very rarely, if ever, have a passenger riding in the passenger seat.If that's the case, and the light goes out when someone sits in the passenger seat, then the light is working normally. On many vehicles the passenger side airbag will only arm if there is a passenger in the seat and of sufficient weight. This is a safety feature for people who stupidly allow their small children to ride up front with them in the car ...either sitting in the seat or in a car seat. Small children and air bags are a dangerous and deadly combination; a deployed airbag can kill a small child. Hence the safety weight switch for the passenger airbag. You can see if the system is working. Start the car then move over to the passenger seat. Does the light go out? If yes, then the system is working normally. If the light remains on then make sure there is not a manual override to deactivate the passenger airbag. If there isn't a manual override and with an adult passenger in the passenger seat and the light still on, then you have a problem. I have a 2011 Subaru Forrester and it has the airgbag safety system I just described. Whenever I drive the car by myself the light remains on all the time. If my wife rides along in the passenger seat, the light goes out and the bag is armed. My '98 GMC truck has a manual override for the passenger airbag; I have to use the ignition key in a special key slot on the dash to turn it off. If you do have a problem then the best and safest venue would be to take it to the dealer and have them check the system out. It might be a bad switch, a disconnected wire, a bad ground or ...something more serious.   I'll bet if you dig out the owners manual and *read* it'll tell you all about that airbag light being on when no one is in the seat. It will also tell you if there is a manual override to deactivate the passenger airbag. It will also tell you, in general terms, what it means if the light remains on with an adult passenger in the seat. Amazing what information you can glean just from reading the instructions that came with your car. Keep you from looking like a real rube going into the shop for something that's completely normal.

At Chick-fil-A, you can trade the toy in the kids meal for a free ice cream cone. What are some other "fast food secrets"?

Chick-Fil-A :Obviously you already got the kids ice-cream secret so here are 2 others;Special frosted drinks. You’ve had our frosted lemonade, our frosted strawberry lemonade, our frosted coffee, our new frosted sunrise, but… have you had: Frosted poweraid? Frosted Dr. Pepper? Frosted- You get the point. For the cost of a small soda and a large cup of icedream ($3.46 with tax), you can get any drink frosted. Thank me later. (Please don’t get these during rush hours though- they’re hard to make, and not all employees know how)Double-double-down. This one is more of a pain for us, so if you do get it try and do it when we aren’t busy. Basically it’s a spicy fillet and a regular fillet both topped with melted cheese (of your choice), and bacon. Stuffed in a bun with lettuce and tomato. There's no meal option for it, so if you want fries and a drink you’ll have to order them separately. Cost $10.68 with tax.

Why does McDonald's offer soft drinks of any size for $1?

Why not?The cost of soda for large companies is negligible (likely only 10–20 cents per cup, depending on size). If they charge a dollar, the still make 500% profit on a large, assuming it costs 20 cents to “make” a large soda.It saves time in advertisements, and it sounds great. You'd much rather hear that every size is only $1, rather than an ad saying the price for all sizes, or just saying a medium is a dollar.On top of this, McDonalds ends up getting business from other restaurants. If a customer goes to a food court or any area with many fast food restaurants, they can get their food at Wendy’s or Burger King, then go get a drink at McDonalds. You end up getting more drink for a smaller cost compared to buying the same size drink at the other restaurant.Finally, McDonalds gets more people coming to your restaurant, because a dollar isn't enough of a cost to make people feel like they are wasting money. If someone just wants a drink, they can stop at McDonalds without making any noticeable dent in their bank account.McDonalds made a smart move charging only a dollar for their drinks. The money they make from the increased soft drink sales counteracts the money lost from lowering prices. It's a nice convenience to the customer, as well.Also, surprisingly McDonalds at rest stops on highways actually don’t have dollar drinks! A large coke is something like $2.29, which is a big shock when you stop for a drink after driving for a long time.

How can I mod my GTA V on my Xbox 360?

Google is your best friend and also your closest relatives.Wrong version? Outdated? So? Just research a little more.This tutorial in particular necessitates at least a computer, a reliable internet connection, and a USB stick and some software. However I only briefly skimmed the video.You probably already know this but I should also note you will get banned for cheating if you try to join a GTA:O session with any mods in your system.Use extreme caution and enjoy yourself there.

How do you find out what model Asus laptop you have?

If you are using Windows OS, just select Run program(or press ⊞ Win + R) -> type “dxdiag” -> hit Enter. I think you will find it there.And if you are using Linux OS, here is what you should do:Try sudo dmidecode -t baseboard for full information on the DMI table contents relevant to your baseboard, in a human readable form. For just the System Product, you can use either:sudo dmidecode -s system-product
sudo dmidecode -s baseboard-product-name

Other relevant options for motherboard info aresudo dmidecode -s system-version
sudo dmidecode -s baseboard-version
sudo dmidecode -s system-manufacturer
sudo dmidecode -s baseboard-manufacturer

Try sudo dmidecode -s for a full list of system DMI strings availableSource: Check_It_Here.