Speech On Federation In Australia Why Was It Good

Should Australia day be changed?

Why Australia Day should stay the same:

Its in the middle of Summer which is perfect for outdoor activities like barbecues and a game of cricket with the family.

We have a long tradition of having it on that day.

Federation day is on New years day and that is already taken, so we might just as well keep this one.

Changing the day might clash or bring it too close to other national or state public holidays or put it in the dead of winter where celebrating would be difficult.

Why Australia Day should change:

Every other independent country celebrates their national day on the day they became a country. Australia celebrates on the day some foreign country decided to build a maximum security prison.

The celebrations focus on Sydney and not the nation. Outside of Sydney nobody really cares, its just another holiday.

The day celebrates the founding of the colony of New South Wales. This means that the western third of the continent is completely excluded from the celebrations. While most of the modern states were carved out of New South Wales, one was not. Western Australia had been its own independent colony since its foundation. It very nearly didn't join the commonwealth at all. Having Australia day on the day New South Wales was founded is a slap on the face of all Western Australians.

Changing the day would send a powerful message to the world that we as a nation are doing more than just paying lip service to reconciliation with Aboriginal Australia (who call it invasion day).

There are at least two other days that would be more appropriate, The day Captain cook first sighted Australia or the day the Constitution was signed by Queen Victoria, thus signing into effect our nationhood.

Why is the Federation important to the history of Australia?

The reason why federation is important to the history of Australia is because without federation the colonies of New Holland would have become separate countries competing against each other instead of combining for the common good. As it was the separate colonies were competing against each other, had different standards, different customs and border controls. Federation was meant solve domestic issues like standardizing rail gauges, removing custom and tariffs from border control. Federation was meant to unify the small population to produce effective direction. Internationally, federation was meant to produce cohesive defensive units in an army and navy.Australia was federated in 1901. Imagine the consequences 13 years later if federation had not taken place. When WWI broke out the colonies of the region would have each debated the merits of aiding the British Empire and to what degree. There would have been no Australian navy and any military forces would have been very disjointed.In effect, in Australian had not federated then there would be 6 nations neighbouring New Zealand. The individual nations would have developed at differing rates and development would have been dragged down. If federation hadn’t existed at the time of WWII there would have been dire consequences for the Allies during the war and development post-war would have been very different. In effect, the non-federated nations would have struggled like New Zealand has and the U.S.A. would have one less strong ally.

Famous Australian Leaders?

You can do John Curtin, (WW2) leader (he's pretty famous for the decisions).
Robert Menzies (longest role for Australian PM/ WW2 leader)
Julia Gillard (First Female PM)
Henry Parkes (Helped and largerly contributed for a federation) Australia was federated under his influences.
Gough Whitlam (He bought women more rights, free education, Aboriginal/idigenous land rights) and all these other great thinngs).

What is the safest place to live in Australia? (less insects/spiders/dangerous animals)?

The bug problem is overstated, and you have to look hard to find the snakes. Spiders can be a problem in some localities, but even there, shake out your shoes before you put them on, and keep an eye out, and you will be fine. A little common sense will keep you safe from them. Far bigger hazard is the sunshine- use a lot of sunscreen all the time, even during the winter. As to the best cities- everyone has their opinion. My daughter did a year in Werris Creek, and now lives in Tamworth in NSW, and she will tell you it is the best. I disagree. I would go straight to Adelaide or one of its suburbs.
The Northern Territory will surely offer a bit of culture shock, as most of the small towns are aboriginal communities, and there is great cultural exposure, but a general lack of educators, health care providers, shopping, and organized youth activities...
Hope you enjoy some time in Australia- it is my second home, and I spend as much time there as I can.