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Speech Problems Help Me

I have a speech problem?

I have some speech problems in my daily life, I'm also a singer. I hope that this will make you feel a little better. I do not really care completely what people say to me, because they are wrong to call someone something that are not, as in "Romeo and Juliet" a rose by any other name will still smell as sweet. Think about it this way, life gives you lemons make lemonade, then if life gives you jokes made something better out of it. When you get older, people will start to look up to you, and maybe you're say what is true that people are wrong; its all right with you have speech problem, some of it is natural.

SSRI's and speech problems?


I take cymbalta for panic disorder. I used to take lexapro which is a sibling of cymbalta. I have found that since I have been taking these drugs I have had a problem verbalizing my thoughts. It really bothers me since I am a real estate agent and I have to alot of talking. It makes me feel incompetitent and insecure. It is almost like my words get "lost in space" has this happened to you?

I may just have a weird body chemestry but I also had the same problem when I was taking a different medication when I was misdiagnosed as bi-polar (which I am not) and was taking

Do tongue twisters help speech problems?

I've noticed that I lost the ability to pronounce words like "asked" and other words (that I can't think off the top of my head). I kind of developed a stutter and I sometimes can't find the right word to say anymore or I can't find synonyms of a word in normal conversation. Is it possible to develop these speech problems? I mean I'm kind of insecure about what I say because I feel like I sound stupid saying it, but it gets kind of annoying because I look stupid trying to think of the right thing to say or I think about it, but it comes out in a stutter. How do I fix this? I want to be secure with myself and speak properly. Do tongue twisters help diction? What about my stutter and insecurity? Do I have to brush up on vocabulary?

Can hypnosis cure speech problems?

Research qualified hypnotherapists in your area. Look for ones that have a website that you can browse and positive testimonials. Even talk to somebody who's been cured of the same issues as it really helps to hear another's experience. I've had some training in hypnotherapy and it's absolutely amazing.

Can a Palate expander cause speech problems?

It depends on if you still have the expander in. If you still have it in then yes it's most likely the expander and you just have to get use to it. When you form words your tongue uses the top of your mouth for most letters, like: C,D,G,H,J,K,L,N,Q,S,T,W,X,Z. The palate expander gets in the way of forming your words . Once the palate expander is out, you may need to get use to the top of your mouth now being wider, but this should not effect your speech that much.
If you have had the palate expander out for a while and you still have a problem forming words, you may need to go see your doctor and have them refer you to a specialist. ( Speech Therapist ). I have worked in an Orthodontists office and I have seen some people have a hard time with the expander. In time it should get better. I hope this was helpful, Good Luck!
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I think smoking weed has given me problems!!! ...Help?!?

I had my first joint at 14, and when I turned 17 I started smoking pot on a daily basis. I only smoke one joint a day (sometimes two and rarely 3). I very much enjoy it. I used to love doing everything high.

But this is where my problem is - I find that my highs are way less intense than they used to be, I often tremble (although very lightly), I become almost too shy to approach people because the biggest issue Pot has given me is that it seems to have messed up my ability to speak properly. I find myself trying to remember difficult words, struggling to talk to people professionally, put my sentences together nicely - and then this also affects my social life, - I am starting to find it hard to speak to my friends without worrying what they think of me. My sentences don't seem to come out properly. Even the girl I have a crush on - she smokes way more weed than i do - I can't speak to her properly! I have never had issues with my speech until about March 2010.

Today (24th June) is the FIRST day in about 2-3 years that I haven't smoked a joint. Should I continue with stopping pot for a while or am I just being paranoid..?

Has anyone else had this experience where Weed screws up your speech? And does it go away?? Because I am a 100% Marijuana lover and I definitely do not want to give up forever.