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*spoilers* Question About The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 4 finale Question?

After Tyreese finds Karen and David dead, he approaches Rick, demanding he use his investigative skills to find out who did it. When Tyreese starts to become physical with Daryl, Rick tries to calm him down, but he punches Rick twice. Rick fights back, and repeatedly hitting Tyreese in the face, both breaking his own hand and giving Tyreese a wounded eye.

It took me a few minutes to remember what he had done to him too, it seems like it was so long ago!

The walking dead question - SPOILERS!! -?

Beth I'd say no, because Beth stabbed officer dawn with some scissors in front of a bunch of armed People and got herself shot and I mean, yeah Noah could have done more to try and save her, but with that reasoning, Daryl could've kept her from running off in the first place.
However, I think it is almost completely Noah's fault that tyrese got bit. He ran off, with an iinjured leg and went into a place that may have been completely overrun, because of the small possibly that his family was there. The he left tyrese alone and he got bit. Then, he left tyrese alone for way to long without doing anything to help him, so he could go get help. He could have easily cut off the arm and easily made a bandage out of the bed sheets or something.

Anyone who has read "The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor *Spoilers* Questions?

This is for any Comic nerd's out there. So i know writer's like to leave little easter eggs if you will sprinkled among their work because it makes it that much more exciting for the reader to find and acknowledge.

Example* When Philip Blake and his little entourage leave Wiltshire estates, Brian (who ultimately becomes the vicious "Governor") leaves a sign warning any traveler's "ALL DEAD DO NOT ENTER" which if you remember back in Issue 10 or 11 of "The Walking Dead" comic with a stroke of irony, Rick and Co. find that same sign revealing that both groups had camped at the same place at one time.

My Question is, Were there any more parallel's between the two? any other intertwining story arc's that i missed?

At first i thought that the place (Later in the book) in "Rise of the Governor"
where Philip,Brian,Nick and Penny hideout for the last time before being ambushed
by those Drug addict's which ultimately lead to Penny's death could have been hershel's farm because the way the group described the place it sounded very similar.
but than i thought about it and remembered....wait a second, this is a prequel to the Walking dead comic so hershel and his family would have most likely been there occupying it already....anyways sorry for the rant but i just wanted to know if anybody caught anything significant, this was a intriguing book and i wanted to share some insight. peace

In the walking dead, with Shane and Otis... (MAJOR SPOILERS)?

Did anyone ever figure out (other than Dale) that Shane killed Otis? When I saw that scene it made me feel so AWFUL for Otis and that's when I started to really hate Shane.
I know Dale somehow knew that Shane shot Otis and left him for dead, but did Dale ever tell the rest of the people or did they ever find out? I hope they did so they can continue to hate Shane for what he did.

Is the walking dead game too depressing? (spoilers)?

You aren't too old for video games. I've heard of people up to 70 years old playing Skyrim. It is GOTY (Game of the Year) 2012 for many people because of the story. Some people were surprised a game could make them that emotional and the story was very well done. There was nothing you could've done anyways. Cutting off someone's arm that late? The virus or whatever you want to call it would of spread by then. Had it been done sooner, he could've survived. It's just part of the story.

Keep in mind this game is kind of meant to be depressing. If you don't like sad games, I don't suggest playing Season 2 as it will likely be similar.

I also will admit to crying multiple times while watching the game as other people played it and when I played it myself. It was my personal Game of the Year for 2012 just because it made me feel a way no other game did before. I've never really been that emotionally attached to characters and why I personally love the game so much.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 2 (JSS): [SPOILER] Who would make a better couple, Carl and Enid, or Ron and Enid?

Definitely Carl and Enid, Ron is still so childish. If he can't protect himself there's a less chance of him being able to protect Enid. Plus, Enid and Carl have more experience being outside Alexandria, so they each understand what each other have been through and if there's ever a problem they would know how to handle it perfectly.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 2 (JSS): [SPOILER] How did the wolves get into the camp?

I don't think it's specifically stated or shown in the episode, but Alexandria is hardly impenetrable. The walls could be scaled, for one thing. It's also possible a gate was left open -- we saw some Wolves leave via a gate than Morgan then closed after them.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episode 5 (Now): [SPOILER] What happened to the Wolf that Morgan let turn?

You mean the wolf he held captive?That wolf was injured, but I don't think he was bitten. And he is most likely still alive.We didn't see any mention of the wolf, Morgan, or Carol in this past episode because it was dedicated more to the Alexandrians. YAWN. But, it looks like the first half of season 6 is all taking place in one day, so they have to stretch things out a bit.

Spoilers! Did carol die last night on the walking dead?

Last nights episode was brutal killing off t dog, lori, and possibly carol. My question is did carol die? She ran through the doors and that was it for her. Later daryl picked up that thing she was wearing on her head, does that mean shes dead? And later they said that t dog and her didnt make it but it never showed her death or her body... So does that mean she died or will she return next episode?

[Spoiler Alert] Does anyone think Ron from The Walking Dead should be killed?

Characters like this are deliberate.  Right?  These light apocalypse shows are about deep humanity loss and you, the viewer, get to participate.It's really easy to include some favorites among those who are innately awesome (Daryl, Michonne), teachable (Carl, Carol), and humble (Herschell).  You even expect there to be a place for the non-mercenaries - the doctors, teachers, and other survivors.But...what to do with those that don't fit in?  What about the angsty shit-for-brains teenagers?  What about the misfits?  This is a larger harsh commentary about society in general.  Do misfits deserve to live if they can't contribute?This is a very dark place and you are pushed to participate in the dilemma.  You don't get to shove the responsibility on police and prisons anymore.  You have to personally take the humanity hit.  This is the dilemma Rick faces.Do you kill them? Let them be killed through your inaction?  If you don't, what happens to the group as a whole?  ...but...what kind of precedent does that set?  Who decides who lives?