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Spy Novels And Spy Novels Set In Future

What are the best spy novels ever written?

Here are two novels, written by former spies, that couldn’t be more different from each other, but rank among the greatest in the spy genre.From Russia,with Love-Ian FlemingIn the fifth novel to feature the legendary Secret Service agent,Bond is marked for assassination by Soviet Counterintelligence agency SMERSH, and young clerk Tatiana Romanova, along with a Russian decoding device, is the bait to lure Bond into a trap, orchestrated by the ruthless Colonel Rosa Klebb.From Russia, with Love is everything we love about Agent 007- edge-of-your-seat drama, femme fatales and powerful villains.The Spy Who Came in from the Cold- John le CarréRegarded as a masterpiece in the spy genre, this novel is as far as it gets from Bond-esque tropes.Set during the height of the Cold War, The Spy Who Came in from the Cold is about the core principle of spycraft- the flow of information. The tension is slowly and meticulously built up through an intricate plot, full of twists and turns. This is a must-read for all lovers of the spy genre.

What are some thriller/spy novels that are told in a very rich prose, reading almost like literary fiction?

Some fine suggestions already, le Carré in particular is the obvious first choice for a ‘literary’ thriller.But the OP name-checks Alistair MacClean in his comment, which makes me think he’s interested in the more grounded, gritty end of the thrillers-with-good-writing genre. With that in mind I’d recommend Len Deighton. He’s a little out of fashion these days, but his spy novels have always been lauded for their realistic, somewhat cynical style as well as for their technical detail. There’s the Harry Palmer series, and the Bernard Sampson series for something a little more up-to-date.

I'm looking for some really good spy novels set in contemporary times, especially in the Middle East or where "the Arab spring" is going on. I saw on TV a review of one that is set during the Egyptian uprising last year but can't remember the title! Can anyone help me?

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What is the best spy novel ever written? Why?

Consider the novels of Alan Furst. They are set in the days prior to WWII, and generally feature “normal” people doing their part to prevent the rise of Nazi Germany. It’s a very realistic portrayal of both the broad history as well as the personal dangers of espionage. Start with Dark Star.John Le Carre has been mentioned. It’s worth noting that A Perfect Spy, which IMHO might be the best spy novel ever, is an amalgam of the lives of David Cornwell (John Le Carré) and Kim Philby (the real life soviet double agent who almost became head of MI6), and thus is very much grounded in reality.Edward Wilson’s VERY under-rated The Darkling Spy has a very realistic portrayal of espionage in East Germany during the cold war, capturing the paranoia of the police state and the personal costs of betrayal.In a more modern vein, The Black Tulip has a very realistic and (real life based) portrayal of espionage in Afghanistan, during the arming of the Afghan freedom fighters.

What spy novels would you recommend to anyone who prefers John Le Carre and Len Deighton?

Besides the ones mentioned in the other answers I’d recommend:Helen MacInnesJohn Gardner (There is more than one novelist with that name so make sure you get the one that writes spy fiction. )Adam Hall - the Quiller novelsRobert Ludlum - The Osterman WeekendP.S. Did you read Winter by Deighton? It is not really a spy novel but it has background for his spy novels.

How do I get a publisher to read my unpublished spy thriller novel?

There are two crucial elements to successfully pitching your book idea to a book publisher and getting them to read your manuscript. Get an Agent. Having a knowledgeable and experienced agent is going to speed up the process. They have their finger on the pulse. Remember sometimes certain genres will be more successful than others. It just depends on the market and they will be able to filter this back to you. Really invest sometime into finding an excellent agent to represent you.Self-publish to prove traction. Publishers and agents can't ignore hard data. Showing them that you have achieved sales and excellent reviews goes a long way. If you have traction it becomes hard to turn you away.Chris Bridge did exactly this: Page on

What are the best spy novels to read today, either new, or classics that have aged well?

A2A What are the best spy novels to read today, either new, or classics that have aged well? For example, I recently picked up Digital Fortress by Dan Brown from my dad’s library, and while I’m sure that it was a fantastic read back in 1998, it’s actually kind of funny reading it now. It’s like when they have flip-phones and old cathode ray tube computer monitors in the Bourne movies.This is not my bailiwick so some of my choices will be in the same tone but not necessarily classic “spy” novels.Katherine Neville 8. Long before the Da Vinci Code was this novel, which I absolutely love and I am not a big fan of thrillers, I’m more of a mystery fan.Bill Clinton is coming out with a spy novel, The President is Missing, that if it is as intense as an 1/8th of the presidential elections should be a compelling read. He is teaming up with James Patterson as Ghost writer so double wow.The Spy who Jumped off the Screen by Caplan. Forward by Bill Clinton. If you like this novel then you are likely to like other novels that Clinton endorses.This Quora link also has some suggestions for modern spy novels.

What are some good novels about intelligence analysts who are forced to go into the field?

As regards spy novels, I'm a firm favorite of Le Carre but I can suggest an alternative that I recently read…The Black WidowThroughout the novel one finds facts and truths to make it read as though NOT a work of fiction.It's very well studied and the writer has had enough insights into the modern “spy world” to make it an extraordinary read.

How much is 24,000 words, or 83 Microsft Word pages in a Novel form? ?

I guess the other answerers missed the point that you're aiming your work at the middle grade market.

Middle grade novels are between 20,000 and 40,000 words (they are really novellas). In proper manuscript format (250 words per page) that's between 80 and 160 pages.