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Stabbing Abdominal Penile And Rectal Pain

Sharp pain on triangle space above penis?

For the past 5 hours or so I have been experiencing really hard to deal with pain on that triangle spot above my penis. The spot where all my pubes are, it is closer to the left side of the triangle, and the pain is sharp. I could describe it that lets say there was a small ball right under the left side of my triangle, that ball was surrounded by fire / a sharp pain. It hurts to laugh and move. When I try to walk, it sometimes help if I press down on the area really hard, and lean at a weird angle, it helps the pain, but the pain is still there.

I suffer from IBD, but I don't believe that this is what that is, I have experienced IBD related flares, and they are a far different pain from the one I'm feeling right now.

If anyone has any idea what this is from, that would be helpful.

Notes: I haven't done anything physically straining today, I pretty much lied in bed doing homework and video chatting. I masturbated a few times and other than that ate a bag of chips for dinner. I know that is unhealthy, but I've been having a similar **** lifestyle for a while now.

Anyways, if anyone knows what this could be and if I need to like go to the emergency room because my pubes are going to explode, or if it's just a small thing, that would help a lot.

Thanks, Charlie-

Stabbing pain in penis and bottom left side of stomach. What could it be?

The pain in my penis comes and goes, sometimes I have seconds of relief, sometimes I have minutes, sometimes hours. It's random, and it only lasts for like a second or two when it happens. It sometimes hurts more when I get up and start moving. I don't notice any extra pain whenever I urinate, though. The thing is, the pain is weird. It's always in one spot, never in multiple spots. Sometimes I can feel it like in the middle of my penis, or my testicles, or the bottom left side of my stomach. I can only feel it in my stomach when I'm laying on that side, and if I touch my stomach when that happens, like, to try to squeeze it and see what the problem is, it hurts so much that it nearly leaves me breathless for a second.

What could it be? I've had this for about 3 days now.

Sharp pain shooting from tip of penis to anus?

I have had a similar thing. I call them male menstrual cramps for fun. Probably just muscles acting up. If there are other signs or symptoms such as pain or blood during urination then see a doc.

Pain around groin/lower abdomen/gas NEED HELP?

i have been having a little bit of gas but my poop is sort of mucusy at times (not always) and it is small like pellets also feel constipated when i try to use washroom, i have pain above my penis and sides between testicles and leg, sometimes in lower abdomen and legs themselfs( like thighs) is this a pulled muscle? im 20 and work a physical job, this has been ongoing for a while ive consulted my family physician about it he did blood tests all came back fine, and urine tests, no blood was in my urine he said it can be a possible bladder stone passing through or kidney stone, i use to have pains like random shooting pains in kidney area now i rarely get it there its mainly in the front, sometimes even my testicles themselves have dull aching and discomfort feeling, i do push hard sometimes when i poop but can it cause this? i dont have patience to sit there for an hour waiting for it to happen lol, another big part is nausea i get it on and off sometimes so bad i wana puke it lasts for hours usually so bad i need to take gravol to help me.

sorry for this being so long but i need to get some answers has anyone had this before? is there any doctors that can give me suggestions on a next step? i was also on accutane for almost 1.5 years to 2 years, small dosage for some of it and large dosage for other part of it and i have heard it can cause aches and muscle cramping please somone with a logical answer help me with what to do!

Sharp pain during anal sex. Need help.?

Need serious help and advice!
This pain is seriously limiting our ability to have sex as much as we would like to. In the past 3 months we've only had sex 6-7 times which I believe is very little for any new couple.
I don't have trouble fingering myself or inserting a medium-sized ********* in my asshole. But whenever he tries to put in his penis, it hurts, like I'm wounded inside and it's raw. I've tried using Prep H, eating more fiber, drinking more water, but nothin helps.
I do sometimes bleed around the lower end of my hole, but that's pretty much it. Any suggestions and advice would be most appreciated! Thanks!

Anal sex hurt my penis?

Well, to get to the stomach, you'd have to go through 5 feet of large intestines and 20 feet of small intestines first. I'm sorry, but I seriously doubt that your penis is more than 25 feet long. What is more plausible is the friction hurt you. Or perhaps the skin on your penis is very sensitive and you had an adverse reaction to the fecal material and bacteria in her anus. Try using plenty of a top quality lube. And use a condom.

Pain underneath belly button connected to penis?

A really sharp pain right underneath my belly button that seems to be connected some how to my penis. I feel like I need to stretch it out by standing up straight but that just seems to make the pain worse. Curling up in a ball or sitting arched over lessens the pain. Trying to pee makes it incredibly painful so I try to hold my pee in. This condition usually lasts anywhere between a half hour and 2 hours. I am a 15-year old male.