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Stay At Home Mom Very Difficult Situation How Can I Make Money

What can a middle-aged stay-at-home mom do to make money, part-time during the school year?

Find A Part Time JobDo a simple google search for any available part time job positions.Simple Service BusinessYou can offer simple services such as baby-sitting and dog walking services to people that need it in your communityFreelancingIf you have a sell-able skill, you can turn that into a service that people will pay for. For example, if you are good at writing, you can find freelance writing gigs to do during the school year. There are a lot of businesses that need writers to help create content for their website/blog.If you can speak a second language, you can give language lessons as well.Service ArbitrageHere’s how it works.First, you find in-demand services that freelancers are already offering at a super low price on freelancing websites. Then, you market their services to businesses that need it. Once you get a sale, you hire the freelancers to deliver the work for you.How you make money is that you quote a higher price to your clients than what your freelancers quote you to pocket the price difference as your profit.If you are interested to know exactly how to get started in service arbitrage, you can download this NEW eBook called “How To Start Your $1,000 Per Month Service Arbitrage Business From Scratch” which shows step-by-step how to get it up and running.

Be honest, how difficult is it running daycare out of your home?

I have been doing exactly that for 3 years now. The biggest obstacle is actually the parents LOL. A few things before you decide to go through with it: Is your home big enough to accommidate all those kids? Is there an extra room you can make into a playroom/naproom? Do you have a fenced yard? If you answered yes to those, good for you! If not, maybe your home isn't right for a home daycare. Do you have pets? Do you value your privacy? Do you dislike cleaning everyday? Are you impatient? Do you dislike waking up really early? Do you dislike cooking for a group of people? If you answered yes to those, rethink this please. If not, yay! Be sure to have a clear-cut contract and policy. Have meals planned, activities planned, field trips. In your contract, be sure to include an overtime rate, such as $5 an hour after the child has been in your care for 10 hours in a day. Also, reserve the right for a specified amount of sick days and un-paid vacation days, and what paid holidays you will have. Yes, you can have paid holidays! Use this website it's awesome for finding forms and contracts: As for if I like it, I love it! The kids are like my own and I love them. It breaks my heart when parents get transferred and I don't get to see them everyday. If you like kids and have the motherly instinct, go for it!

What are some money making ideas for a stay at home mom between the hours of 9am-2pm?

I can only speak from my experiences, but I'd highly recommend building an online business. Main reason is because it'll provide you the flexibility you need. I started online when I had a full time job, so just like you I only had around 4-5 hours a day after work to build a secondary income stream. Not gonna lie though, it takes some time to start generating income. However...there are two ways to think of making money. The first way, you exchange your time for income...a la traditional jobs. The second way (online business), you exchange your time for building an income stream that may not pay off immediately but will continue to generate income month after month. So if you need money now, it may not be the best fit for you. But, if you can put in the effort for a few months, learn as much as you can and start building web properties, it'll pay off down the road. I personally build YouTube channels and it's replaced my full time income. If you want to learn more about my business model you can check out my course called Tube1k. Literally a business model in a box that you can replicate. You can check it out here: Tube1k: How to Build Income Generating YouTube Channels — Reddy Set Go Cheers, Sam

Stay at home Mom VS Full Time Job?

I thought maybe it was just me but after speaking to a woman at the park yesterday who agrees staying home is harder, and she had it way worse than I did.

She was a ICU nurse working opposite shift to her husband so someone was always home, she was going to school on the weekends, and only getting about 3 hours of sleep per day. Now she is a SAHM to two and has her mom helping her (live in) and she can't imagine going to school (though she thought she'd have tonnes of time) and is looking forward to going back to work in a month so she can have her lunch break and her commute to unwind and read (bus/subway obviously).

I also know I work harder than my hubby because he absolutely can not manage two kids at the park alone, nor shopping with both kids. To clean up toys he screams at the toddler and makes him stay in time out the whole time and then yells at him for playing. He always naps with them when he is home.

Stay at home mom?

Why do so many women want to go to work. Being a stay at home mom is the most rewarding experience I have ever had. My husband is a lawyer so he makes more than enough for me to not have to work. He has always taken care of me and gone out of his way to pamper me. When I got pregnant with our son he was so supportive and has been a wonderful father to our son. The best part about it is getting to stay home and breast feed my baby I just don't understand why a women would choose the stress of a job over getting to be a stay at home mom why not find a great man that will take care of you?

What's your opinion on stay at home moms?

I have a friend and his theory is that women going to the workplace is the single cause of almost everything wrong in this country over the last 50 years! I'm not kidding. He is very well reasoned. I hope to touch on just a few....

1. Obesity: People are fatter because they eat less healthier foods. There is no time to prepare meals so fast food is always a cheap option. Children are left unattended after school where they snack and play video games instead of play outside.

2. Inflation : Now that two working parents have become the norm, the market has caught up to the added income of the second partner. So now we are caught in the dual income trap because most families cannot earn enough to pay the bills and keep one spouse at home. The price of everything is too much for that.

3.The "disposable" nature of everything. Mom's just don't have the time to give to their children. But they feel compelled to have them because they're women. So the children suffer and her job suffers, the marriage suffers. Divorce rate goes up.

Some of these things I agree with, some I think are a stretch. But I think that if I could stay home and be the manager of my household I would. I wouldn't call it "noble" or think that it's worth $123,000 a year like a news story recently calculated. But I do think that if at least one parent, male or female, chose to manage the home, society would be better off.

Good luck.