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Step Brother Slept With Girlfrien

My girlfriend may be sleeping with her step-brother, how should i handle this ?

Ive dated this girl for several months after the first few dates she was very worried about bringing me inside her home where her step-brother stayed with her, he slept on the couch in the living room which i found kinda weird cause the house has 3br and basement,as time progressed i visited more often when we had our sexual encounters at night she would want to suck my fingers during the whole time to me i felt that she like threesomes with two guys not girls, he would listen on the couch,time moves along he sends her a txt one night saying there a party? she responded where? he said in you mouth im cuming! lol, i didnt find this funny at all and not a joke i would send to my sis i have 6 so i should knoe,we are 30 her stepbrother is like 38,so everybody grown enough to know this raise serious flags,one day i go over after i get off of work i come through the living room to the kitchen to see him darting outside the back door with her standing there looking rather suspect, like he was getting head or something, her other step-brother who is in out of jail ask him what happened like he knew what was going on like i interrupted the family gathering,I ignore it because i don't want to accuse them of something like that time goes on and they get into a fight like full blown fight i wasn''t there but she kicked him out and moved to different house he moves in with there mother,they have since squashed the beef and are cooler than ever he has been giving her money now not allot but some, she spends most of her time at her moms where hes at shes over there at all type of times when her mom is at work and she think I don't know her mom works , shes now lying saying she go to work on certain days she don't or will leave extra early with like lotion and extra clothes to her mother house while she is at work of course,I have pretty much broken up with her because of the lies i caught her in, but she claims she a saint and nothing happened I also confronted him about this and told him how i felt and that i felt that they were sleeping around and he became very angry but did not fight me nor did he tell his sis we even had the conversation this is all very odd so i need advice rather good or bad intelligent or ignorant. thanks

Should I tell my brother I slept with his girlfriend?

Damn.. this is not a pretty cool situation cause you broke the trust you and your brother had… I don’t know your situation but what were you thinking… who actually made the first move.. this is important… also how old are you guys … If it was you that persuade her, what make u do it? was she the one that persuade u… how did She reacted… let me tell you that ir sucks being on the other happen to me with my brother we were 15 and 16 plus my uncle was the instigator his niece not blood related wanted to fuck around and they both persuade us both, but everyone in the family knew I liked her… my brother knowing this he started being with her.. I didn’t know I was a rookie… I just happen to walk in to a room when I saw them kissing….i just walked out didn’t say anything.. I was hearth broken.. I didn’t speak of this for months… once I confronted my brother it happens to be that every one in the family was like “ u serious “ why u cared so much blah blah blah… point is the action, betrayal of him hurted… after that I couldn’t leave any of my gf alone with anyone from my family.. it fucked me up.. so yes confront hi.. accept your error and acept loosing your bro..

My brother slept with my girlfriend? What do I do?

I met her about 2 years and she's the best thing that's ever happened to me. We had been seeing each other a few months and I told her I was going home for the weekend and I told her where I'm from and we found out we went to the same high school but I graduated 3 years before her and she asked what my last name was and she realized she graduated with my little brother. I'm going home for a week and my family still hasn't met her so I asked her to come and she asked if my brother would be there and I told her he would and she said it wasn't a good idea for her to go with me. Long story short she knew my brother well they never dated but they used to have a friends with benefits thing. She told me earlier in our relationship she only slept with one guy before me. I know it's crazy that out of all the people we could end up with we'd find each other but she honestly had no idea who my brother was but after we found out we went to the same high school she knew and never mentioned they used to **** all the time? It just pisses me off. Not to mention I'm in love with her and she's been with my brother. Every time I'm around my brother I'll know he's been with her. I'm still very attracted to her but it's a little weird thinking he's been with her that way. I guess it's not her fault but why would she wait so long to tell me? what if my brother had feelings for her or she had feelings for him? What do I do then? She's almost 23 and I've been thinking about proposing in a few years.

My step brothers ex girlfriend?

Ok crazy situation, my step brother just got dumped by his gf last week, and her and i started talking a few days later, we've hung out a few times and we seem to have alot in common, I have feelings for her and she says the same.. The thing is he doesn't know, and i know the whole bro's before hoe's thing but he was a total *** to her when they were together he cheated on her numerous times, and she was really good to him.. Anyway now he is texting her saying he still loves her and wants to be with her, but she tells him no and that she don't want to be with him.. [ i've seen the texts myself..] My brother is 17 and I am 24, she is 19.. She tells me she loves me and wants to be with me, but I don't know what exactly to believe.. And on top of that Im leaving for the Army in August. She tells me she is gonna wait for me and all that.. But to cut a long story short I really don't know what to do because like I said i really do have feelings for her and would love to be with her, but the situation is just horrible.. I know what it comes down to is mine and his relationship.. But u can't help who you fall in love with.. Im just looking for some advise on the situation thanks..

I had sex with my brothers girlfriend what should i do?

play dumb with your brother and show him what she sent to your phone and tell him its been goin on, let him dump then you can date her without problems

Is it ok for your girlfriend to sleep with your brother because "that's what brothers do"?

This question needs more details.By sleeping, do you mean sexually or literally?Did they pass out at a house party in the same place?Brothers do not share women with one another any more than sisters share a man, despite many men having exactly that fantasy.even if you meant literally, the answer is still NO. It is not appropriate to share your mate in any capacity with your sibling.If you are being manipulated, you need to:1) ask your girl and your bro for clear boundaries,2) be freaky and join if that is your thing,3) find a wholesome girl you wanna bring home to mom, that finds your brother NOT attractive.lots of people, male, female, nonbinary, etc., are able to say, “Your brother isn’t ugly or anything, but I am attracted to YOU because I built this relationship with YOU and have emotionally bonded to YOU.”You were bothered by all of this drama enough to write on Quora. I think it is time to demand answers so you have closure, then break it off with her, and find (her sister?) someone wholesome.Your brother, well, he inadvertently rescued you from a cheater. Kick him in the crotch for doing it ( be sure to tell him “because that’s what brothers do”), then help him back to his feet for keeping you from marrying a cheater.Good luck, bud!

Is it right for a step sister to sleep with her step brother?

I honestly don't see an issue with it. As long as it is consent and they are not related by blood or legally. When two people get married, they're children don't automatically become siblings.However, a lot of people will raise their eyebrows at this.It is considered really weird if they grew up together, both live at home with their parents, or there is a significant age Gap.But no one should be able to dictate if two people are allowed to fall in love.Additionally, realize that if the relationship ends badly, it could destroy a family forever, so be careful with each other's feelings. Even if it does end, you should still be friends.

I slept with my step brother...what do I do now?

Ok, so my mom and her new husband just got married last month, I'm really excited for both of them! But while they were away in the Bahamas for their honeymoon me and my step brother were home alone. It was I think like a Friday night and we decided to go see a movie, we watched the amazing spiderman and then we got chinese take out and went back home. We were just sitting eating and talking then all of a sudden he says "it's too bad our parents are married, your very attractive." and I was really stunned because Ive had the biggest crush on him for 3 years! I mean he's 17 and I'm 15 but I cheer for his football team and that kinda how our parents met. The whole school knows we both have a thing for eachother so when our parents got married everyone was really shocked. So anyways, were just talking and all of a sudden he starts kissing me and moves down to my neck the slowly lower to my chest, before we know it both of our clothes are off and we both just lost our virginity to each other. Ever since that night me and him have been really "friendly" and snugly and close to each other and our parents are starting to suspect something. Idk what to do! We both really like eachother...but our parents...ugh...

I found out my girlfriend used to have sex with her brother?

she abused her kid brother, and it's only a matter of time when she will abuse another kid. normal 12 year olds do not sleep with 9 year old boys, or their siblings.

there is not being judgemental and theirs being naive.

this girl is a predator and i would get as far away from her as i can.

i would also write a letter to her parents and inform them they are raising a pedo, and report her to the school psychologist, you can do all this anonymously.

she did not think she was loving him, she used her little brother to practise predatory instincts she was born with on him and he was a little boy who t rusted his sister and he probably felt awful that she did what she did and seriously dude....she is a nasty human being....