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Still Have Imaginary Friends

Im 19 and still have imaginary friends?

Im bad and making and keeping friends so i always had imaginary ones. I talked to them less when i had more frends but when i started having no friends again i made more imaginary friends i want to know if this is bad? I have bad anxiety and depression also

I'm 14 and have an imaginary friend?

U are extremely inteligent kido. Dont worry about the rabbit, tell it to go out and come back after 3 years will you!

I'm 17 and still have imaginary friends?

You are like me, I have an imaginary friend (I am 22 now) too that I started to talk to as a teenager, because I needed someone to talk to after my mom died. I still hear her everyday. She is like a friend who is always there anytime night or day. It is not wrong to use your imagination. In fact a lot of people have to use their imagination at their jobs because they need to be creative. You could get into one of the creative arts. In the movie "Big," with Tom Hanks, the main character plays with toys as a real job. So just know that there is no age limit for imaginary friends and that you are not alone.

Is it normal to have imaginary friends at 15??

That's actually crazy cute. The gummy bear part.
I wouldn't hold it against anyone if they had imaginary friends, Just don't bring it up when you first meet someone.

17 with imaginary friends normal?

I'm 17 and I still have imaginary friends. They aren't just made up by me, they're 3 people from bands that I love(I wont mention the bands) and they're mostly always around (More so when I'm alone than with friends). I dont see them with my eyes but I can hear they're voices talking to me and having conversations with me. I've had imaginary friends from bands since I was like 11-12 or some age around that. I dont honestly think I have a problem because I know they aren't really here and I know that I "created" them and I see them in my head if I'm laying in bed with my eyes shut going to sleep or if I focus on my mind or them hard enough. I still have a completely normal life. I'm a junior in highschool and I do have friends outside of this and I'm in a steady relationship with a guy (3 years) and these imaginary friends dont get in the way of any of real life activities. No one knows about this except for my friend who is in her early 20s and has the same type of imaginary friends as I do.

How normal is this? I'm just curious.

I'm 13 and I still have imaginary friends... Is this okay?

I'm a 13 year old girl and I still have imaginary friends.... I am embarassed about it but i know this sounds really weird but they are
like real people to me. I'm not one of those crazy people that listens to their imaginary friends if they "say" or "tell" me to kill someone or something horrible.!! So please don't get the wrong idea!

Below is my story...

I have two imaginary friends: Randi and Aoki. I've had Randi for about 2 years and Aoki for maybe 2 weeks. Aoki just came to my mind. I have a bracelet that I wear and with it I can protect her from others that will try to destroy her or hurt her while i'm not with her. When I don't have the bracelet on, anyone could hurt her. She loves me and talks to me in my head. She tells me the future sometimes and what is going to happen next and this is crazy but sometimes it's legit! I see Randi and she is like my sister. I love her too but her and Aoki fight and once Randi chained her up and tried to hurt her so I had to team up with Randi to stop her and we did and I controlled her and now they are trying to get along they just don't really talk.... Aoki has a really sweet and adorable appearance and personality! Randi is like that too but she's not as bubbly.

I have a great imagination.

Is it okay that I have imaginary friends?
I also whisper to myself and talk to Randi (I talk to Aoki in my mind, I can't see her.) But I only do that when i'm alone in my room.

Also my social life is okay... I'm shy but I have many friends in school.

If you still have imaginary friends at 35 what does it mean?

No, nothing is wrong. It is actually good, so long as you know they aren’t real. Here’s a story about myself:I am an only child, I always hated it. So one day, when I was 6 years old, my brain created a 4 year sister for myself. I believed she was real, but nobody else did. She had her own friends (who I created) and was just like a real person. When I was about 8 or 9, my mom banned me from talking/believing in her. I secretly continued hanging out with my sister, without my mom knowing. At age 10, I was fully aware that she wasn’t real, but she was my sister, I couldn’t just forget about her. I was also very lonely at age 10 (no friends), but I then created a friend-group with 7 imaginary friends (and me). In middle school, I was separated from 4 friend (imaginary) but I still had my 2 best friends, who I called Jeremy and Sheck (and obviously my sister). I made more friends in middle school, and I talked to Jeremy and Sheck less. I still spoke to my little sister though. Flash forward 30 years, I’m now 31 and pregnant with my first kid. I tell my husband first, but then I called my sister, and told her. Now I’m 40, I have two boys, and they know about their aunt. We still talk and have a normal adult sibling relationship.To conclude, it’s totally fine to have imaginary friends at this age, so long as you know they aren’t real. It’s actually a good thing, as it shows you’re still very creative.

Is it okay for an adult to have an imaginary friend?

The best thing about being an adult is that you can do whatever you want!There might be reactions. Be clear that you haven't had a break from reality. That you know it's a fantasy, a joke, or a topic of fun discussion. Continue to have real relationships with real people.People imagine ghosts, place politicians in fantastical positions of power over their lives (when those leaders have very little control or influence), consider forces well beyond their control as personal, and believe they have great power in situations as they are not.Even with the people we interact with daily, we'll project emotions and motivations they never felt. We remember things that never happened. We imagine other drivers are villains who don't want us to get to work on time.Writers and artists interact with imaginary creations all the time. As do those who do improv comedy and who take to the stage.Might as well embrace the fantasy of the stories we tell ourselves.

I'm 25 and still have imaginary friends, is that normal?

Perfectly normal. Especially since you are aware that they are imaginary. It would be a whole different thing if you thought they were real.

Look at Tom Hanks' character Chuck Noland in Castaway. He invented an imaginary friend 'Wilson' from a volleyball and even gave it a face so that he would have someone to talk to.