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Stomach And Eating Issues

Stomach issues?

Similar prob. See my question: "life going down the tubes??" Except I've had the symptoms for about 2 years. Tried a bunch of proton pump inhibitors (including Nexium)--all to no avail.

Might want to track any answers to my question. Might help.

Would also give the Nexium time to work. 'Bout 2 weeks if it's going to work. If it works, yes, you probably have gastritis. I hope the Nexium works for you. Wouldn't wish what I'm going through on anyone.

Can you gain a eating disorder after the stomach flu?

Because I had the stomach flu from Sunday till Wednesday and now I just can't stomach to much food, like this morning I had half a manderin and water and I feel full.
That's just an example. But yah.

Why does my stomach hurt after eating fast food?

Stomach pain is a common health issue and is indicating that there is something wrong with your stomach. This is common and is a result of diet indiscretion, but if the pain occurs more frequently or if the pain is more in severity then there is a need to pay attention. This may indicate some serious medical conditions.HERE is FURTHER INFORMATION THAT WILL HELP YOU ABOUT THE CAUSES.If there is a dull pain after eating, this is simply the indication of overeating.A sharp pain after eating is the sign of gut infection.If the gut pain is of burning nature then this is the indication of Ulcers or GERD.If the pain occurs in a wavy way, this is Colic pain.If the pain occurs only after a certain type of foods, this is indicating that you are allergic to certain types of food.The pain that occurs after an hour of eating, is indicating that you have a Stomach Ulcer.GERD occurs when you lie down immediately after eating.Related:You will get these amazing benefits when you drink hot water every morning.Eating these 15 foods will never lead you to obesity.How to lose belly fat with this exigency diet in one night?Attribution for Image and information.

Can marijuana help with stomach issues?

ohhh yes indeed. i have heard that marijuana is the one thing that helps with both diarrhea and constipation. i have had so much experience with stomach issues. when i was trying to recover from an eating disorder, i'd feel so terribly nauseous-- i felt like throwing up every time i ate. very discouraging when you're trying to overcome an ed. marijuana was the one thing that truly helped. the only thing is that it won't cure the cause of your problems. it can help alleviate them, but if you start depending on it and using it a lot to help you feel better-- you're going to feel even worse when you don't use it. sounds like you might have irritable bowel syndrome. have you been tested for lactose intolerance or celiac disease? also you should probably try changing your diet if that's what you normally eat. junk food doesn't make anyone feel good. then you could also target what kinds of foods make you feel more ill. good luck.

Is it true that you can have stomach problems from eating Kimchi?

I read somewhere that many Koreans are having stomach problems because of kim chi. They said that the reason is because we leave it out for so long (to rot?) and all that bacteria builds up and leads to stomach problems?

Is this TRUE?!

Please say no... I love kimchi!

Why does my stomach get upset after eating Indian food?

Typically homemade Indian food may not be as deadly on the digestive system as food in restaurants. I presume you have your problem because you have been eating out once too often.You would have noticed the emphasis on eating curd with an Indian meal in the form of plain yoghurt or buttermilk - sweet or salted, raitas of pineapple/boondi or dumplings (pakori or dahi wada) in yoghurt sauce. There is a reason for this. Yoghurt contains good gut bacteria which aids digestion and soothes the irritation the spices in the food cause. You should take care to have some non-spicy form of yoghurt (dahi) with an Indian meal (north/east/west/south). One more thing Indians do after a meal is to eat some digestive like Aniseed (sonf) or betel nut (supari) or betel leaf (paan). This helps digestion, too. So that is one more thing you could do to settle your stomach.Of course, the best thing to do would be to eat sensibly and order food after checking with the waiter and having less spicy things on the menu. And, don't forget the yoghurt, paan and, if all else fails, a sachet of good old Eno in a glass of water!

Stomach pain after eating really hot or cold foods.?

Ever since i was a kid I've had this problem, I don't have any known stomach issues, constipation, bad gas, diahhrea, vomiting, or nause. None of these symptoms follow along after this happens and it can last up to ten minutes. Whenever I eat maybe toast, yogurt or chips i don't have any issues. Certain brands of cold cereal really make my stomach hurt like Wheaties. Could I just have a very sensitibe stomach.?