Stomach Is Always Gurgling/making Noises

Weird gurgling noises in my stomach?

It's gas trapped in your stomach/intestinal system. You're likely consuming something that your body is sensitive to, and it's causing the excess gas production. Try cutting out food and beverages slowly to find out what it is that your body is reacting to. I'd suggest starting with all products containing gluten for two weeks, then try cutting out dairy for two weeks, then try cutting out soft drinks for two weeks to start. Other foods to try cutting out include eggs, fried foods, ect. If you don't notice a positive change after two weeks of cutting out that food you can reintroduce it to your diet as it's not what's causing your problem.

My stomach's ALWAYS making weird noises?

No matter if i just ate, am about to eat, am eating, or anything, my stomach makes the weirdest gurgling noises. It is completely horrible and soooo embarrassing!! It always seems to happen during tests or quiet work time, and i think i have developed test anxiety from it. I recently stopped going to movies with my friends because my stomach makes loud noises and everyone is like "omg was that you're stomach?!" also, most of the time these weird stomach noises are accompanied by like gurgling/burping noises up from my chest through my throat. my friends call it my "frog noise". they think its funny, but i am just getting SO fed up!!!
PLEASE HELP!! thanks!

My puppy's stomach is making loud gurgling noises?

My puppy is 11 weeks and his tummy always makes those noises, especially after he's eaten or drunk something, I think it's just a bit of gas and their little tummy's working to digest their food, I wouldn't be worried about it if it isn't causing any discomfort to your dog, but since she's been off her food it's a bit of a concern. I would take her to the vet just to get checked out, anything that's putting her off food could be potentially quite dangerous.

What are some ways to cure my stomach always making loud noises when I'm not hungry.?

Hmm. Thanks for the A2A.There are 4 good answers already, and the only one i didn't upvote is probably the most effective short-term solution to the problem asked about. The other three (dealing with probiotics) are useful for promoting general gut health.Let's start with examining the question: "What are some ways to cure my stomach always making loud noises when I'm not hungry.?"Well, for starters, it's not usually the stomach that is making the noises most people will notice, and if it's legitimately described as 'loud' then it is definitely not the stomach. From extensive personal experience and reading, i would suggest that you change your approach to the issue. Instead of tying to eliminate the noises, (for which Niko's answer of peanut butter or Hot Pockets should work), you would do much better to learn to understand your gut microbiome.You, like all humans outside of sterile chambers for the immune-compromised, rely on a complex assembly of little critters to do a lot of your 'dirty work' for you. They break stuff down, protect you, and if their environment gets too much gas (because they're flatulent little beasties) they scream for help. Figuratively. It's actually the sink drain of your intestine that's making that potentially embarrassing burbling noise as your friendly bacteria exhalations bubble along.So instead of fighting the gas, you could pay attention or even document when it happens and with which circumstances. In addition to the 'what am i eating' category, which you'll refer back to once the noises start, you may wish to keep a simple log of social situations, since many gut and gut-brain symptoms can be traced to these factors as well, and they are Very worthwhile to understand. What leaves your gut wound tightly? What allows it to relax (and make noise consistent with breath)? What sends your gut into a roiling panic mode where it makes noise even while you tense your abdomen and hold your breath?Or you could just shut the gut up with some heavy food to prevent gas movement and to feed the temporarily overpopulated beasts who were beginning to reduce their numbers by eating each other. Your choice.

My shih tzu always makes gurgling noises is this normal?

Very normal. I have a 10 month old Shih Tzu named Coco. She snores, gets hiccups, very aggressive when playing, her stomach gurgles and for some unknown reason she does not like to share her food. Very entertaining and I love her a lot.

Why is my newborn's stomach gurgling?

The noises that breast milk or formula make while moving through a newborn's digestive system are pretty normal and generally don't cause real discomfort for the baby. The main newborn tummy noise and lower digestive system sounds that can be disruptive to the baby and the household are gas noises. These gurgling and growling sounds can be painful when they get caught up in a curve of the intestines or some other place for a few minutes. The pain can interfere with a baby's sleep and cause agitation and crying. You can also download the app called Parentlane They give super amazing advices & tips on parenting and baby growth!

Why is my cat's stomach making noises?

I cannot accurately answer this without more information but here are my thoughts. Is your cat hungry? Is your cat suffering a food intolerance? If your cat also has diarrhea then a food intolerance is likely. Check out my explanation of food allergies and intolerances here: next thought I have, is your cat possibly suffering from acid reflux? My cat had both food intolerances and acid reflux. He threw up all the time regardless of which food we gave him and even threw up clear or yellow liquid when there was no food on his stomach. Even after the food intolerance was addressed and the diarrhea was gone he still threw up. We had him checked by a vet multiple times and they could find nothing wrong.We now give him 1/4 of a Pepcid tablet twice per day. His veterinarian said this was ok. Get your cat checked at the vet and if no problem is found you may consider trying this. Get regular Pepcid at the store (it controls stomach acid in people). Do not get Pepcid Complete, anything chewable or Pepcid Ultra Strength, Maximum Strength etc. Get regular "Original Strength Pepcid AC". The other products have ingredients cats can't have. Cut them into quarters and give one to your cat twice per day. I just open my cat's mouth with one hand and drop the small pill piece on the back of his tongue.Only try this if you have some reason to think your cat has acid reflux and your vet approves. Good luck. I hope your kitty gets better.

How can I get rid of gurgling noises in my cat's stomach?

This is difficult to answer not knowing your pet or the circumstances that may have caused it.There are several things that can cause kitty to have that noise you describe and they are the following*An upset tummy - Due to a change the food you are feeding the cat*”Gastric Stasis” - This is a condition that can cause food to not move out of the stomach of the cat quickly enough*A response to stress - Perhaps something is going on in the home?*Gastritis - this is a result of a bacterial, viral or parasitic infectionThese are just a few and there could be others as well.If it is not as simple as you changing the cats food, or the cat being stressed due to something changing in the home (ie: loud noises, company, moving, etc.), then I would highly recommend that you take the cat to the veterinarian and have it examined. I always believe it is better to be safe and error on the side of caution.All the best to you and your cat.

My butt makes weird noises (not my stomach)?

It could be trapped wind. Have you tried something like Gaviscon to help release it? Do you keep your bowels open by going to the toilet as much as possible? I get this problem now and again, as I am sure lots of other people do. I usually find that if you sit down, then stretch your stomach by lifting up while keeping your bum on the chair, it stretches your bowels which seems to ease the problem. My doctor also prescribed some medicine in the past that was called milk of magnesia and it settled my guts. Digestion can help too, so eat slowly, chew well, and don't eat stodgy foods.

Stomach makes weird noises before period?

No worries, this is normal. Happens to me every time.

During your period your abdominal muscle contracts to help push the blood out of the uterus. This also pushes on your stomach and intestines, which makes your stomach gurgle and growl. The muscles compression are the same thing that causes cramps.

A couple peppermints or Altoid mints may help to relax your digestive system and settle down the growling.

Good luck! :)