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Stomach Problems Help

I've been having problems with my stomach! Help??????????

I'm a 23 year old dude, and for the past year I've been having lots of pain around my belly button. My doctor told me it could be a hernia, soo I got ultrasound test done, and they couldn't see anything because it was very blurry. So later I had to go to another place for another ultrasound test and they couldn't see anything. Now my doctor is gonna make an appointment for me to get a CT scan in my stomach around January. Like I just want to get to the bottom of this, lately its been hurting more and more. What shall I doo????? Any advice???????

Husbands Stomach Problems...HELP!?

My husband has some stomach problems that he has lived with all his life and he suffers way more than he should ever have to. We found a doctor that we are hoping can tell us what might be wrong but i wanted to see what kind of answers i could get from asking this on here. When he was younger he had really bad acid reflux and couldn't even keep food down sometimes. That has gone away but since i have known him (4 years) and years before i met him he has had bad stomach problems. He always has diarrhea, and when he gets overly stressed it spirals way out of control, he has to miss work because of it and it also gets bad when we travel and have to be riding in the car for hours. He has to constantly worry about it and i hate feeling helpless. I got him to start taking culterelle everyday and that has seemed to help a little but when he gets even a little stressed it doesn't even make a difference. I just want him to be able to live a normal life. If anyone has any suggestions for helping him or any idea what might be wrong please let me know. Please no dumb *** answers, if you had this problem and someone was a dick about it you wouldn't be laughing. So don't waste my time with your stupidity. K Thanks!

Stomach Problem Please Help Me.?

I used to have a similar problem when in high school.

Early evening I could feel it building. By the middle of the night I was screaming in pain and vomiting so violently I couldn't breathe. Scared my parents silly. I can remember many a ride in the middle of the night as I clung to a bucket and my dad drove me white knuckles on the steering wheel.

They did upper GI's and lower GI's, xrays, sonograms, blood work, you name it. All of it came back normal. They couldn't find anything wrong with me. The worst part was the pain. They wouldn't give me anything for the pain, because how could they treat me if they couldn't figure out what was causing the pain? I'd lay in the ER for hours, screaming, bawling, doubled over and certain I was going to give birth to a baby elephant any minute. Until finally, I had thrown up all I could, and the pain was gone.

When I was 18, we moved, and I ended up with a new doctor. He told me my stomach was producing too much acid. Things to avoid, caffiene, calcium, nicotene, and chocolate. Any or all of those would bring on an attack. Stress was also a contributing factor. I avoided those sorts of foods for a few years, and learned to manage my stress better. I've not been in the ER for this for quite a few years, and when I do have problems, it's not nearly so bad.

I'd recommend cutting out all dairy, caffinated beverages, and chocolate and see if it helps, it did help me. Other than that, you have my best wishes and my sympathy.

Stomach Problems After Using Prilosec?

Ok, I was recently given the acid-reducer Prevacid by my doctor. However, it was only a two-week treatment and upon return she suggested either giving me a prescription - too expensive - or finding an alternative. She said that Prilosec, or Omeprazole, would be safe for me to use and would work just as well. I took it as the box said, and as my doctor recommended, and after two or so months of taking the pills daily I ran out.
I was taking omeprazole for stress, because I was experiencing violent nausea and vomiting episodes and my parents were fearful of a stress-related ulcer. My doctor says it is stress that is causing my stomach to act up.
Note, my stomach only becomes upset at night - I have yet to understand why, and I have tried everything (taking a little Mylanta to get rid of nausea, drinking warm or cold milk, drinking Vernors, having a small cup of peppermint tea, going to bed earlier, not watching TV or listening to loud music before sleeping) but nothing has helped.
So, I ran out of omeprazole. It went fine that whole day, because I take the pill in the morning and it lasts 24 hours, but the second night I suffered from the same feeling. I was not particularly stressed over anything. There was absolutely nothing wrong.
So . . . why did I still go through the nausea? Is it a type of withdrawal symptom from omeprazole? Or do I actually have a serious problem - such as an ulcer?
Please help. I'm looking for some genuine advice to this. I just don't want to develop a type of dependency on omeprazole, but I don't want to ignore potential warning signs of a stomach injury.
Thank you.

Does ginger ale actually help with nausea or stomach problems or is it just a myth?

Ginger Ale with actual ginger can help nausea. Brands like Canada Dry and Schweps do not have ginger in them, so you may get help from the sugar and bubbles, but not as much help as you would from a brand like Hansen's.

How can Sprite help ease an upset stomach?

I NEVER use OTC stomach remedies OR Sprite. Sodas simply aren’t good for you unless it’s your only and last choice.I have been using the most inert and cheap product out there to date…. I use one level tsp of baking SODA (not powder) in icy cold water since the 80s and it neutralizes the upsetting acids in your tummy almost instantly. The colder the water, the easier it is to drink. Try it once and you’ll get rid of those purple pills and even Tums unless you want Tums for the Calcium.

Does Coke help for an upset stomach?

If you mean trapped wind, then yes it can help as the bubbles in it can stimulate burping, I wouldn't have thought it would help with acid reflux though.