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What is the most messed up anime you've ever seen?

The most messed up anime which I’ve ever seen, and I think most of the people will agree with me in this one, is called Boku no Pico.This anime has 3 episodes, and they each go for just over half an hour each.The story is about a small child named Pico who works for his grandpa at a bar, and a man comes in.He orders “the regular”, which Pico fills for him, and “spills the milk”,.Do you see where this is going yet?Anywhere, stuff happens, and the man and Pico go the beach.Pico wants icecream, so the man buys it for him. The man then gives Pico a blowjob and tells him not to drop the icecream. They later have full-on anal sex with the man shoving ice cubes up Pico’s rectum.Keep in mind, Pico is about 10 years old.The second episode features Pico staying with a friend name Chico, who is a boy, slightly shorter, and the same age. They spy on Chico’s sister having sex with a banana. Then Pico shows Chico how to masturbate, and gives him a blowjob, with Chico ejaculating all over Pico’s face.Then, Pico instructs Chico how to administer anal sex, and Chico then sodomizes Pico. Chico then ejaculates into Pico’s rectum, causing semen to cover the floor, Pico’s bottom and Chico’s crotch.The third episode features Pico and Chico staying over at a “girl” named Coco’s house, and they sleep over there. Pico can’t sleep so he spies on Coco masturbating. Pico then starts masturbating to Coco’s masturbation. Coco then moves “her” leg, and reveals a penis. Stuff happens, and then Pico ends up sodomizing Coco. Chico comes in, and then they end up having a threesome that lasts for about 10 minutes.That was the end of the anime, and after I’d finished watching it, I was already lying on the ground with the lawnmower slowly rolling towards me.I stopped myself from ending it all by looking at cute pictures of puppies.The only reason I watched it was because I wanted to see what all of the hype was about, and it ended up being such a complete train-wreck that I couldn’t look away.I hope this answer was helpful, thanks for reading.(P.S. Don’t waste your innocence on this life-sucking anime.)