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Struggling With Grief And Life In General

Struggling to cope with all the grief.?

I’m so sorry to read about these deaths, Emily. My heart goes out to you. The tornado of emotions you’re going through must be unbearable, and they are too overwhelming to handle on your own. You're going through a roller coaster and a whirlpool of emotions as you go through these stages of grief. You have to go through all 5 stages to heal.

Denial (this isn't happening to me!)
Anger (why is this happening to me?)
Bargaining (I promise I'll be a better person if...)
Depression (I don't care anymore) <<<- You are here.
Acceptance (I'm ready for whatever comes)

I suggest that you go to a meeting of GriefShare. There are thousands of meetings world wide. I've put a link below. You'll meet people who have gone through what you're going through, and they can help you heal.

Struggling with grief?

I just read somewhere that it takes 2 full years to get over grief and all its various stages.
Are you taking meds for your conditions? If not, you should be.

The brain is a very complicated and delicate thing. It can get messed up and be unable to produce any or enough serotonin. This is called a chemical imbalance which is easily treated, very common and nothing to be ashamed of.

It can cause depression, anxiety, panic, obsession, self harm/self hatred, suicidal thoughts, eating disorders, sleeping problems, aggression/rage, anger, phobias, fears, helplessness/hopelessness, hypochondria, ADHD, paranoia, OCD, headaches, lack of interest in things, lack of motivation/ focus and much more.

Go to a dr. and ask for anti-depressants. Zoloft/Sertraline is a good one; most people thrive on it and it has no side effects. With antidepressants, you will be much better, happier, calmer, confident, safer and feel normal. What a difference it makes!

Therapists are mostly a waste of time and money. They aren’t even allowed to prescribe appropriate meds to help you get better.

Don’t stop taking the meds once you start to feel better. You need them, so stay on them.

But meds can do only so much. God is the ONLY one who knows what you’re thinking, how you’ve struggled and what you’re going thru. He loves you passionately and wants to be your BFF. He has a super-deluxe custom-made plan for your life that’s beyond anything you ever dreamed of. BUT He waits for us to ask. Invite Him into your heart; ask Him to take over your life and your problems.

Find a big, happy church, attend some groups and have fun. Talk with the pastor or youth pastor; he probably deals with this a lot and will have some good ideas. God loves you more than you can possibly imagine :)

Struggling to cope with all the grief.?

Emily please let go and let God.. My mom they said would only live 5 days due to her cancer here is how I cope..I have been reading christan books that talk about people who die and have seen a glimpse of heaven even my Grandpa who passed told my mom.. and many books confirm this.. A bright light full of peace and happiness and joy you see this calm calm bright light then you see all your realtives and it's like the most love you have ever felt and they say your hear everyone sing in harmony like nothing you have ever heard on earth a soft,heavenly all in rythm out of this world peaceful praise music. A Joy like no ohter my mom said she felt it and ask God why?? I want to stay here??

1. God was not mad.. The bible says the devil came to steal,kill and destroy so it's his fault punch him out and live for Jesus get back at him read your bibke talk to Jesus I do..
praying for you xo..The bible also Jesus sends comforter and came to give us life and life more abundantly.. a better life.. praying for u.. so they can see you in heaves and when u die you don't die as a christan we close our eyes at the second in heaven xo happy,partying with our family and the angels

Struggling with grief?

I lost my grandparents over 12 yrs in the past and it nonetheless appears like the day previous cus i became so close to to them it truly is nonetheless extremely raw. In time you'll hit upon procedures to attend to it better. i do not imagine it receives any extra common although yet you discover procedures to administration wi it better. at the same time as my nan died I lost her interior the early hours of latest years day do now at the same time as one and all are out toasting the recent 365 days in even after all those years i do not want to celebrate cus it brings all of it again to me. I stay in quiet at domicile and that i attempt to imagine of each and each and every of the forged situations we shared at the same time now and again I snort about them now and again I av a weep. there is not any longer something incorrect wi crying and it facilitates to releave lots of the discomfort. merely remembr one ingredient no you'll ever take your ideas from you.

Struggling with grief...again.?

I'm going through this as well. My daddy was my best friend and he also died in 1996. A couple of nights ago, the prospect of facing the rest of my life without my best friend, as well as some other things going on in my life, was damn near the end of me. It sure didn't feel missplaced or silly, it hurt more than I can describe.

Someone on Answers reached out to me and reminded me to look for the positives so I made a list of all of the good, positive things my dad taught me. Then I wrote my dad a letter. I started out by thanking him for all of his love and advice but halfway through I guess I got to the heart of the matter. I told him how much I miss him and how I was angry with him for leaving me here. I told him everything that is going on in my life and asked him how I was supposed to figure things out without him.

As I looked at the first part of the letter again, I realized that he had already given me the answers. He taught me that, no matter what, I'm his girl and to believe in myself and to keep going no matter how hard things got.

So that's what I'm trying to do. It's still hard. I'm sitting here crying again as I write to you. At the very least, you and I know we're not alone.

What are you struggling with?

Walking on crutches. I pretty much have given up, and I ordered a knee walker/scooter.

Im struggling with grief, my mum passed away three months ago?

This is can be extraordinarily painful. One thing I am thinking is that it might help you to find someone trained in grief couseling and have them come to your home so your bro and dad can participate. they should not bottle it up either, and you all need each other now.
I know it is excruitiating for awhile, and that horrible pain does begin to dissolve after awhile, it is individual .
I used the method on my home page to resolve some of my pain in grief, but there was still some left, which is natural, It helped a lot, with unanswered feelings too.
Otherwise , bekind and gentle to yourself. Pray, and find a place where you can talk to her if you need to say the things you need to say.
I think if you find some good easy gentle way to express your self and grief, a place to talk and express feelings, your dad and bro might follow and appreciate.
I know holidays at first can be horrible, or really anything that reminds you of her. That is normal.
I was at a store, and just broke down crying , and normal things were weird.
If you have a church , go there as a family and individual also.
Plant a tree for her memorial or have a memorial in or around your home, where all of you can go when you need to , even just to sit or meditate.
Keep the lines of communication open.
You can simply say to them, that you are hurting really badly, as they are, you feel lost as they do, and that you are available for hugs, crying talking sharing or just listening or sitting quietly whenever they are. Let them know you are feeling alone and that you need them also. then Let them come to you as well. YOu all need each other.
Best wishes, find something all of you can do for the holidays, as a family. don't isolate or let them isolate, unless they want to. plant a tree with a memorial plaque and decorate it?
It is common for this heavy grief process to take several years. Be patient and gentle with yourself and each other.
the very best wishes.