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Stuck Between 2 Friends Who Like The Same Guy

Stuck between a bad friend and a guy, any advice?

My best friend Andrea overreacts at everything. For example... She liked this guy Robert one time, and I called him attractive. I didn't like him, I just said he was good looking. She overreacted and wouldn't talk to me for a week, because "best friends aren't supposed to say that about the guy you like", and I pretty much had to beg her to be my friend again.

She currently likes this guy, Andrew. Getting to know him, I fell for him too, but I told her that I wouldn't flirt with him, and that he was all hers. She overreacted and said "best friends aren't supposed to like the same guy you do, especially when they know how intensely you like them." I didn't control falling for Andrew. It just happened. Anyway, Andrea overreacted and blocked me on facebook, told me that she no longer cares for me, is ignoring me, etc.

I really like Andrew, and he likes me back. However, I won't date him because that would hurt Andrea. But why should I care about Andrea's feelings, if she's going to talk sh*t-talk me to everyone? If this guy makes me happy, and Andrea was just a bad friend from the beginning, shouldn't I go for the guy?

Extra information - I have a total of 5 friends at school, and Andrea has many. I'm afraid that if I date him and Andrea sh*t-talks me, it will ruin my social life even more.

Maybe I'm just a dramatic teen with teenage problems, but still, any advice would be greatly appreciated.

Me and my friend like the same guy but he likes me and i like him?

So heres the story: Me and this guy have known each other for about 2 months now and weve become good friends. After about the second time i was around him i started developing a huge crush! His personality is amazing and i think he is adorable.My best friend has known him for years but never liked him until i met him. She told me she all the sudden was starting to be interested in him because he was cute but she didnt think she had anything in common with him but that wasnt stopping her from liking him. She told me this right before i was going to tell her i had a crush on him it scared me away from telling her because i didnt want to start tension between us because we liked the same guy. I tried to just forget about him but i never could and she just kept saying she liked him more and more so i never felt like i could tell her!! But then she started telling me she liked his best friend too along with sooo many other guys. Shes boy crazy but yet she still claims to really like the guy i like. Well the other night we were all hanging out and me and him were in his room alone and he told me he thought it was hot when he saw me dancing earlier so it led to a conversation about if he liked me or not and he admitted he did so then i did too! Then we friend wasnt in the same room but i still felt bad. He knows about the whole situation now and he said he doesnt think of her as more than a friend and that he really likes me. So Weve both agreed to keep it a secret from her and our group of friends so she wont get mad. But i really feel like i need to tell her because i don't like feeling like im being un true to her. What should i do? or should i even tell her?

I am stuck between 4 guys?

I am between FOUR guys.
1. is my best friend, who makes me laugh and blush, (but I don't think he is cute)
2.Is who i think i like, cute,funny, lol
3. i use 2 like him..but i always get nervous around him, and i hate every girl he talks
4. he likes me.. i wanna be friends..he is #2 and 3's best friend. # 2,3,4 are friends
i am not a hoe.. so dont put anything negative if ur not gonna help me

I am stuck between two of my friends who love me but hate each other. Both of them pulls my leg and taunt me when I am with another one. What should I do to find peace of my mind?

Simple 2 step process that will need to be repeated couple of times to be effective 1) Tell them that when you get teased, you will walk away2) When you get teased, walk away

What should I do when I stuck between two guys?

Love is never generated through guilt, so you are wasting the time of those who "love and cares about you."You do not "have to choose." You made that up. However, both these relationships are going nowhere. You've been asked why you are dating them. It's a good question. I'll answer it for you, you are free to contradict this.Two reasons.1. You feel guilty saying No. However, you are going to say No to one and probably both, and my stand is that if you can't say No, you also can't say Yes. At some point, you will make choices. When I say you don't have to, that is about some immediate choice.2. You don't have anything better to do with your life, and it feels good to have a guy in love with you. So you are using them to feel good. My guess is that you don't want to be that way, so you are not likely to continue.If you can see a long-term possibility with one of them, you can continue as friends and understand that sometimes this will develop further. If you see that with both, you can do the same with both and see what happens.I recommend being honest.

How to choose between 2 groups of friends?

Do what you want, I've always tried soo hard to put others first that I forgot about being true to myself. Which group makes you happiest? If you feel comfotable with group 2, stick with them. I you think you could do better with group 1, go with them. Or if its so bad, and both groups make you feel awarkward, find another group altogether, or get some new friends and start your own little group. Just forget about everyone else for a minute and concentrate on you and your instincts, what do you want?

Help im stuck between 3 guys?

im stuck between 3 guys i really love...guy number one is cute,funny,and really cocky.... he's a really prone to violence and he has 2 personality's one guy is the loving awesome guy we all look for... and the other is a really bad bipolar minute he's nice two me and the other he hates my guts and he wants me to die..;.Guy 2 is a nice fit guy who is nice and not really all that prone to violence... he's loving and affectionate...he means everything he says and he told me he loves me...the problem is that he is going out with someone he said he's never gonna break up with...he knows some of my deepest secrets and he's almost like my brother... he's my crying shoulder and he gets what im going through...Guy 3 was my first boyfriend in the 3rd grade... he's tall skinny and ....emo... i love him cuz like guy 2 he is like a brother to me... i try to tell him my problems because i think he'll listen...but then he gets mad depending on the question is what guy is best for me???who should i get over??? and who should i keep a close friendship with??

What do I do when I like two guys?

Pick the one who treats you the best. The one who truly loves WHO your are. The one who will take care of you and allow you to take care of him. The one who wants the same things you want. The one who is not afraid to argue or disagree with you, and who won't walk out on you just because he's mad. The one who would never hurt or harm you either physically or emotionally. The one who lifts you up rather than drags you down. The most responsible one who will cooperate with you and be on your team. The one who is at least your equal, never your inferior. The one you can respect, who respects you in return. The one who makes you laugh and comforts you when you're unhappy. The one you would pick to be the father of your kids. The one you can trust with your life. The one who is not self destructive. The one who doesn't try to control you. The one who is self sufficient and can take care of things. The one who will NEVER cheat on you. The one with the same moral standards that you have.All of the above. Don't settle for less. And if he can cook, even better.

In love and torn between boyfriend and best friend. Which is the right decision?

That's a tough one. Someone is going to get hurt no matter which path you choose. Go with your first instinct. It's usually the correct one. Just remember, the grass isn't always greener on the other side. Make a choice, hope for the best but prepare for the worse.