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Stupid Questions Customers Have Asked You

Stupid questions customers have asked you?

My boyfriend works at Dunkin Donuts and he's had a customer ask him "Do you sell donuts?" while the donut selection was right in front of their eyes. -_-

Oh and the customer was serious too.

What's the most stupid thing a customer asked you as a customer support representative?

I resent this question, because these are customers you are talking about. I get that customers can be rowdy, rude and down right evil from time to time. But they are the life’s blood of a business, no question is stupid. There no stupid customers only, Only stupid reps. Customers don’t make your products, they work in the day to day operations of a business, so it is not uncommon for them to not know things that may be obvious to someone who is rooted in the business.

What are some dumb questions you have been asked by a customer?

My pet hate, before I moved my business down the road a little, was being asked directions to other places in the estate.Because I had a very inviting shop on a corner block, people regularly stopped in to ask for directions and it became really annoying after awhile. BUT the worst, and this happened regularly, was being asked directions to the business next door.I was always bemused and extremely annoyed by this, especially as the guy next door had a massive sign on his building saying REDCLIFFE GAS. As if this wasn’t a good enough clue for them, I thought the massive gas tank out the front might have been. But no, let's stop into this shop and make sure another person gets to know just how stupid I can be!I had another experience, I will never forget when a guy comes into my shop. He comes half way in, stops, looks around and says, “This isn’t the takeaway shop…is it?” Given I sell cleaning chemicals this genius was right on the money. I told him the takeaway shop was on the next corner along.Now honestly, who just blindly walks into a shop and makes a dick of themselves like that?Another time I had a young lady come in and ask directions to a brothel (we had a legalised brothel in our industrial estate). I knew where it was (not what you’re thinking!) and so I told her. Then she must have realised what she was asking could mean she was a prostitute, so she explained. “I think my (insert expletive) partner is there now (insert same expletive) some whore and I want to catch him!”Half an hour later I had this guy, battered, bruised and bleeding come in asking directions to the hospital, it had me wondering…

Why do people ask stupid questions on yahoo?

Because they can.

What does it mean if a guy likes to ask you stupid questions?

tupid questions as in like, im pretty sure he knows the answers himself. for example, i have a guy friend asking me, where can he buy a pen like the one he has around the uni campus, in the morning? im like...why are you asking me this? then, where to find the lecture notes from? then where's the post office? what time does it close? how to delete this arrow or something like this?

at one time, he acts like he lost his direction to get to the next class (he walks a different route), but when i called out for him to follow the shortcut, he then walks close in front of me. this happened twice and is really weird, bcos thats not the first time he got to that class and im sure he knows how to get there! we're not new students btw-thats why!!

the thing is, i know this guy gets good grades in the class (he's smart) and i think is this his way of amusing himself and getting attention from a girl? cos im beginning to not like it and take it like, do you think im so stupid that you keep asking me so stupid questions so much???

so.....what do you guys think i say to him next time? id like to beat to him at his own game, if i could!! =D cheers!

Why do VCs/angels/super angels ask stupid questions?

This can be answered on many levels:Maybe they are stupid - however they wouldn't be in their line of business long if they were so inclined. Unless they are brand new to the game, I think you can rule that one out.Maybe they just don't get what it is you are trying to do - this could be because you have failed to communicate your concept clearly, if at all. Maybe the question appears stupid to you because they are asking about an area you never though relevant enough to question yourself. Entrepreneurs are often so blinded by innovation and 'the next great idea' that they give little time to the 100 plus other issues that can so easily take them out of the game.Because they can. They have the luxury to ask what ever questions they like - stupid or clever. They can ask whatever question pops into their head because the power balance is usually tipped so heavily in their favor. Sadly, one stupid answer from you is maybe all it takes to get rejected.Maybe it's a clever tactic to see how you would respond to a 'left-field' issue. Startups face a myriad of 'left-field' issues as they fight for survival in the early years - why not put that skill to the test right at the start?Maybe they are testing the character of the entrepreneur rather than just the idea - your response to an obvious stupid question will say more about your character than your polished presentation will ever portray. Investment at this level is linked closely with the character and trust in the entrepreneur not just the idea. So, will you dismiss the question with disdain, bullsh%t an answer, take the question on notice or answer it as sincerely as you can (perhaps with an inquiring question). Each answer approach indicates a different character set in the entrepreneur. In situations like this I tend to follow the Golden Rule - "Those with the gold make the rules". So in my mind, there is no such thing as a stupid question from the person holding the gold ... and from what I have found, investors asking questions (stupid or otherwise) is a good thing not bad. Bad is when they have no interest in asking any questions at all - that's a sure sign that they are trying to get rid of you.

How do we stop people from asking stupid questions on Quora?

I can understand why you had to ask this. Earlier, I used to go through the open questions everyday to stumble upon interesting ones to answer and contribute my $0.02. And very often to read the ones that will educate me. Frankly, I don't find much of them these days. You may say I am no Wikipedia, which I humbly admit, but the quality of questions have been witnessing a drastic decline.Questionswhich can be  GOOGLE'd which are targeted towards some particular section- Say IIT, Athiest, Hindu-Islam which are stupid in their finessewhich do not have proper reason to be asked.which are grossly populisticare on the rise. If there is something that can stop that trend, it's us.  Individual contribution alone. Quora can't impose every tiny thing.This is what I think can be done to address the issue.Dis-incentivize the questions in the first place. Say Downvote the questionsEducate the users not to ask questions that create lines amongst the diverse forumAvoid giving funny/vote fetching answers. Serious answers to be encouraged.Acknowledge the source appropriately. There has been serious plagiarism happening around us. Followers can bring upon proper thrust to bring up nice and quality questions and answers. Start unfollowing someone if too much of indecent/inappropriate content is being posted.That's all I can think of now. Let's see how it goes.A2A, here it is  Amritendu Dey !

Why are people so stupid and can't answer any questions I ask on this thing???

I have asked several questions about different subjects, computer viruses, T.V. show actors, unsolicited telephone calls, on this yahoo ask me thing, and no one ever gives a correct answer. I usually get a better answer just doing a regular internet search. Why are people who use this Ask Me thing so stupid??? [I bet you won't even be able to answer THIS question either!!!]

How should I handle clients who ask stupid questions?

You handle them with respect, patience and empathy.Anything less, and you may find that what is a short term success may not endure.Sure you can get the stupid client replaced, or try to. But that won’t have a positive outcome overall.And you can try and re-frame some of the stupid questions to be more meaningful and gain the client’s concurrence.