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Suggest Ideas For A Story Titled The Next Best Thing

I need some ideas for a myth story title.?

well im in 7th grade and im doing this myth project where you have to make your own gods and goddesses and demigods etc. into a story ish type thing. and it has to be about uhh 8-12 pages long. and the main charactor is 'Nichole' the demigod of the godess terrisa the goddess of time. and i cant think of a title for this myth! help!?? please give me ideas! : ) thanks.

Short Story - Any ideas for title and/or editing suggestions? (part 5)?

I nearly tripped again, but this time I remembered. I walked around the brick. Kicked it again. That one was for Allen.
The next week I went back to the old fountain. The old man was still sitting there. The ivy around the picture was getting thicker. I sat down again next to the old man. I didn’t say a word, but he started talking again, almost to himself.
“Some people wonder what happened to Allen. Most say he just left, died of heartbreak in some other town maybe. Others say he was never really there on the stretcher, some ghost or something. But then, where’s his body? You know what I think?” he asked. I let him continue without answering.
“Used to be old folks in town say that every year, on that same September night, at the same time, in this park, Allen comes to watch. Because every year, on that same September night, at the same time, in this park, it happens again. And every year, same as the first, he always trips on that brick. He never makes it. And so he won’t die.

Any ideas for a story with the title "Waiting for..." , "No escape" or "Too late"?

Waiting For Nothing (Nothing is the name of main character who feels he is a nothing.)
Waiting For The Blue Bird (Who/what is the blue bird of happiness?)

No Escape From Hell (A protagonist's idea of a hell of his own making.)
No Escape For Me (A protagonist's succumbing to his weakness to survive.)

Too Late For Sorry (Too late for apologies to loved ones he had wronged.)
Too Late, Too Soon (Time running out for woman who needs to tell her secret to loved ones.)

Any ideas for a title for this story?

You don't have to create a title right away. Titles kind of have to capture the entire essence of the book and still make readers want to open it. My advice is to write the story first and then go back and find a catchy title. Maybe it's a quote that you particularly like, or a mental image a character makes, or just a statement about one of the characters.

I'd also take a look at other romance novels and get a lot of those titles through your brain. Another idea is to find a well-known quote that sums up your title, or a Bible verse, or a line from Shakespeare, or anything, really.

If you're still stuck, google something like "romance novel titles" or "best romance novel titles" and go off of what you find.

Story title ideas for bad boy romance?

My friend is writing a story and its about someone who's famous and how he lets fame get to his head and changes and becomes like a "diva" kind of thing and his management sends him on a vacation to clear his head and get back to his roots and he meets a girl there who helps remind him of who he was before he changed.

We cant think of any story titles, can anyone help and give suggestions?? Thanks!

Any romance story title ideas?

They are both very cliche words for Romance titles but if you insist try this wesbite instead:

Basically, you put in words that have to do with your book and it mixes titles together. It's fantastic, every author should know about it. (Titles can be the hardest thing, after all). Okay, this was really cliche but I put in lots of 'lovey' words and I got:

Title One: Gold Hearts Inside Red Friends
Title Two: The Red Always
Title Three: The Forever Inside Gold Hearts
Title Four: Gold Always
Title Five: The Kissing Forever
Title Six: Loving Friends
Title Seven: Kissing Hearts
Title Eight: Red Loving
Title Nine: Loving for Friends
Title Ten: Kissing and Loving

Try it for yourself because you can connect with the story better.

Does anybody have good ideas for a story title?

Well i'm writing a story and i don't have any ideas for a title. Please tell me if you have any ideas. Here's the basic outline of the story: Its about a girl named Vanessa and she likes this dude (her neighbor) they go to the same school and all but he has a girlfriend. He doesn't like his girlfriend hes just dating her because she black mailed him with memories from the past (his childhood). But the bad girl (Erin) likes him a lot that's why she's doing it. Then one day the guys friends ask him if he wants to hang out at the mall and you know do guy things (look for girls) he accepts and when he goes he spots the most beautiful girl he's ever seen. Then he tries and talks to her and turns out its Vanessa. She gets REALLY excited her crush is talking to her so she flirts with him as much as she can but of course she acts hard to get at the same time. He ends up asking her on a date. On the day of their date she finds out he has a girlfriend then she gets really mad at him because she thought he liked her but instead just wanted to get in her least that's what her friends told her. He gets mad at Erin and breaks up with her. He tries to fix things with Vanessa. Then after all the hard work they go out and start again as if nothing ever happened they instantly click together and he asks her to be his girlfriend she says yes and all and ya but then Erin tries to ruin their relationship. and meanwhile that happens Vanessa tries to follow her dreams as an actress or famous singer.

I haven't really thought of it much yet but this is the basic idea. Please if you think its bad tell me but NOT in a mean way. just so i can fix things and make it good or better! But please tell me if you have some title ideas. And Im going to post this story in quizzaz. My account name is justme , mine is the one with the little smiley face with shades and an art pallete .if you have an account follow me please and read my story

Love Story Title Ideas?

Love Doesn't Count
Love and Hate
Love and Despair
Once in a Lifetime
The Unforgettable
The Obsession
The Guardian Angel
The Inseparable
The Miracle
The Valley Between Us
Upon The Midnight Kiss
In The Heat of The Moment
The Unexpected
The One That Got Away
Stoneless Attraction
Cupid's Arrow
Tales of a Geisha
Unchained Hearts
Surrender, My Love
Angel in Disguise
If She Only Knew
In Open Arms
The Lovespell
The Burning Chill
The Love Affair
The Rose Affair

Anybody got any good ideas for a title for a story?

possibly positioned a sort of dark adjective till now a noun that's often linked with some thing alluring. :-P "Blood Oasis"? some thing with blood possibly. or possibly a play on the two significant characters' names: "Cason's Rose," "A Rose for Cason," "Roses for Cason". possibly some thing to do with their concern/life: "HIV helpful, Love destructive?", call it after Hadley's purpose to make Cason happy, possibly? "Hadley's Melody" "Hadley's desire" Dunno while you're a huge fan of long titles. :-p right this is another ones that in simple terms popped into my head: "Mangled" "pink Labyrinth" "heart Pathogen" desire those provide you some reliable suggestions to play with.

Oh, I love this question :)There you go:A planner speaks with active verbs.Children focus on what they can’t do. Adults focus on what they can do.Do you know how many defeats it takes to make a victory?Doing is in the here and now. Talk is in the there and then.Don’t be irreplaceable. If you can’t be replaced, you can’t be promoted.Enthusiasm is no substitute for planning.Every problem is an opportunity being mishandled.If you always succeed, you are overqualified for your job.If you can’t make a mistake, you can’t make anything.If you don’ know where you’re going, who will follow you?If you want people to follow you, show them your map.If you want to be smart, find friends who are smarter than you are.If you want to know what goals you should have, ask around. People will tell you.It is never too late to use an idea. It is just too early for the next time you need it.Leadership and learning are indispensable to each other.Leadership is action, not position.Leadership is the challenge to be something more than average.Never tell everything you understand.Never test the depth of the water with both feet.Nobody gives you power. You take power. Or not. Your choice.Obstacles are just nature’s way of showing us what we can do.Once you hear a lecture on swimming, you never forget what you learned about lectures.Optimism does not say the bad won’t happen. It says you can cope with it.Self-confidence grows not from what you can do, but what you know you can do.Sometimes a big step is safer; you can’t cross a ditch in small jumps.The early bird gets the worm. But the second mouse gets the cheese.The key that works will always be the last one you try.The key to getting people to follow you is to know where you are going.The language of complaint starts with they. The language of solutions starts with I.The only public part of the success story is the last act.The price of greatness is responsibility.The secret of getting ahead is getting started.The secret to getting there is to know where you’re going.Thinking about what you can’t do is worry. Thinking about what you can do is planning.We don’t just learn the rules, we make the rules.What you do has far greater impact than what you say.Your powers are not in your strengths but in how you use your strengths.Aren’t they catchy? :)