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Suggestion For A Good Music Videos

Does anyone have any suggestions for a good music video download service?

You can try flickrmusic to download music videos from and it's really good and safe. I have been using it for a while and i feel safe.

Good music suggestions...?

with a musical flavor like that, you should decide for 3 years and not discover yet another band and nevertheless not become bored. discover Aerosmith previous "walk this style," "i don't desire to leave out a ingredient," and "Dream On" please. here's a catalogue of a few their not-so-nicely-primary songs "Chip Away The Stone" "Lightning strikes" "Jailbait" "Make It" "Kings and Queens" "one way highway" "no person's Fault" "Uncle Salty" "Seasons Of Wither" "don't get Mad Get Even" "Adam's Apple" "F.I.N.E." "close Up And Dance" "My Fist Your Face" "everlasting trip" "the reason A dogs" "what style of affection Are You On" "Toys interior the Attic" "you notice Me Crying" "Lord Of The Thighs" "S.O.S. (Too undesirable)" you're able to do the comparable ingredient with The Beatles, Nirvana, pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, and almost each little thing on your checklist. i'm basically a large Aerosmith fan, so i understand those songs off the proper of my head. i understand Led Zeppelin has many, many music. purely discover what you have already got in greater deapth.

Good music suggestions :] ?

Alex Band (the lead singer from The Calling)
You can check out his debut solo single here: and you can buy it on iTunes (but only in the US for now). And even if you don't live in the US, and although the new album won't be released until May, you can still buy the single, along with his entire new album right now at

Good Music Suggestions?

I like a little bit of everything but my favorite genre is alternative. To be specific:
The Strokes & Julian Casablancas' solo stuff (Bonus Question, what do you think of him? I love him :D)
Arctic Monkeys
Some Mumford & Sons stuff
Vampire Weekend
Florence + The Machine
Matt & Kim
Two Door Cinema Club
Yeah Yeah Yeahs
And some dance stuff like Basement Jaxx and Kaskade

Also I'm a 13 year old girl so obviously include some fun, upbeat music :) :)

Please suggest albums or songs! Thanks!

Any camera suggestions for a music video?

It depends on the music video and the lighting.

If you use any camcorder in a way it was designed to be used, then you can get *good quality*. If you use the camcorder in a way that it was not designed to be used, then expect not-so-good quality.

For example, camcorders in your price range generally have very poor audio capabilities or control. Using pre-recorded music would be much more appropriate.


Camcorders in your price range have small lenses and small imaging chip. Low light behavior will be poor. When video is captured, the lighting should be bright sunny daylight or really good indoor "studio lighting") light. This way, the captured video will not be grainy. If you need to have darker scenes, use the "day for night" technique
assuming you have a video editor that can render this sort of filter.

All of the camcorders in your price range provide about the same video quality. I hope you computer has enough RAM, CPU speed and available hard disc space to deal with editing the video...

Be sure to use some sort of steadying device. A tripod is common. A rock, fence, chair, table - pretty much anything is WAY better than capturing video handheld.

Good bands/music?? any suggestions?

Yay, I love answering these sorts of questions...
lets see...
Muse is a British alternative band that could never compare, but a lot of Muse fans also like Coldplay. They're amazing, and I love them completely, and will forever.

The Killers is a band that incorporates rock and jazz into their songs.

Tokio Hotel is a good power pop band that can grate on your nerves occasionally, but are otherwise has good music (not nessecarily lyrics). They're from Germany.

The Rasmus is a Finnish rock/alt group. If you like bassy music, they're pretty good.

The Used is a great band. The lyrics are pretty meaningful, and sometimes when you think you understand a song, you'll realize it has a different meaning. Some of their stuff reminds me of Nirvana.

Rise Against is pretty good too. The singer has a raspy voice, but it's very nice to listen to.

hope that helps! those are my favorites, so I'm a bit biased, but I usually judge music decently.

If you’re going for good music with good lyrics then I’d suggest these (hoping that you don’t mind a combination of English & Hindi songs, let me know if otherwise):Tangled Up in You by Staind (they’re a really good band).Yeh Honsla by Shafqat Amanat Ali (Dor OST) - listen to any song by this guy, he’s pretty darn awesome (Tere Naina from My Name is Khan, Mitwa from Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna, Mora Saiyyan from, umm, MTV Unplugged)Nothing Else Matters by MetallicaMy Immortal by EvanescenceBroken by Seether featuring Amy LeeAllah Ke Bande by Kailash KherHome by DaughtryAffirmation by Savage Garden - if you like this then please follow it up with Truly, Madly, Deeply.Amazing by Westlife - if you like this then please listen to everything Westlife, totally worth it (My Love, Fool Again, Swear It Again, Unbreakable, If I Let You Go, Us Against the World)!ALL SONGS BY LINKIN PARK.Bittersweet Symphony by The VerveHope it’s a list you like!

I presume you are talking about indie music. Assuming you haven't come across anything other than popular music, here's a small list of female artists or bands with female vocalists that I have discovered in the last year or so. Hope you enjoy it.Laura Mvula (e.g., Green Garden)Laura Marling (e.g., I Was An Eagle)Regina Spektor (e.g., Firewood) Lisa Hannigan (e.g., Little Bird)Daughter (e.g., Youth)Linda Thompson (e.g., A Heart Needs a Home)The Civil Wars (e.g., The One That Got Away)Ida Maria (e.g., I Like you So Much More When You're Naked)

Hi Anushri, liked your video. Though I feel you can do with a bit of work. :)Firstly, its important to focus the camera on your face. Speak directly to the audience as much as you can. A bit of improvement in lighting is also needed. The lower part of your face was very dark in this video. Try to make the lighting even. Its best to sit on a high stool and not on the bed or even stand when you make videos so that your back is straight and you look straight and attentive.If you can, do apply make up when you shoot. It helps your face look brighter and the angles look cleaner. You have sharp features so that's good but you highlight them with make up when you shoot. I would also advise that you work harder on the script and the concept. I like the concept of mocking the "Whats in my bag" trend on YouTube, but the video could have shorter,crisper and funnier. Try adding clear transitions so that the audience doesn't lose track of what you are saying.So you have it in you! Work as hard as you can.