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Summer Beach Job Share Your Experience

Wwoofing experiences?

I went WWOOFing in Greece for six weeks summer of 2012. It was an incredible experience but definitely not all fun. I went to 2 farms, 3 weeks each. They had very different set ups. One was a family fun farm and it was their only form of income. You could tell that there was pressure for it to be productive. The work was fairly intense. Waking up at 7am. Working til lunch. Siesta and then working again til 7.30/ 8pm and then dinner. On the days off, I got the impression that the family felt like I was taking advantage/ being a slacker. Having said that, the whole place was beautiful. I learned loads. General work was... planting seeds, collecting manure and then spreading it over the seeds, tying tomato vines to bamboo sticks (going down to the river to cut down more when the bamboo ran out), bringing the sheep in and out, collecting the chickens eggs, weeding (a lot of weeding, very mundane)

The next farm I went to was verrrrry different. It was a vineyard. The guy had inherited it from a relative and was trying to make it profitable again. He was very high browed and cultured. He'd left his job as a fashion photographer to work on the farm. That farm had lie ins, casual trips to the village just because, days at the beach. There was only one job to do and it was to trim the vines. We generally did about 5 hours every day. There weren't any official days off on that farm because it was never very demanding.

Hot though. Very very very very very hot.

The se

Is there someone who can share their experiences of VSRP program of TIFR?

The VSRP program at TIFR was a wonderful experience. I am not sure how to answer the ‘how you got selected’ part because no one knows how they are selected. We apply and there is a selection committee which does the selection. All the provided details are considered pretty seriously. Probably academic performance and letters of recommendation have more weight-age than others, but its just a guess. At least these two were my strong points. I had no research experience and I don’t think my SOP was stellar.TIFR is one of the best places in India for pursuing research. The academic aspect of the program was really exciting. I had just completed my second year, so I had done few pure Mathematics courses. I worked on geometric and algorithmic applications of linear algebra, under Prof. Raja Sridhar. He was pretty relaxed and didn’t put any unnecessary pressure at all. We met twice a week for discussions. Apart from the doubts I had, we also discussed football, movies and other stuff. Moreover, there were many interesting seminars organised throughout the summer.Apart from academics, their were many other good things about the program. The campus is situated in a posh area. Their are army and navy camps all around, so its very clean and quiet around the campus, unlike the rest of Mumbai. You get to see the Arabian sea and the sunset. Almost every one in the institute went to the beach in the evening to chill out and enjoy the view. The food in all of the canteens was good. We were given accommodation in CBS campus, which was an hour’s drive from TIFR. During this journey, we crossed the Bandra-Worli sea link, and this was the best part of the bus ride.It was very encouraging for me, to see people dedicated to their work with such interest and it motivated me a lot. I will forever cherish the summer I spent at TIFR.

How do you spend your favorite summer days?

With the longer hours and the sunnier evenings, the summer is a great time of the year to dedicate extra time to your favorite activities.

Whether it be playing frisbee with the family, taking a special long weekend to the beach, or meeting with neighbors for an evening barbecue, share how you spend the extra hours of daylight!

How do I list a summer job I held for 5 summers on a resume?

I have worked in my hometown (a beach resort destination) at the same business beginning when I was in high school, then semi-regularly since then. Basically: May, 2004 to August 2005 - then I went to college, but returned to the business during school breaks (fall break, thanksgiving break, a month in December during Christmas break, spring break 3/4 years, and every summer until this summer, when I am doing an internship) for four years while I was in college. I just received a B.S. in Parks, Recreation and Tourism Management with a concentration in Tourism and Commercial Recreation, and I am applying for a management position with a 4 diamond resort in PR, so I want my resume to be perfect.

Basically, I want to know if it is inappropriate to list my time at that business from May 2004 to May 2010 since I was only there seasonally. I could say May 2004 - May 2005, December 2005, Summer 2006, etc... but this seems bulky and annoying to me. I have tried finding the correct way - and haven't. If anyone can find a legitimate source on the internet to give me direction I would appreciate it. Also, I did internet marketing SUPER part-time for the business every few weeks from school (MAYBE 5 hours a month).

I don't want to cheapen my long-term commitment to this business by labeling it as a "summer job," but the last thing I want to do is mislead the HR people at the companies I am seeking employment with.

Please help! Thanks

Should I spend my summer learning more programming or working?

If possible, I’d try to find some technical job, and if you can find one doing even simple programming, all the better. Have you looked into summer jobs at your university? (or at another university where you live, if that’s different). I was lucky, the summer after my freshman year at MIT, I started working for a lab (Soil Physics, in the Agronomy dept. at OSU), programming stuff in Basic to support their research. I ended up working there every summer for 3 years.No matter what, whether you get a technical job or not, take some of your free time, and spend it on expanding your programming skills, by taking some of the free open courseware classes or watching videos of classes such as MIT’s 6.001, and also improve your skills by getting involved in some open source project (I’ve learned a ton contributing to the Julia language project on GitHub). Find something that interests you and dig in!

Where/how to apply for a job on a cruise ship?

I'm a college student- 19 years old and I am looking for a job on a cruise ship, probably in childcare or a youth counselor.... I'm really not sure though how to find out whose hiring for what and where and etc. Any help is appreciated, thanks!