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Super Awkward And Anti-social

How can I stop being socially awkward at 22 years old?

What I am about to write is said with love. I was once in your place. It was painful. Very much so!But around 40 I had an epiphany. Sure wish I had this thought at 22 so I will share it with you.If you think others are judging you, stop judging others. You may think you don't judge others. But pay attention to what you are really thinking. Trust me, you will be shocked at how often some unkind and judgmental thought pops up. But that's not really you. It's a habit and you can stop it. The more you are aware of these judging thoughts the more you will realize that if you aren't judging others you won't imagine them judging you.Get over yourself. I know that sounds cruel and shocking. It's supposed to! I don't mean that you have to become a door mat or put other people first in some false generosity. I mean, stop focusing on yourself. You choose these thoughts. You really do! You are self concious because you imagine that others are thinking about you with the same focus you do. It's not true. People are largely thinking of themselves. Most people walk around with some focus on themselves every day. “Do I look fat in this dress?”, “I would be so embarrassed to do…” . Yup, most people are really caught up in themselves. They don't have time to think about you and your stuff because they are thinking of their own. So & so just growled at you…it has nothing to do with liking you, the vet just called an the rabbit has to be put down, the water bill is late, the new panyhose are too tight…Goof off more! Go ahead and just be stupid silly. Watch Laurel and Hardy and allow yourself to laugh at the very un pc jokes. Pick some “guilty pleasure” and do it without remorse. Like looking at cats in pajamas on the internet? Do it, though honestly, baby goats in pajamas are more fun… The point is though that you have to approach fun and humor just like you do judging. Stop judging what makes you laugh. No apologies or explainations. Just laugh!

Am I antisocial........?

I'd call that antisocial. Well, you're only 13. You still have your life ahead of you to be interactive with people if that's what you want. I'm more of a reserved person though. It's not so bad being alone. Sometimes you need your space to think. However, it's bad to get too much of that benefit. I don't know your problem is exactly. Do you fear people? Think of being alone as being independent. Maybe you're a late bloomer. It's common for people to cancel on plans because they want a distance. I know I did when I was your age - and you're just 2 years younger than me. The thing with me was I kept a distance from people because I felt like I was being choked, or was irritated with people trying to get into my life all the time. I look back and realize I was a bi tch. I found that people make me happy. Or things I like to do (draw, dance, bike). I pray for you to be happy. I think the best way to handle your situation is to have a balance. A balance of alone time and social time. You have friends that want to hang out with you. If you keep distancing yourself you have a high chance of losing them over time in the future. do you feel as if someone's watching you? lemme just say that people are more concerned with themselves than to be paying attention to what you do, so that should ease the awkwardness. I wish you luck in the future. Hopefully this antisocialness is just a phase you experience (as i did) in life.

Avril Lavigne a Libra is so awkward and antisocial?

Astrology is fake.

How to talk to people? I'm very anti-social?

Well i'm a 14 year old very anti-social and awkward girl. I barely have any friends because I have no idea how to talk to people. I always end up saying something stupid, and I can't hold a conversation because i'm just too focused on the way I look that I can't concentrate on the conversation, i'm like "Where do I look?" "why did I just say that?! God i'm stupid!" "Should I look into their eyes?" "What if they think i'm weird if I say this?" "Don't say this, they don't care!" "I bet they feel so awkward talking to me!" I have no social skills I never know what to talk about! I'm really boring. :/ I'm that shy awkward loner in every class, the one who always ends up without a partner, sitting by herself. This is really ruining my life because I never have fun. :/ and i'll be an adult as soon as I know it and regret not enjoying my high school years. Oh and I have really horrible grades because of this too. I'm too shy and scared to talk to teachers. I'm even scared to talk to cashiers. I'm super f*cking awkward. I'm probably the most uncomfortable person to be around at my school. I've been like this for almost 3 years now. I suffer with anemia, depression, and chronic anxiety. I'm suicidal. I don't know what to do anymore, I can't overcome this. I've had counseling, but i'm even too shy to open up to the counselor! I would pretend everything is good just so I can leave fast and be alone and not talk to her. HOW do I learn how to talk to people? How do I get the courage? Will I ever overcome this? Please teach me and give me examples of how to talk to people, i'd really appreciate it. Thank you!

I need a derogatory term for a painfully awkward and antisocial person?

Imagine someone who is a weird germaphobe who would notice when you touched your face and then then try to make you use sanitizer. The same person would be assigned to work with others and still turn away from the people they sit next to and do the assignment on their own. The person might be forced to write on behalf of the group and get super pissed about it. They are irrationally mean to anyone who disagrees with them, even if they are nice and respectful... and they hold a grudge about it. In addition they have a lot of awkward mannerisms that you might normally associate with a reclusive nerdy internet addict, except with no indication of liking anime/gaming/etc.

It's a girl who I am forced to work with in physics. She was nice enough and friendly at first, so a couple of us sat next to her on the first day. Now that we are forced into a team with her it's a miserable experience. We just kind of stopped talking to her now unless we have to, because you feel like an idiot when you're always nice and friendly to someone who is a ***** to you.

I dont need advice about the situation, I just wonder if there is a word to describe someone this.

Why am i so antisocial and lazy?

I have a very hard time talking to people I don't know. It seems almost impossible for me to make new friends. I get super nervous when I know I am going to meet a new person and often replay in my mind what I should say and then I just say like 3 words. I never usually introduce myself first. I can’t handle speaking in public and am overall just socially awkward, even if I know the person but haven’t seen them for awhile I don’t know what to say and become red and sometimes I feel my face twitch lol. On the other hand though if I know you I joke and have a great time its just new people I meet I can’t be myself around them until we have been talking for like a month. Also I constantly try to do new things (i.e. learn guitar) I can always start the task but always loose interest and push it away for more lazy things.

(When I was little I was so social and wasn’t shy at all, until my mom switched schools in grade 4 and I think that’s when I became antisocial)

Any answer would be great.