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Surfing In Lake Michigan

How many gallons are in Lake Michigan?

My science teacher tinks that it will be funny to see how many can actually tell him how many gallons of water are in Lake Michigan...soo can anybody please tell me? it doesnt have to be exact just somewhat of an educated quess...thanks

Lake Michigan is what direction from Lansing Michigan?

Lake Michigan is west of Lansing. The lake is west of most of lower Michigan, except when you maybe get to the north end. I guess you could say the lake is northwest of parts of lower Michigan because the lake curves slightly northeast at the north end of it.

Are there really sharks in lake Michigan? If so how often have they attacked and what would make them attack?

No one really knows for sure. There was a report of an attack in 1955, where a young man had his leg severed while swimming off the shores of Chicago - unconfirmed (no newspaper report), but there were witnesses to this incident.

Bull sharks live in salt water, but can and do adapt to fresh water very well and can live in fresh water for years. Bull sharks have been found in the Mississippi River. As far as Lake Michigan being too cold for sharks, bull sharks have been found swimming off the shores of Alaska.

In 1979, a charter boat off Waukegan, Illinois (about 40 miles north of Chicago) caught (2) bull sharks - both bit on coho salmon and were caught about 5 minutes apart. The captain of the ship stated he had seen sharks before, but never 2 in one day. (* See Jakem's comment in blog on attached website)

In 1979, two fisherman found the corpse of a fish off the shore of Lake Michigan. At first glance, they thought it was a sturgeon. Then, on closer examination, realized it was a shark. They took the remains to the museum in Chicago and was examined and found to be a shark over 5 feet long.

I think it's definitely possible and have had experience with Lake Michigan for almost 60 years.

If you really want to ride the waves, try California or Hawaii. (:

Are there any waves in Lake Michigan? Does it look like more like in a sea or like a in a typical lake?

I quit my job, sold my house, gave away my possessions and moved to Grand Haven, Michigan this year. It is on the sunset coast of Lake Michigan… my paradise. Yes, it is an inland freshwater sea. Ever changing, no day at the beach is the same. It can be smooth as glass. It can have massive waves. The local webcam site is called Surf Grand Haven - Beach Webcam - Grand Haven Pier - Weather Report for a reason.It is so much more than waves. I have a modest blog Michigan Dreams - A new path... that I documented my personal journey… but it is chock full of Lake Michigan stories, photos and videos… the incredible dunes, beaches, waves, lighthouses, vineyards, on and on.Many things I never knew until I returned here. Lake Michigan has King and Coho salmon fishing, magnetic sands, hundreds of shipwrecks like this one…“… scarcely had we gotten into Lake Michigan than we were beset by a horrible tempest and in an instant our rudder was broken to pieces… Not being able to control our course, we were during the night the toy of gigantic waves which pushed us toward the immense bank of sand called ‘Sleeping Bear’… Nowhere have I been witness to the unbridling of the elements comparable to that which this sea of freshwater presented.” – French explorer Comte De Castelnau, 1839I love this majestic inland sea, and the people of Western Michigan.

Milwaukee to Chicago - most scenic route near Lake Michigan?

I'm currently in Milwaukee and am planning to go to Chicago soon. I am interested in seeing Lake Michigan, and would like to find a route that follows it as closely as possible along the entire way. I did some MapQuesting and can see from the map that it's probably possible (although perhaps very complicated for someone not familiar with the area):

Is this practical? Should I just buy a "real" map and try to follow it? Unfortunately, I'm not so good with maps.

Any info, tips, experiences, etc. would be greatly appreciated!

P.S. My friend recommended visiting this place along the way:

Is there lake michigan fairies from chicago to michigan?

Goes from Milwaukee to Muskegon

None that I know of that go out of Chicago directly unless you are shipping something freight and you aren't going with.

Is there a place to go surfing in Kenosha, WI?

I am sorry that nobody seems to know geography. Wisconsin is on the western shore of Lake Michigan. Now, there are some folks who claim the surf in the great lakes, and i guess every now and then, a windswell does develop (yes, I have seen it on You Tube), but that is in the dead of winter, in water that even I won't go in. Now, for all of those kids who are fascinated by sharks..... there are no sharks in the Great Lakes.
Surfing is an ocean sport, and those 'flow-rider' things, are about as much like surfing as Welch's grape juice is to champagne. So, I guess I could have said it in one or two sentences, surfing is an ocean sport. The answer is "NO".

How is surf in Chicago?

SURF???? Lake Michigan may be called an inland sea, but the waves are mostly choppy. It's too small to work up anything like ocean breakers,

What is the best wetsuit to buy for surfing in the Bay Area?

I live in my Rip Curl 4/3 Insulator. I now own 2 and rotate them between sessions. They have a great warrenty on the seams and it keeps me warm in pretty much any Bay Area Conditions. I even stress tested it in Lake Michigan with 35F water and was pretty comfy. You can get it at Sonlight Surf Shop in Pacficia and is about $300 bucks with the Hood. I surf about 200+ days a year and after a full year of heavy use I had a few split seams and plenty of general wear and tear after bout 170 sessions on it so I took it into Sonlight and Ripcurl replaced it with a brand new suit.I wrote up a more indepth review here money is no object, I have heard very good things about Isurus wetsuits

Any surf in lake erie, and are there any sharks there?

people have wind surfed at Presque isle Stare Park in
Erie, PA and some have tried regular surfing - waves (before a storms) range from 2-6 feet (check at the ranger station to find the beach which surfing is allowed- not ok'd for all beaches - because of the breakwalls)

but on calm days there is more of a ripple than a wave

no sharks in Lake Erie