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Recovery from knee surgery - help!?

I tore my meniscus last year and ended up having arthroscopic surgery to have about 30% of it removed. I hear so many people saying 4 to 6 weeks recovery is normal and yet, here I am - almost 12 weeks later - and I'm not back to my full functioning! I can walk just fine, even jog. But I can't kneel to bathe my children in the tub, I can't crouch down and stand up again, and I can't turn my knee sideways like to sit crisscross (or Indian style, as we used to call it when I was younger.) I've been going to the gym two or three times a week and doing the elliptical machine to strengthen my leg and joint but I don't think it's helping. I'm in my late 20's and overall healthy! Why am I still struggling here? What can I do to get past this or is this normal? Am I always going to be limited? Please - any advise or information would be greatly appreciated!
BTW, I did not go to physical therapy because prior to my injury, I was working out regularly and my doctor said if I slowly get back to the gym and work my way back up to where I was, I should be fine. I'm wondering if perhaps I should have insisted on physical therapy??

HELP!! Bunion surgery? recovery?

Expect to be in pain for about 4 to 6 weeks. If you r Dr. gives you full care, he will provide you with a refrigeration unit ( a 6-pack cooler you fill with ice and a pump with a hose that is attached to you foot). If you have this unit, the pain will be minimal. You will take pain killers for the first three or four days and you will be bed ridden - only getting up for the bathroom.

After that, you will get up and walk around using your boot. The boot will become a hassle and you will want to leave it behind somewhere but that will delay your full recovery.

Since you are 15, recovery will be a lot quicker so expect being unable to do things or general running around for about 4 to 6 weeks.

I highly recommend physical therapy to ensure full mobility so you can wear heels with some comfort BUT I would recommend that you forgo heels in favor of kitten heels or flats for the rest of your life. This will alleviate the same surgery on your other foot down the road.

Hernia surgery recovery????

hey, i had an inguinal hernia repair about a month ago..everything feels fine. the surgical site gets irritated one in a while but not a big pain...

I was just wondering if its normal to be constantly tired?? has anyone gone through a sense of fatigue when doing minor strenuous activity after this surgery? it was open not lapriscopic and i healed reaally quickly....i just dont know if i should be concerned.......any imput would be great thanks!

Is there any help with ACL and meniscus surgery recovery? Struggling with pain and 4 days post-op, still unable to do a leg raise, is this normal?

Have patience and don't overdo it. Speed of recovery depends on many factors. Not all meniscectomies and ligament reconstructions are the same. Someone very close to me had a devastatingly severe knee ligament injury as a young man, and was advised he might never walk again without a cane. It took a few years, but he was young, strong, and determined. Now in his fifties, he is still about the toughest man I know. He can't run, but he can work harder than men half his age. Remember the importance of good nutrition, adequate rest, and rehabilitation. Get advice on good knee-strengthening exercises. Go slow, but do them faithfully. Watch your weight and pay attention to nutrition. You might find it helpful to ask your surgeon this question:. “On a scale of one to ten, how bad was my injury compared to others you have treated?”. It may give you some perspective to know the answer to that question.

Bunion surgery pain and recovery?

hello I'm a 16 year old male... yesterday I had bunion surgery. they shaved the side bone and realigned the joint. the numbing went away 6 hours after the surgery like the doctor said. but now the pain is excruciating. I have my foot elevated above my heart... and just right now, my entire middle of my toe bone started to throb.... my entire foot, i think is swollen. and it hurts like hell. I actually cried out of pain. I'm taking a pain medicine called roxicet. once every 4 hours... my dad's telling me not to take too many though so I'll probably take one every 5 or 6 hours... but even with the medicine, the pain goes for probably 15 minutes to a bearable extent. and then shoots with pain... i cant walk... it feels like cramping pain... very slight burn... and now the underneath the toe, the long bone that connects, is starting to hurt. I'm looking at my x ray and it seems he's put a screw in that specified place... i honestly don't know how you women give birth... you guys have my utmost respect. I have gotten an appendectomy... but I don't remember it hurts g this much. those don't even contrast... sorry. um basically I guess I'm looking for assurance and encouragement. I also have a quick question about foot elevation... my right foot was operated on. while lying down, can I bend my left leg as if ready to do crunches, then rest my right foot on top of the left knee? it seems to subside the pain a bit. and I feel I guess a "tender" pain... slight stabbing I guess at the ball of my foot and the hard bone underneath the foot near the 3rd and 4th toe. I know it's normal. when should I begin to feel less pain....and i cant ice the foot. cause there's two bandages and I don't want to remove them... already did loosen it slightly. will icing the ankle help? and when will I be able to at least start walking.? after the surgery yesterday while it was numb I could walk without much fuss... but I feel like stabbing g the walls with a knife.... sorry for so many questio

Pyometra surgery recovery?

Thank you all very much...relieved me a little!
I actually never even heard of pyometra surgery until they told us she needed it. I've heard of them potentially developing cancer if they don't get spayed, but never this. But, we caught it on time, and now, I can help give encourage others to spay their dogs before this becomes the case for them! Many thanks!

How long is recovery after colon surgery?

Depends if it was open or laparoscopic (key hole). Usually 6 weeks or so but will also be dependent on what your job is etc. Expand more and I will aim to answer in more detail

How do you recover from surgery when you live alone?

Your hospital should have a patient advocate who can put you in touch with social services available in your area.  As Drew suggested, check on this well before you enter the hospital.My father is in a nursing home which is also a convalescent center.  Residents go there to recover from surgery for as long as needed.  If you have insurance, this could be a cheaper option than a motel. Also, make some preparations at home before you go to the hospital.  Make your rest area at home as convenient as possible, with things at hand you will need for comfort, such as extra pillows, robe, slippers, bottled water, light snacks, etc.  Move your resting area closer to the bathroom if possible.Do all necessary cleaning before hand.  And lay in quick-fix foods in convenient throw-away packaging.  Put emergency phone numbers by your bed. You might also consider hiring a temporary care-giver rather than spending money on an unfriendly motel room.

How long does recovery take from lung surgery?

he will probably need to be on the ventilator during surgery, he shouldn't remember much about it, providing he comes off it with no problems as most do, sometimes it takes a few tries before they can come off it. ask doctors for anxiety medicine if he is fearful of this, they will relax him throughout and he'll be fine. i was in hospital for 7 days for lung biopsy, they told me the norm was 4 days. i personally found it to be harder than abdominal surgery, but easier to deal with once the drainage stuff is taken out 2 to 3 days after surgery, may be leakage for a while afterwards, had to keep a cushion behind me for 2 weeks after surgery.. if mostly clear it's normal, he will be very very sore, but the more he moves the sooner he moves, the faster he will feel better, propping or supporting with pillows a certain way helps too. he could get dizzy suddenly at first, and must not be too prideful about having someone walk with him to the restroom at first. this will ease off. the nurses should be able to advise on all this more. if either of you have any questions write them down and forcefully demand the doctors take time to answer you. they do like to say a few sentences and run, but they get paid enough to explain fully to us. i've been through many surgeries. this lung biopsy was the hardest for me to recover from, of course i'm older now, and not in wonderful health. they went in through my back and side also, incision site probably makes a difference too. give himself time to recover. tell him not to be shy about the pain medicine the first 2 or 3 days and to use his little breathy coughy thing a lot to help clear his lungs, which will be gunky at first. low grade fever is normal right after surgery as well. feel welcome to write me if you have any other questions. i may or may not be able to help or advise. good wishes.

Is it possible that a TFCC surgery can help the wrist recover fully as it was before the injury?

As has been answered it depends on the type of injury. Broadly speaking the two main complaints after an injury of the TFCC are pain and / or limits in the range of motion.The outcome of TFCC surgery is at best a painfree hand that can be loaded normally or nearly normally, however some degree of stiffness after surgery is not uncommon as is some reduction in grip strength. However the stiffness and reduction in strength are usually not a big problem.