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Sweet 16 Party Solutions

What is the purpose of a sweet sixteen party?

“This is our daughter”.“The purpose of this party is to announce to all eligible invited to said party that she is now of an age where they are now free to date her without first getting our permission.”“Do understand and respect the most important reason for this invitation…”“…We know where you live.”

How much does the average sweet 16 party cost?

I know it obviously ranges because some parties are more extravagant than others, but I'm just looking for a rough idea. If you know like the range, or the average price, or even how much yours or you friends' costed. Anything will help, thank you! :)

My 15 years old son threw a birthday party and nobody showed up, what should I do?

You are lucky this hasn't happened until he is 15.My kids have always had this problem since they were at nursery. We would send out invitations, and nobody would turn up. It wasn't just us either, we had turned up at other children's parties and been the only one there.At that age it is obviously down to the parents, who were just being lazy and apathetic, but at 15 it is down to the friends themselves.I have 4 kids aged from 6 - 14, and we have had the issue with Lazy parents with all of them. It has always been me that makes the effort to contact other parents to ask if their kids can come round to play or to take them out to a play area or park etc. In 14 years, not once has any other parent ever contacted us to arrange anything, invite our kids around or take them out, it has always been me that always done everything and made all the effort. I usually end up paying for other people’s kids too, as they never offer to pay anything.We stopped trying with the birthday parties after nobody turned up realising it would be a recurring scenario of disappointment and tears, and instead we would just have a little party at home, and I would take them out wherever they wanted to go, and they could invite 1 or 2 best friends, whom I would go and pickup directly so that we did not need to rely on their parents. They have all been happy with this and none of them have ever complained.As for teens, you have to remember that kids have terrible memories and no ability organise themselves. So reminders about a party would need to sent on a daily basis. And since kids are glued to their phones these days, then the invites/reminders need to be sent via social media.Even with my 14 year old we still have the same issue, it is me and his mum driving him to see his friends all the time, as his friends parents are too lazy to drive their kids anywhere and his friends are too lazy to get on the bus.So sadly it is still the same solution, if he wants to do something on his birthday, I have to arrange it, and I have to go pickup a few of his friends and I have to take them out, and then pick them up and take them home afterwards.

How do u plan a sweet 16????

im a boy and my parents said there gunna use about 3000 bucks for my sweet 16. whut can i get wit 3000 dollars? but im gunna get a cr thats like around 20000 dollars.

Where can i download my sweet 18 ?
You need to register the site to download it.

Sweet 16 candle ceremony order?

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Re: Sweet Sixteen Candle Lighting Ceremony
Each of the 17 candles have a meaning. The first candle is for your parents, the second candle is for your siblings if you have any if not then grandparents. Now candle
3 to 6 is for the rest of your family.
7-14 is for your friends.
15 is your best friend(s)
16 is the guy that is always there for you, usually a boyfriend or your best guy friend. And
17 is inspiration or luck candle.
posted 11/06/07 by allie

Q: How do I decide who to include in my candle ceremony?

A: This ceremony, where each birthday candle is dedicated to people who have played a significant role in your life, is typically done at sweet 16 parties as well as quinces. Usually family members, friends and padrinos are on top of the list. Of course, you donít want to forget anyone, so the decision can get a little tricky. First, instead of trying try to choose specific people, think of the events in your life you are most proud of or the events that are most special to you. Then ask yourself: Who was there? Who helped to make them so memorable? If your list starts getting long, pair people together, suggests Eva Menjivar Ottosson, an event planner from O Design Solutions in San Diego. For example, have your grandparents share one candle and your brothers and sisters share another.

Hope these help.

Sweet 16 into Bridezilla?

Don't know the proper term. My (I thought) best friend is pretty well off but has never acted like she is better then anyone else but her parents have decided she can have a sweet 16 party and now she's turned into a monster, making huge demands on what her friends can wear to her mega party bash (Think proms dresses, model hair and makeup) What kinda of gift she wants and bragging about the money her parents are spending and the car she got early. (She can't drive it yet though) She talked about the chef she is having make sushi to order and the hot local DJ is going to be playing all night as well as promising nice goodie bags for all the guests, Spa coupons for the girls and Mall gift cards for the guys. She uses her party invite to lord over everyone else saying how easy it would be to dis invite someone who doesn't do what she wants or shows up wearing anything less then a ball gown. She even told one girl she needed to lost 15 pounds to come! She never acted like this before and everyone is starting to talk bad about her, some non-invited kids are even talking about crashing the party. Should I try to say something to her? She is my friend but we live in a poor area and I would hate to be uninvited to the party of the year.

Death sounds so sweet right now?

Killing yourself is not the solution to any problem. You want to talk about problems? I'm 24 years old, live with my mother, quit my job to pursue what I thought was my dream job, ended up hating my new job and quit.

Now, I'm 24 years old, I live at home with my mother and am essentially unemployed.

My life is kind of messed up right now, but I'm not going to kill myself. You have no reason to either. No matter how messed up things get there is always hope. There is always something else you can do to improve your situation.

If you want to talk... I will even give you my contact information. For God's sakes though, don't kill yourself. I knew someone who did so over a girl. His death effected so many people beyond himself. Suicide is a "permanent solution" to a temporary problem. Don't do that to your family and friends. Hell, don't do that to me. I'm now freaking out because I'm trying to figure out how to stop you from killing yourself.

If you need to talk... please email me. I am willing to email you my phone number. My email address is fordguy1911 (at) gmail (dot) com

My best friend can't come to my sweet 16?

clearly you are a 15-year-old girl. I like handle things.. unemotionally. It tends to deliver productive solutions. I know you're hurt; it sucks that your best friend can't celebrate a milestone with you, but the logical part of your mind surfaced when you said "I know family is more important" soon to be clouded by the emotional then asking "Shouldn't I be mad at her?!"
To answer that, no. IT's not like she's blowing you off or doesn't appreciate your worth to her as a best friend. She simply has an obligation on that same night. And as her friend you should take some time to get over your emotions and understand where she's coming from. Trust me, if you two really are BEST friends in the whole world this won't make a dent in your relationship. Try to be logical when you cross situations that are unfavorable. and look at it with different perspectives