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Swelling Under The Left Eye

What causes swelling under eyes?

Possible causes of puffy eyes

* Changes in your body's fluid balance such as due to weather changes, travel or hormone fluctuations.
* Hangovers can also produce puffy eyes.
* Drug induced hypothyroidism(such as lithium) can also cause puffy eyes.
* If itching or redness accompanies the puffiness, it may be due to an allergy or dermatitis.
* Fluids get trapped in the tissues under the eyes. Usually the eyes are puffiest when you awake. Puffy eyes can also be a sign of sinus and allergy problems.
* Puffy eyes can also be a heredity problem.

Simple Home Remedies that can help you get rid of puffy eyes:

1. Gently tap your skin with your ring finger when you are applying eye cream to encourage the excess fluid to drain away.

2. Store creams in the refrigerator, as the coldness will also help reduce puffiness.

3. Place strips of grated potato under your eyes to help reduce swelling. Strawberries and cucumber can also help.

4. Fill a small bowl with iced water or ice-cold milk. Soak a cottonwool pad with the liquid and lie down with the dampened pads over your eyes. Replace the pads as soon as they become warm. Continue for 15 minutes. As well as reducing puffiness, this treatment will brighten the whites of your eyes.

5. Drink of enough water will also reduce eye puffiness. When a person is dehydrated the body starts storing water as a defense system and this will add to puffy eyes, so drink around 8-10 glass of water daily to get rid of puffy eyes.

6. Make sure you get enough sleep with regular timings.

7. If your eyes are puffy in the morning, go straight for a cube of ice. Wrap it in a paper towel and hold it over each eyelid for a few minutes. The cold will reduce the swelling.

hope this has helped you goodluck

Should I go to the ER if my eye is swelling up?

I also have hypersensitive eye skin, and have had this level of swelling, and much worse, based on practically nothing at all. What I have found to help - no occlusive dressings, i.e. no petroleum jelly, heavy eye creams, neosporin, polysporin, mineral oil, butter, crisco - you see where I'm going here? The skin for whatever reason is very thin, thinner than most peoples', and easily abraded. When abraded, scraped, squeezed, etc., swells to protect itself, and retains fluid.What I have found to actually rectify the situation - 400 mg ibuprofen (2 advil), and 10 mg cetirizine (zyrtec). Different people respond differently to antihistamines, so choose whatever has historically worked best for you - perhaps benedryl (I am allergic).Wash gently with cold, as cold as you can stand, water and something super gentle, like Cetaphil. Apply a very light lotion, perhaps just aloe gel or rose water. Then go to bed. For me, it's super distressing. It sounds like it may be for you as well. Try not to think about it, or check on it every 18 minutes. It's unfortunate, but very unlikely dangerous. Hope this was helpful!

The skin under my eye in swelling!?

Mine do this when my sinuses are acting up. Just try some ice to it and see what happens. If it doesnt hurt and there isnt any drainage just try ice. Maybe you will need a doc in the morning if the swelling is worse or symptoms change.

What is the cause of the swelling of my left lower eyelid?

Mostly it is STYE or bacterial infection due to oil glands present in your eyelids or lower eye lids and near lacrimal glandsclean the swollen area with warm water and antiseptic and apply these cream Bacitracin ophthalmic ointment (AK-Tracin) or Tobramycin ophthalmic solution or ointment (Tobrex, AKTob) twice daily with taking Keflex 500mg tab twice for 4–5 days. If these don’t help consult a doctor.

I have a swollen eye lid. What do I do?

Check for an area redder than the rest. Look for a "head" where there's a little white spot on top of a sore raised area. If none is present, look underneath the eyelid. In either case, wash the area with soap and water (not inside the eyelid fer cryin' the hell out loud, just the outside!). Keep it clean until a "head" develops. Try to get the "head" to erupt with a little pressure, and then clean with soap and warm water again. If the "head" won't erupt with mild pressure, cease and try again the next day.If there is no "head" or specific red area, place a cold, wet compress (damp cloth with an ice cube inside will do fine) on the eyelid until it's uncomfortable. Repeat as often as possible until the swelling goes down. If there's pain under the eyelid, then, while standing in front of a mirror, grab the eyelashes of the lid that hurts (top or bottom) and lift looking underneath for foreign matter, specks or eyelashes that may be irritating the mucous lining of the eyelid and/or scoring or irritating the conjunctiva of the eye itself.If there's excessive or uncontrollable itching along with the swelling, you should probably see your doctor for examination and treatment as that's a sign of an allergic reaction as well as other things!If the swelling doesn't reduce or decline after a day or so of treating with a cold compress. See your doctor. If the "head" keeps growing. See your doctor.

Swelling on cheekbone under eye?

Yesterday morning I noticed a little bump on my left cheekbone, quite under my eye. It looked like a mosquito bite, nothing extraordinary. I went to work and only noticed my swelling when i got back home. It was twice its original size. I put some Fucidin cream on and went to bed. Today it is even larger and red, it looks a huge insect bite or like i got punched on the cheekbone.

I tried to squeeze it (big mistake?) to see if it is filled with pus or if there is a visible sting left inside but only transparent, water-like fluid came out. It looks even worse ever since.

Could it be an infected mosquito bite? Could it be an allergic reaction to some substance? Could it be some life threatening condition, i.e lupus?

How do you fix swelling and puffiness under one eye?

I woke up this morning and the area underneath my left eye was completely swollen and puffy. the swelling goes all the way to the inside corner of my eye. I also have this under-the-skin pimple under it, and the swelling didn't start showing up until the pimple did. I haven't run into anything with my eye recently, so it's not due to injury, and there's no irritation. However, it does hurt if I press on it.
Has anyone ever had this before? How do you get rid of it? What should I do? Going to the doctor is not really an option for me, and will only happen as a last resort.

What could be the cause of swelling above upper eyelid bellow eyebrows?

Your eyes need lubrication and moisture to function properly. Small glands in the eyelids known as meibomian glands secrete oil that covers and protects the surface of your eye. If these glands malfunction, they may become inflamed or produce an excessive amount of oil. This condition is known as meibomianitis or posterior blepharitis.Any condition that increases the oil produced by these glands will cause this disorder.allergieshormonal changes associated with adolescenceskin conditions, such as rosacea or acneeyelash mites or licemedications that increase bacteria on the eyelids, including isotretinoin for acnesome contact lens solutionseye makeup

Woke up with swollen under eye?

It could just be a stye. Pull the bottom lid down a bit and just have a look in the mirror at the inside of your bottom lid. If there is a lump on it, then it's most likely a stye. If you wear eye make-up, stop. And it's probably a good idea to bathe it in clean water. If it doesn't start to clear up, go to the doctors.