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Sydney Clubs And Bars On Birthday

What did you do for your 21st birthday?

My 21st birthday is in a month. Everyone (friends) keeps asking me where I want to go...who I want to invite etc etc...I was thinking an local bar/restaurant that is with in walking distance from my apartment. So we won't have to drive. I kinda want it to just be my parents my brother and his gf and my boyfriends parents my boyfriend. That's all no friends since my birthday is on a tuesday. Then that weekend its my boyfriend and I's 5 year anniversary so just go out me and him. No friends at all. Its just going to be trouble.

What did you do for yours?

Can I get in most clubs the night before my 21st birthday in las vegas?

You can get in the clubs on midnight of Friday, when the clocks turn over and it's technically Saturday. But not before that. They are very strict in Vegas, and until you are 21 you will not be permitted into a bar or club there.

What would be a good place to have my 22nd birthday In the Sydney area for March?

Last month we celebrated my elder sisters birthday at one of the birthday party cruises out there in Sydney Harbour.. It was a really memorable experience for our entire family.. What I would suggest is initially you set your budget and the team Size... Then you can decide upon the venue from the same.

You have a multitude of options in Sydney... Select the venue.. Call them/Enquire and finalize the venue.

What shall I do for my 26th birthday in Sydney, Australia?

If you want a huge one, which you should, I would be starting with a few quiet ones on Oxford Street. Visit as many bars as possible and then have friends meet you for dinner. After that, Pacha!!!Pacha Sydney | 2015 Club Night of the year | ivy, Sydney | Pacha SydneyHonestly why not. You only live once and a small portion of it has to be spent having lots of fun. If you aren't a night club person- maybe you head down to Circular Quay for a look?

21st birthday and going to Put-in-Bay. What is there to do?

-You can get a golf cart and ride around the island
-Antique Car Museum
-The Butterfly House
-Visit Heineman's Winery
-Take a ride on the narrated tour train
-Visit the PIB Historical Museum
-Visit Perry's Cave
-Go jet-skiing (more age appropriate)
-Go parasailing (more age appropriate)
-Visit South Bass Island State Park
-Visit War of 18 Holes (miniature golf course)
-Visit some of the many bars and restaurants

Hope this helps...if not, visit to find more!

Are there any gay clubs in Newcastle NSW?

The Gateway or 'The G' as locals call it :-). It is pretty popular with gays and lesbians, it has a section with a bar and dance floor that is open i think fri and sat (from experience the music played is more techno/dance and not mainstream, but i have recognized some music played) . It's more like a pub though, not an actual club. There are some other places that are frequented by gays and lesbians.

But if you actually want a club purely for gays and lesbians, ur better off looking into clubs like what you have mentioned in Sydney , which is about a 2 hour trip by train (depending on the amount of stops the train takes).

There is also a gay club on the central coast ( i think it's on the central coast at The Entrance, but i haven't been there so i couldn't tell you what it's like) which is about an hour drive away from Newcastle.

Don't know if this has helped, hope it has given you at least an idea of whats around.

Can women attend gay men's clubs?

Not only can they, but a lot of straight women make a habit of going to gay clubs.There's even a word for it, but I'm not going to use it because I've always found it to be deeply disrespectful and even downright insulting.When I was a young gay man struggling to come out and struggling to find self respect and dignity, some of the first straight people who ever accepted me were women who hung out at gay clubs.They were awesome.They were there for lots of different reasons. Maybe they just wanted to party in a safe environment where they knew nobody would hit on them. Maybe some of them were wounded and not in a place where straight men were welcome in their lives.Maybe some of them had figured out the truth of how much fun and fab gay clubs can be.Whatever the reason, every gay club I've ever been to has had its contingent of straight women regulars.And they are almost always very welcome.Especially if I'm there.

What are tips for living cheaply in Sydney?

As of December 2011, Sydney is the 5th most expensive city in the world in terms of cost of living, and New York appears to have 'fallen' to 15th place, so you're absolutely right.These tips are aimed at people living in or near the city. It's much cheaper to live in the Western or Southern Suburbs and there will be different tips for someone living there.Entertainment: In summer and usually every weekend, Sydney has a bunch of free entertainment. Look in the Sydney Morning Herald weekend edition for a page of free activities, or look in Time Out for free stuff (this search came up with a few pages of free events in the next week For the cost of a bus ride or two, my vote for best free entertainment (in the world) would be to go to the beach. Movies are cheap on Tuesdays.Meeting people: There are many meetup groups in and around Sydney. Some are specifically geared towards meeting new friends. They generally meet in cafes or pubs so won't cost you a bunch of money.Food: Chinatown would be my recommendation for cheaper and interesting food. There are a couple of good food courts that are well worth checking out. Stay away from Surry Hills and Redfern unless you specifically know a cheap place (e.g. The Shakespeare Hotel in Surry Hills has a great menu for $12.50 or less). Drinks: There are many smaller local pubs around that sell reasonably priced schooners. I would say a cheap schooner is worth around $4.50 but usually $5.00 if you need a judge of the place.Housing: The big one. If you want to live in the inner city you will probably struggle to find somewhere cheaper than $800 per month for a room in a share house, but $1200 is more likely (again for a share house). Marrickville, Enmore, Stanmore, St. Peters are all inner-west suburbs with lots of share houses that are cheaper.Transport: Buy a bicycle. Trains and buses are not cheap, but if you get a weekly ticket and use them a lot it ends up being ok.Clothing: Go find the large charity warehouses (there's one in St. Peters and one in Summer Hill), they used to sell clothes by the bagful on the cheap. There's generally good variety because they haven't yet sold off the good stuff to second hand shops.Furniture: You can easily find furniture out on the side of the road if you know someone with a car and find out which days are 'council pick up' days. Just drive around some of the middling to rich suburbs.