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Taco Bell Hiring Proces

Taco Bell hiring proces?

Okay so, i replied to this craiglist ad and got a reply back to come in tomorrow so that i can get a interview on tuesday. Im going to bring a resume and im pretty positive their going to have me fill an application out. I just wanted to know what should i appect if everything goes well and i get the interview? And if anyone thats worked for taco could tell me about their experience that would be great.
Any advice would be appreciated! :)

How long does it take for them to hire me or not at Taco Bell?

For me when I applied at McDonalds I submitted an application online and they told me they checked their online applications every two weeks. However, I would wait 3 to 5 weekday business days and then call and speak to a manager or drive to the restaurant and speak to the manager and tell them you submitted an application. Usually when you do this they will call you back shortly there after to schedule an interview with you typically the day after you tell them you submitted an application. Then, after the interview if your hired you could begin as soon as the next day!

Does Taco Bell hire no experience?

Yes they do but tell them you have experience anyway just to get in the door then ask questions after your hired

Taco Bell hiring process?

in once had a job at taco bell with the streaked walls and th floors we could slide around on. Jess asked me if I thot about getting a better job cos I'm like 29 1/2 an still haven"'t really got any degrees or anything (**** TAHT, THE MAN'S NOT GOIN TO TIE ME doWN, an I said that I already have an honours in the history of kicking your ***! lol XDXD who needs a ****** office job, I already got enough money for xbox live n bud (**** consumerism right!?) so yeah it's a good job and you should get it.

Does taco bell do background checks when hiring?

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Cinnamon twists are just deep-fried rotini pasta dusted in cinnamon sugar. Except the only difference between the rotini pasta you buy in the grocery store and their cinnamon twists is that a significant portion of the traditional wheat flour base has been substituted with rice flour to bring out the puffed, crispy texture you wouldn't be able to get with 100% wheat or semolina flour. The ingredients listed on their site:Wheat Flour, Yellow Corn Meal, Rice Flour, Salt. Sugar: Sugar, Cinnamon, Soybean Oil (With TBHQ To Protect Flavor), Dextrin and Extractives of Cinnamon. Oil: High-Oleic Low-Linolenic Canola Oil, TBHQ (To Protect Flavor), Dimethylpolysiloxane (An Antifoaming Agent).Follow Taco Bell for only a few quarters and you'll quickly find Taco Bell R&D's ability to take very cheap and very common ingredients and repurpose/recombine them into a product with amazing mark-ups is quite amazing.

The best deal at my franchise right now is the “$5.55 box” which may be more commonly known to you as the “$5 box” as seen on t.v.The Cravings Deal is the best deal as you get 5 items for $5.(55)! Not all locations carry this box by name but every location CAN make the items inside of it if you decide yeah, that sounds like a great combo.1 x Beef burrito supreme1 x Cheesy gordita crunch1 x Crunchy taco1 x Nachos and cheese1 x Medium drinkThe medium drink can be upsized to a large, plastic cup for mere pennies more. It's fabulous for everyone of all ages and sometimes light eaters enjoy splitting the box.Generally there is always a box promotion going on and right now it's the Triple double crunchwrap box. It's comprised of:1 x Triple double crunchwrap1 x Crunchy taco1 x Doritos locos taco1 x Medium drinkUsually these other limited time offer boxes don't include the chips and cheese like the Cravings Deal but 4 items for that price is hard to beat.Otherwise the best taco deal is Taco Sunday where our franchise sells a normal $1.39 crunchy taco for .99¢. The taco party 12 pack for $12.99 or the Grande meal which is ten items chosen between bean burritos, crunchy tacos, or soft tacos for $11.99. Morning breakfast tacos are usually only $1 and the bacon soft breakfast taco is superb!P.S. Make friends with the workers, they can and will get you the best deal possible.

Working at Taco Bell!?

I'm 15 and am going to have to get my first job, I'm super nervous.
But I've decided I want to work at Taco Bell since they are one of the only places that hire 15 year olds.

I have some questions about it.....

-Do you have to provide your own uniform
-What does the uniform consist of
-How many hours does someone who works part time work
-WIth part time what is your pay
-How often do you get paid
-I want to work inside like the cashier person what is that called
-what's the easiest position
-do you get lockers or something
-when you want to eat there on lunch break how does that work
-how do I suppose to act/get to know my co workers (will they be nice?)

And is there anything else I need to know.....


On their official Ingredient Statement page [1], they list the following ingredients in their seasoned beef mix:Beef, water, seasoning [cellulose, chili pepper, onion powder, salt, oats (contains wheat), maltodextrin, soy lecithin, tomato powder, sugar, soybean oil, spices, garlic powder, citric acid, caramel color (C), disodium inosinate & guanylate, cocoa powder, natural and artificial flavors (contains gluten), trehalose, modified corn starch, lactic acid, torula yeast], salt, phosphates. Contains: Soy, WheatIn a previous version of their website [2], they claimed it was 88% beef with the other 12% made up from these other ingredients. I'm not sure if that ratio changed, or they just got rid of that webpage. They still have a YouTube video up that makes this claim however:This campaign to seems to have been a response to a lawsuit [3] that asserted they only used 65% beef.[1]:[2]:[3]:

I have a interview at taco bell any tips?

TIPS to get success in the interview
>> I am giving you the way that u get success if you follow these..
1. maintain body language-->70% of success comes to u from this
a. use your both the hands to explain-- called gestures and postures for better understanding
b. be active-- along with maintaining eye contact and have a smiling face always
c. maintain expression according to the context
2. communicate better (fluent)--30% of success comes to u from this
3.also have good voice, effective or loud but with clarity not clumsy
Simple Dress
Wear light colors not the dark ones
1.mostly asked question is tell me about yourself?
---- means Just introduce yourself,next give your education details in reverse chronology( i mean from higher studies to lower studies), Family background, Your strengths(skills) and achievements, your goal/s, Hobbies and interests.
2.And next any questions related to your job.. thats it..
>>>>....all the best