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Should you tip the driver of a car dealership's car shuttle service if he drives you to home and back?

When it comes to tipping, I really only heavily consider it if the person’s pay is reliant on tips. If so, I’ll tip accordingly. If their wages aren’t, I’ll express my gratitude for their service and upon talking to the customer service rep(s), I’ll let them know of the stand up job their driver did.There were only instances where I did tip a driver when I servicing my car. The first was when I dropped my car off early one morning before being driven to work. I asked the driver if he was able to stop at a small shop so I could grab a quick coffee and offered to pay for his coffee as well. He agreed to stop, but declined the coffee as it often gave him heart problems. Upon getting to my office I expressed my thanks again for the drive and the quick stop. I then gave him some cash and said “your lunch is on me” and again expressed my gratitude for the stop.The second was when I left my house keys on the chair of the customer service representative. Of course neither of us realized it until I got to my front door and couldn’t get in. Thankfully the driver was slow to leave so I a chance to run back to the vehicle. He drive me back to the dealership to get my keys, then back home. I gave a tip and a million apologies for my bone-headedness.Generally speaking, as most people simply go from point A to point B and that this is a service being offered by the dealership/establishment, the drivers generally receive a fair wage and thus don’t fall in the realm of the customer needing to tip the driver. While you can, you’re not obliged or even asked to.