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Taking My Mom To Register

Can my mom insure a car that will be registered under my name?

I just had this issue. In KY you can't insure a vehicle that you have no insurable interest with. So say you're the only one on the title then you're mom couldn't insure it because to an insurance company she has no insurable interest (look up the definition of that) no I'm not an insurance agent but I tried buying a truck and having it on my moms insurance because it was cheaper and my out of state dad cosigned and he wanted on the title, therefore leaving my mom off of any ownership of the vehicle so she could not insure it. Just have your mom on the title? No big deal. Just have it written as Your Name AND Moms name. Requires both your signatures when dealing with a matter such as transferring and it allows her to insure the vehicle. Different states may very but just had this same issue I described.

My mom is giving me her car what do I need to do to register in my name if she still drives it?

It depends on what the requirements are in your state. Check with your state DMV office. It is possible that it can me given to you as a gift, and you will not need to inspect it or pay tax!

The house is registered in my wife's name however, I am paying the whole emi. Can I claim income tax rebate on home loan in india?

Short Answer - YesLong Answer with detailed explanation is belowDeduction for Interest on Housing Loan is available u/s 24(b) of the Income Tax Act. This is a deduction from Income from House Property. Income from House Property means annual value of property consisting of any buildings or land appurtenant thereto of which the assessee i.e. you, are the owner. Hence in order to claim deduction of interest under the head Income from House Property, you must be the Owner of the said property.For the purposes of these sections, an individual who transfers property otherwise than for adequate consideration any house property to his/her spouse shall be deemed to be owner of house property. Since you are paying the entire EMI of the property, it means that the property acquisition is being catered by you and your wife has not contributed to it. Hence the property in her name means that you have essentially transferred the property to her without adequate consideration because ideally since you are paying the EMI, the property should have been in your name.b) Further more, as per clubbing provisions under the Income Tax Act, Income arising to the spouse of an Individual from assets transferred directly or indirectly to the spouse of the individual otherwise than for adequate consideration or in connection with an agreement to live apart, will be included in the Income of the Individual. Simply put, it means that since you have transferred the house in your wife’s name, for other than adequate consideration any income arising from the house is to be taxed in your name. The corollary to this is that any deduction available for this house should also be allowed to you.Hence on a combined reading of Section 22, Section 24(b), Section 27(1) and Section 64(1)(iv) you are entitled to claim the deduction for Interest on House Property for a house that is in your wife’s name, but whose acquisition cost is being catered to by you.

Cash register Person forgot to take off the security thing on the sweatshirt!!! what now?

I worked for olympia sports and our security tags were magnetic, try putting a magnet on one side of the tag and see if it will losen, you may have to turn or twist it. Or you could call a local store that has these, ask nicely and they may let you come in and get it removed. Do not try to pry it off b/c you may ruin the item.

Can I get a car inspected if its not registered in my name?

I have my mom's car, which I've had since being in school, but I'm graduating & moving to Georgia (currently in Texas). She doesn't want to give me the title so I can register it in my name and get the inspections & registrations once I move, so I need to know if I can still get the inspection done (in Texas). Last year I was told I needed it in my name, but in previous years it was never an issue.

The house is registered in my mother’s name. However, I am the co-applicant for obtaining a home loan and paying the whole EMI. Can I claim the income tax rebate on a home loan in India?

As per the law, You can't claim tax benefits if you don't have ownership in property. But Home loan institution's issues Tax certificate in the name of loan applicant's name with property address only.If are in Govt.organisation you must have provide the property ownership proof to claim Tax benefits. In private organisations many if them don't require the ownership proof.

Can I drive a car registered under my parents name?

As long as you are a named insured on the Auto policy, I don’t think you will have any issues with the registration.As you say, it is not your car, legally. It is titled and registered to your father who lives in South Carolina, therefore the car is titled and registered and insured legally, even though you are driving it in California and you live in California.California law says that you must title and register any vehicle you own when you set up permanent residency in California. You don’t own the car, therefore you can’t transfer the title and registration. Your father does own the car, but doesn’t live in California.In the unlikely case that an officer pulls you over, be polite and, if he asks why you haven’t transferred the registration, tell him that your father owns and pays for the loan on the car, you are just borrowing it until you can afford your own car.And, yes, you can buy the car from your father. Yes, you would likely incur taxes, though some states have family transfer laws that allow you to skip those taxes and then you could title, register and insure the car under your name in California. You would have to also get a loan in your name to pay off your father’s loan.

Mother has lien on my car but i am registered owner, creditor wants to seize?

I live in California. Private party wants to seize my car. Now my mother is the lien holder on the vehicle and the lien is worth more than the car by about $5,000. Can the creditors take this car when my mother is the lien holder? I have to go to court and show them the registration and/or auto title and it states my mother is the lien holder but i am the registered owner (for insurance purposes).

In the state of Massachusetts, are you allowed to register a vehicle on someone else's behalf if they are unable to make it to the RMV?

Vehicle registration services are available online: Online Branch - MassDOT RMVIt’s likely to be possible to register on someone’s behalf with a limited or general power of attorney. To verify, call:857-368-8000 - From area codes 339/617/781/857 and out-of-state800-858-3926 - From all other Massachusetts area codes877-768-8833 - TTY in state