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A woodcutter determines the height of a tall tree by first measuring a smaller one 125 ft away, then moving so?

Using conventional trigonometry, if you draw a line from the woodcutter’s eyes through the small tree to the taller tree, you have two right-angled triangles to solve.

The first one, from the woodcutter to the small tree, has one side (b) of 25 ft and the other (a) is 17 ft minus the woodcutter’s eye-level = 12 ft. From this, the length of the hypotenuse (c) can be determined using Pythagoras:
c^2 = 25^2 + 12^2
c^2 = 769
c = √769 = 27.73 ft

The angle from the woodcutter’s eyes to the top of the trees (A) can be found using the sine rule (a / sin A = c / sin C):
12 / sin A = 27.73 / sin 90
12 / sin A = 27.73 / 1
12 = 27.73 * sin A
sin A = 12 / 27.73
sin A = 0.4327
A = arcsin 0.4327 = 25.64 degrees

Now the second right-angled triangle, from the woodcutter to the taller tree, we know has a lower side (b) of 125 + 25 = 150 ft and one angle (A) of 25.64 degrees. Therefore the other angle (B) must be:
180 – 90 – 25.64 = 64.36 degrees

So the missing height of the taller tree above the woodcutter’s eyes (a) can again be found using the sine rule (a / sin A = b / sin B):
a / sin 25.64 = 150 / sin 64.36
a = 150 / sin 64.36 * sin 25.64
= 72.00 ft

Therefore the total height of the taller tree is 72.00 + 5 = 77.00 ft

How tall will I be when I reach my max height growth?

The average height is 5'10, so I'd put you around there. Also, you can estimate your max height growth by adding the height of your mom and dad (in inches) and add +5 inches for boys then divide them all by 2.

Take note that this is just an estimate, your height will be determined by:
-Genetics: Was there someone in your family tree who's tall? Great grandparents, Uncle, Mom?
-Physical Exercise: any exercise that stretches the body (ex. basketball, pilates, running) stimulates your bone and joints to make you taller.
-The amount of sleep you get: Human Growth Hormone (HGH) are released in large quantities during sleep.
-Diet: you must have a complete diet, you also must get more protein and calcium for maximum growth.

Most men stop growing by 21, although there are some late bloomers...
Height is not crucially determined by genetics, people who have short parents and grandparents are still able to grow taller conceivably by a foot.

How tall do oak trees grow?

Depending on the species, & growing conditions, some Oak tree varieties range around 20-80Ft. (6-24m) tall and others varieties can surpass 100 feet (30+ m) "White Oak (Quercus Alba) - sometimes 150 feet high...Scarlet Oak The Scarlet Oak (Quercus Coccinea) - growing to 160 feet high":

While most Oaks are large, Palmer Oak (Quercus Palmeri) also called Dunn Oak (Quercus dunnii), is considered a thicket-forming shrub or small tree with several small trunks, & grows from 3-6 ft. to only 15-20 ft. tall.
For more photos & info on various types of Oaks, click on each name at the bottom of the page:

Good luck!!! Hope this is helpful.

What is the name of the tallest redwood tree?

Coast Redwood is the tallest, but the General Sherman is the biggest


" General Sherman Tree: The General Sherman Tree is 274.9' (83.8 meters) tall, and 102.6' (31.3 meters) in circumference at its base. Other trees in the world are taller: the tallest tree in the world is the Coast Redwood, which averages 300' - 350' (91.4 - 106.7 meters) in height. A cypress near Oaxaca, Mexico has a greater circumference, 162' (49.4 meters). But in volume of wood, the Sherman has no equal. With 52,500 cubic feet (1486.6 cubic meters) of wood, the General Sherman Tree earns the title of the World's Largest Living Thing"

Trees grow in two ways, in girth and height. Essentially, each year they put on an outer layer of growth. They require sunlight to acquire the energy they need to sustain themselves. So, like most plants they will orient themselves to maximize their exposure. Depending on the surrounding competition for sunlight they will grow to a height that allows them to maintain the level of photosynthesis needed. Since each branch produces its own energy it will continue to grow out to the sun as long as there is exposure. They are remarkable in their ability to adapt to different environments. Consider a maple grown out in the open field. It will spread wider in order to obtain that sunlight. Take that same species in a grove of trees and it will grow much taller with less foliage. The lowest limbs are unable to acquire sufficient light to produce enough photosynthate to maintain itself and thus dies. Take a coast redwood and you've now got a species that has evolved to deal with fires (thick bark) and the ability to obtain much of it's water needs from the fog rolling in.  They are truly wonders of the natural world.

The world's tallest tree as of 2015 is a coast redwood called Hyperion (tree).It's in Redwood National Park, and it stands an incredible 115.61 m (379.3 ft) tall.

Is a tree "tall" or "high"?

Tall because it is attached to the ground. Tall refers to the extent to which something rises from the ground (eg. building/tree). High, on the other hand, refers to something's position relative to the ground - for example, a plane could be referred to as high in the sky.