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Teachers And Female Student Problem

Why do teachers favor female students over male students?

in my school, i noticed that almost all of the teachers i have at my school treat the boys like prisoners that can't be trusted, and act as if the girls are doing nothing wrong at all.

for instance, when the teacher left the classroom, one of the girls quickly took out some balloons, filled them with water at the sink and trashed the classroom, when the teacher came back, she told all of the boys to go to the principals office without even asking for their side of the story.

can someone explain this?

How can a male teacher be attracted to a female student who is sexually attractive?

Believe me...male teachers are male humans! They like pretty sights as much as anyone else unless they are gay of course in which he would be looking at the guys the same way.

I might say this is true for the female teachers as well.

I also believe as long as no one is coerced or forced and all involved are consensual it is no ones business what they do. Throw out the ridicules age laws or difference in age laws and even the teacher/student laws.

I once worked with a teacher whom dated a girl student from grade 10 and married upon her graduation with parental permission and blessings. Everyone in school knew and no one cared except they were happy together.

Is it okay for a female student to hug her male teacher on the last day of school?

I think that it is alright to hug your teacher on the last day provided that hug is not too much and provided that you and your male 27 year-old teacher there are others present when you hug. Be sure to say no if the teacher suggests that you can come back to see him about anything that bothers you in high school. Say, you don't think that will be necessary and Thank him for the thought. Besides, there will be other male high school students that will want to be friends with you when you get to high school. Congratulations, on your eighth grade graduation and best wishes on doing well in high school. Good luck.

Do male teachers get distracted by hot female students?

Getting distracted by such young girls and taking things seriously is really a stupidity.Well such young immature girls are not prepared for things like their teacher who guides them how to succeed in life is otherwise intending to take them to a place of destruction.
It is otherwise a healthy attitude to admire somebody for her good looks but imagine that they are like our daughters who coming to us for learning good things.Some of them might even be looking upon us like their father.Would you who has conscience ever betray their trust?This is for those who are in their 40's and above.
Now consider a young man who is recently passed out and is say 22-25 something and is teaching 15-18 year old girls.Well such a person might get distracted by young good-looking girls.But he has to keep in mind that is dealing with immature minds.Young girls often flirt and not serious as far as their teacher is concerned.
If a case out of the way happens that a young student falls in love with a young teacher then the teacher has to keep in mind the legal system.Getting involved with a minor be it a girl or a boy is very serious especially for a teacher who may even have to face legal action.
A rarest of rare case is possible that a young teacher likes his young student and both of them keep a secret till she becomes 18 years of age and then they get married.

Are male teacher's allowed to touch a female students neck...?

I assume you're talking about something in the secondary level. Male teachers have no reason to be touching a female student's neck, unless of course, he is apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Got it?