The Best Actress Nowadays

Who is the best actor and actress today?

scarlett johanson is pretty plausible. she has that classic beauty coupled with the modern age's sense of feminine power. she has an undeniable talent. as for male stars, i gotta go with Clive Owen on this one. he's great.

Who is the best actress now in India?

see an actress of slim may be good for one and fatty may be for others so what is ur question is not specified. sexy actress hit actress or emotional actress or salable actress. Hope before taking ours opinion, ur question should be specific. is nt it.

Who is the best actress in world?

Although I found this answer incredulous, the actress that commands the most money in the world to make a picture is...

Let's run down the top 5 shall we.

#5. Catherine Zeta-Jones
#4. Tea Leoni
#3. Shannon Elizabeth
#2. Carrie Fisher

And for the #1...

#1. Natalie Portman

Unusual that #1 & #2 are both actresses from Star Wars fame.

My question is, where is Nicole Kidman? (she's 26th) or Julia Roberts (#7) or Angelina Jolie (#72).

It seems

#5 a beautiful face and a powerful husband
#4 another beautiful smile with a powerful husband
#3 a beautiful set of breasts (and not afraid to show them off for the camera
#2 & #1 working on Star Wars films

will command leading ladies with the most money in Hollywood.

Which Bollywood actress is the best actress?

answer must be base on talent and beauty and if tell me why you prefer the actress than the others!!!

First is my favorite actress BIPASHA BASU !!!

Second is KATRINA KAIF.........this girl surely has the beauty but when it come to talent.........this one surely doesn't have the talent

the third one is PRIYANKA CHOPRA..........former Miss World.......but don't know why not so popular these day.......In fact, her latest three film Love Story 2050, Chamku and God Tussi Great Ho was a flop!

and the last one is new.......DEEPIKA PADUKONE.......
new......but already drive the world mad!!!

or.....if you have your own favorite abollywood can also mention it!!!

Most beautiful

This question has been asked many times and many surveys have been done on this. Im sure you could find the resources on the web by searching for most beautiful actress. But the answer is almost always Halle Berry. She is almost always voted best dressed as well.

Who do you think was the best female actress out of the 30s and 40s?

It's pretty difficult to narrow it down to one or two. This period
of time, actresses had to prove they were actors. There wasn't the equipment like today. And they had to project their
voices much like a stage actor. Sometimes their actions
were a bit more exaggerated, to make their situations well
known, and often to the point of being comical in the beginning where sound was introduced.
During the 40's there were several top actresses. Bette
Davis comes to mind, for her dominance of the screen when
she was on. She ate up the scenery, almost literally. Olivia
de Haviland was probably my favorite, for the heroine roles
she played. Her sister, Joan Fontaine, was never much in
the limelight as I recall. And for me, her movies were forget-
able. I loved Joan Blondell also. I watched whatever movies
or series I could find with her. She had such a fun personality
that came through each and every roll.
People seemed to react to Gloria Swanson as being the
best actress back in her day. Culminating with her leading
roll, opposite William Holden. When I watched that movie, I
felt she over reacted, and I didn't really enjoy her performance.
So I will have to go with Bette Davis as being the most
talented and skilled actress of all time.