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The Best Communication Scenes From Breaking Bad

Which is the best TV series to watch for Breaking bad fans?

If you don't want to get out of the breaking bad world i suggest you to watch better call saul. It is not similar to BB but has very important characters from it and how they ended up in BB timeline.Another very similar show that may fill the void created by BB is Narcos and the very interesting thing about it is it is based on a true story.Now if you are a fan of movies like Godfather ( and I'm guessing you are) then go for Sopranos it is a series about Italian Mafia and it's really good.Other notable mentionsFargo: really good but not exactly mafia or related to drugs but more of a crime drama/dark comedy.Peaky Blinders: haven't watched it yet but inted to do so and it has a great rating on imdb 8.8/10, rotten tomatoes 93%, tv .com 9.4/10.Hope this helps.

For what reasons is Breaking Bad one of the best TV shows?

Breaking bad is best because of the following aspects.Story line : Breaking bad has the best story line which allows the user to continue to watch the show with excitement.Direction and Photography : Directing a best story is one of the important factor to ones success. Since the story of breaking bad is excellent by involving all the characters in a very good manner, directing such a story is a tedious job. But the direction is done in such a good way that you cannot have a single doubt after watching the episode. And the photography is wrapped to it in a very different way to the direction. In each episode you can see at least one different angle of photography.Acting : There comes the main part. Without acting everything is rubbish. All the actors of breaking bad has performed to their maximum level so that you feel its really happening.Also there are several factors which lag in the series. The story moves slowly such that you can get bored some times in some episodes. There are one or two episodes you can totally skip without missing the story. Also there are some scenes where violence is too much and all kinds of people cannot watch it.But all the pros dominate the cons and hence because of these reasons breaking bad is one of the best TV shows.

What's your favourite Breaking Bad scene?

Thanks for asking. This one.“There’s nothing but chemistry here.” From, “…and the bag’s in the river,” episode 3, season 1.Walt and Gretchen, “breaking down” the chemical content of the human body, on a blackboard with white chalk, intercut with Walt and Jesse, dealing with the broken down human body of their first killing, while victim two waits in the basement for his turn in the barrel. Literally.Walt adds up all the chemical elements present in a human being and comes up a fraction of a percent short. Something’s missing. Gretchen: “What about the soul?” Walt: “There’s nothing but chemistry here.” There, in a nutshell, is Walt’s philosophy toward life and humanity, the real Walter White revealed, two or three decades before he finally “broke bad.”Look at how it’s filmed, a room that is literally one huge window, open to the whole world, sun, and sky, but it’s dark and gray, all silhouette and shadow. You never see Walt’s full face, only a silhouette, the back of his head, or half of his face, usually the left side, the side away from the light and the world. We see Gretchen’s full face once and fleetingly when she mentions “the soul.” The rest of the time, we see the right half of her face, the side toward the light.In the intercut scenes, we never see Walt’s face either, just the laboratory safety respirator mask, but because of the interaction with Gretchen, we know who’s behind the mask. The real Walt, somebody who looks at a person, including himself, and sees no soul. There’s nothing but chemistry here.I think this is brilliant filmmaking by writer Vince Gilligan and director Adam Bernstein.

Why does everybody use flip phones in Breaking Bad?

Basically it was the drama and the timing.Ending a call with the flip gave white’s bad character a flavour in the show.The show first aired in 2008, smart phones were not so popular back then.And the age of walter white in first season is 50 and to use such an advanced technology it would be alot so it was to mantain the persona of character.

Did anyone cry after watching the final episode "Felina" on Breaking Bad?

It was around 2 AM and I was watching the finale of the epic “Breaking Bad”The scene in which Walt meets Skyler and admits the following gives you goosebumps.Walt saying goodbye to his baby daughter and seeing his beloved son for one last time is truly emotional.Also Walt freeing Jesse,Jesse strangling Todd to death and Walt killing Todd's uncle in the same way that Nazi killed Hank...made me very happy.Walt according to me is the man who made millions from scratch...The man who offered his whole life earnings(about $80M) to save a single person...The man who cared for his family the most...The man who risked life to save his partner a lot of times…And the man who knocks.A lot of TV series as good as Breaking Bad may be created in future but trust me...u won't find a character as epic as Walter White.And his death truly made me very sad.

I really want to watch Breaking Bad, but I can't stand Skyler, what should I do? Does she get more tolerable?

The quick and dirty answer:  yes, most viewers find her easier to take in later seasons.But since I can't resist an opportunity to discuss Breaking Bad, I'll expound on that a bit (without spoiling anything):You're supposed to find her annoying in the beginning.  You're supposed to be seeing things from Walt's perspective, and from Walt's perspective, Skyler stands between him and his goals.  He's the protagonist, after all, and he's doing all this for her and his children:  he's trying to provide for his family and die with dignity.  And here comes Skyler with her inconvenient, meddling questions about where he disappears to, why he's behaving strangely, why he's making major decisions without her input, and so forth, and demanding to be part of his decision-making process.  And at this point in the series we don't get to see things from her perspective, so she doesn't have our sympathy for the difficult situation she is in.  We just see her giving Walt a hard time.  She is in fact set up to be one of Walt's adversaries.But when you think about it objectively or from Skyler's point of view, nothing Skyler does in those early episodes is so unreasonable.  She has a disabled teen-age son, she's pregnant, and her husband has cancer.  And her sick husband refuses to seek treatment, and refuses attempts by others to help.  He's becoming increasingly reclusive, and disappears for long periods of time.  Eventually she becomes aware that he is lying to her, but he won't admit it.  And since she doesn't know what he's lying about, her imagination is free to run wild.  I don't know if you've ever been lied to for an extended period of time by a loved one, but it's maddening.  There's not much more you can do than try to get the liar to come clean and go around trying to figure out what's going on for yourself - at least enough to learn whether what the person is lying about is a break-up/divorce-worthy offense.  Meanwhile you become angrier and angrier, and there's an increasing gulf between the two of you.  That's what happens with Skyler.Over the course of the series, their relationship changes, and Skyler becomes much more than just a roadblock.  That's when she becomes interesting.

What is the most glaring unrealistic plot point in the Breaking Bad series?

Two major points, one of which I’ve been on about before.Gus Fring’s Los Pollos Hermanos chicken/meth transport trucks. The first one gets the living crap shot out of it by the side of the highway, driver and two assailants killed. Mike could have driven it away, bullet holes and all, although it probably would have occasioned some suspicion. The second one, though, also with the living crap shot out of it and two dead guys with machine guns inside and one out, left by the side of the road after the cartel guys loot it for the “special” containers. Now really, don’t you think the New Mexico State Police or the local county sheriff is going to have a few questions for Gus about that? Like, who wants your f**n chicken that bad? DEA cued in on a truck with some bodies shot up out in the middle of nowhere, I’m pretty sure they’d have zoomed right in on Fring for these trucks, too.Walt’s $50 (or $80) million dollars in American $50 and $100 bills. The show tells us that this money came from regular meetings with Lydia and her coffee shop duffel bag, and that most of the cash was coming from sales in the Czech Republic. Except they don’t use dollars in the Czech Republic, they use koruna, or possibly euro, and they definitely don’t use hundred dollar bills. So somebody, somewhere in the CR (because you sure as hell can’t do it in the US, where nobody’s ever even heard of a koruna), had to convert small denomination koruna to large denomination dollars, fly these to the USA, give them to Lydia, who takes her split and gives Walter his, leaving Skyler with a room-sized money laundering problem. The show NEEDED Walt to have this money laundering problem, all that cash, so Walt could hide it, Hank could “find” it, Jack could steal it, and Walt could force it on Eliot and Gretchen. But in reality, Saul would have just set up some overseas accounts in Switzerland or Austria or the Isle of Man or wherever, and deposited all the koruna directly into the bank. I mean, c’mon, man, how hard is this? Isn’t that better than flying 90 kilos of dope to Europe every week and flying 90 pounds of money back? Why yes, yes, I think it is, and I think Lydia, Saul, and Mike are smart enough to figure that out.A 1,000 koruna note. Don’t see too many of those around ABQ. A gram of the locally produced meth goes for about 1,000 koruny in Prague. That’s about $40 US.

Controlling Men----what is expected during a break up?

I just recently broke up with a very controlling man. I had one of those enlightening "aha!" moments and it was done. He's been very obnoxious and won't quit contacting or trying to contact me, either with verbally abrasive, guiltiness tactics (trying to make me feel bad) and other the "I'll be a better man" cliche. I am living with a good friend now, and while he never physically assaulted me I am afraid he'll start showing up at the house. What is to be expected, when you dump a controlling man?

I know this is a done deal, my self esteem is fine (I know I am a great woman, confident with myself, not the typical reaction to persons leaving controlling/abusive scenarios) I just made a stupid choice and was blinded by idealism. Just want time alone with my friends and work and myself.

So no need to worry about that, I just wanted to know what else may come of this, because I want him to F*****G DROP IT!

Breaking Bad (TV series): Why doesn't Walter just destroy the cameras in the lab?

I think Gus & co would simply replace the camera immediately.  So it'd be futile.  Not that futility  ever deterred Walter from taking an action.  I also agree with Matthew Lawrence Chesterton that it serves as Walter's communication conduit to Gus.  It also serves as a powerful symbol of Walter's fall from Gus' grace.