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The Day You Turn 18 Can You Leave Your House Even If You Are Still In School

Can i move out, When i turn 18, even though i'll be in school?

Yes, at 18 you can move out legally, if you think there will be problems you can get a police escort on the day you leave. The only thing that may be difficult is if your still in highschool, depending on the rules they have in place they might still call your parents etc. you should speak with your guidance cousellor to get that sorted out. I knew a girl who had to leave home when she was 16 and if im not mistaken my guidance counsellor was able to help her out alot. I would advise you against online school I'm taking a course now, an extremely easy one and its so difficult. It is alot to keep up with and things are often unclear, prior to this i was taking a university english online and had to drop out after a few days. If you can still go to highschool, do it but remember that you have every right to be responsible for yourself once your 18. Its a really liberating expirience actually lol. I wish you much luck, but remember its not an easy financial situation to have to rent something and pay for your own higher education on top of that. Try to see if you can move in with a friend and give them a much lower amount of rent, clean their house on a regular basis or do some favor that doesn't cost money to make up for it. If not look into financial aid and see what the government can do for you. Goodluck! I hope your situation improves

Can a 17-year-old move out of their house legally before turning 18 in NC?

I am a 17-year-old girl living in NC and I wanted to know if i can legally move out if I only have 5 months till I turn 18. I am not only moving out to just have freedom, my home life is terrible. My home-life is absolutely dreadful, my mom is trying to send me away but I do not do anything wrong. I am a senior in high school, make straight A's and everyone that knows me as a picture perfect daughter. I need a way out of this situation. So, if i get a job, have a place to live, have a car, can i legally move out at 17 & 6 months old.

If you are 18, can you call yourself out of school without having a parent do it? I am in high school.?

It varies from school to school, but in my school and others around us you have to have a parent/guardian sign you out, call you in, etc. as long as you are a student, even if you are 18.

At what age can parents legally kick you out of the house in the United States?

Well, since the ‘law’ stipulates that an individual is an adult at the age of 18, and is legal in all states in the United States, the ‘legal’ age that parents can kick their kids out of the outs is just that….18 years old.Of course, depending on the attitude of some kids who think they know it all and make outrageous and unruly and ungrateful emands on their parents, that could be even at an earlir age, even if it would be illegal to do so and the parents could be charged with chile abuse or improper parenting.I like the claim my dad made when I was a kid and would get unruly or mouth back when told to do something. He’d say to me…’I brought you into this world. I can damn sure take you out of it just as easily’. If nothing else, it got my attention, let me know who the boss was and where I stood in the ‘pecking order’. And there were no rules or laws back then that would get him into trouble of any kind for speaking to me like that. But that’s back when people know what sex they were by age 4, kids were to be seen and not heard, and when seen they’d best be doing something productive NOT destructive or they’d get one hell of an ass whoopin’. And those kids grew up to be ‘men’ and ‘women’ who could deal with life and didn’t need any ‘safe place’ when things got a little ‘iffy’ or hard to deal with at the moment. Now what do we have??? A nation full of whiners and snowflakes. Something the wolf in the storybook tale of the ‘Three Little Pigs’ could have blown over or down with only half a breath and a sever case of COPD.

Do parents still have control over you when you turn 18 if you live with them?

No. Depending on where you live, once you pass a certain age, you are technically an adult. It’s 18 in most places.That having been said. If you’re still living in a house owned by another person, they can have a say over certain things. You can’t tear out the lawn, for example, and replace it with a rock garden without the owner’s permission.But that’s not what you mean by your parents having control. If you are living rent free, it’s kind of hard for you to argue against their continued interference in your life (who you should speak to, what you should do with your free time, etc). After all, it is their house, you’re their child, and they’re still paying for the roof over your head.Legally, certainly, you might have a case. My suggestion, if you can’t afford a place of your own, then offer to pay them rent, and demand an actual lease agreement. You will pay “x” per month, and they will act as landlords. Since, in all likelihood you will have to use the same kitchen and laundry facilities, include usage of these facilities as well. Basically, what you want to show your parents is that the only reason you’re still living with them is that you can’t afford your own place (incidentally, in today’s economy, that’s not a bad thing). Show them that you are willing to take an adult role in the household (dishes, laundry, maintenance, etc), and in exchange, you want them to treat you as an adult.All of that having been said - there’s nothing wrong with listening to what your parents have to say, and regardless of a lease, if you’re in the same room with them (or if they have your phone number), they’re going to tell you what they think (trust me, I’m 43, live a continent away and my mom still tells me what she thinks). And that’s fine. After all, your parents have been your age before, and they are likely to have decent advice for problems you might be facing. Just remember, you are and adult now, and you don’t have to listen to them if you don’t want to.As an addendum, my mom is still right, most of the time, even now.

Just turned 18 & Parents kicked me out...?

Well... Everything started on this one day when my parents were arguing & I wa standing up for my mom & my stepdad and I got into a fight I ended up gettig a black eye.. So after that we had a talk I was still angry so I broke the computer ( we have like 5 T.T ) We argued again and I went to my best friends house I came back and my mom told me I'm disrespectful pack my stuff and leave.. That hurt me especially when I was standing up for you...

We talked it over... Things were going okay until I stopped going to school mind you it was only 2 weeks left of school it's hot as hell no ac and no one comes and they want us to wear uniform and no were not a private school were public...

So they took my phone and one day I found it cause I guess stepdad was trying to go through my messages he had the sim card in another phone.. 2 days latrr he asks me for it I say no he grabs the phone he takes it I started yelling and cursing... Because I've always had to get my own stuff my own phone and when they finally got me one they take it every minute I got tired of it...

And I alwaya get introuble in school but it's mainly for no uniform or coming late nothing serious and i called my gay teacher a ***** one time...

So after all of this I stopped talking to stepdad I didnt say good morning or anything just went my way then my mom finally tells me pack my stuff and leave and dont come back I've just turned 18 on the 24th of June I stayed by my best friends houae for a few but he keeps gettinf introuble because his mom ia bipolar or whatever.. So I hace no house I had to change in the park at night take a shower at my girlfriends house and my best friend slept with me at the park to keep me company..

I called my aunt an everything no one wants to help they just keep telling me go to summer school... How can I if I have no home or money...

Oh i kicked my parents car and it had a dent :/ I came by yesterday to try ans make a deal with them but my mom says no...

Can parents kick you out as soon as you turn 18?

i live in NY state, and in a few months will be turning 18. i have not graduated yet and the only job i have is through my parents. i am not out of control, i do not do illegal activities, and i abide by the house rules. because though i am a senior this year and will not be graduating my parents have decided that since thats the case i dont deserve to live here and want ot kick me out the day i turn 18. no matter what i do, i wont be able to graduate this year so its not like i could buckle down and work through it. i thought you had to be 21 in new york state to be kicked out, but im not sure. can anyone help me get any of this straight? =\ i dont know what to do

Leaving home at 18.?

At 18 you turn into a legal adult.

It is your "right" to make any choices you want, even dumb ones. But just because you *can* live with your parents doesn't mean you should or that it is "smart".

As you get older you will find the highschool you went to matters less and less.

You might be able to move out AND still go to your old school since it will be senior year, it effects the school's graduation rates...

I think it is brave to start out on your own. You sound pretty responsible. Start "living" like you are on your own now.

1. Set aside money for rent
2. Buy your own groceries
3. arrange your own transportation
4. Make your own dr and dentist apointments
5. Clean up after yourself

If you live like you are roomates NOW you will know what to expect once you go out, esp with the bills.

Good luck!