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Why is Narendra Modi not fluent in English? How will one develop policies, if he does not have a decent command of English, the language of business and technology?

WASHINGTON: “People of India deeply love you,” Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told United States President George W. Bush [1]Now the one reading this might think that why would a Country of a billion people like India love a Man like Bush who did nothing except waging wars everywhere in asia, And that's trueThe reason behind Manmohan Singh's statement was his unpreparedness for the meet and When he met Bush ,he was confused as in what to use as a First handshake statement!Now that was a‘Textbook example of a dialogue diplomacy disaster'!Now the case of Prime minister Narendra Modi who is generally mocked by the masses for his Not so good language skills, did something which none of the prime ministers had ever done before,In a post from Modi's twitter account, he wrote in Hebrew "Mazel tov, my friend Bibi @Netanyahu. I remember our meeting in New York last September warmly," followed by a an English translation in a separate tweet.[2]Conclusion: Why to settle for just english if a man like him can speak in more than 13 languages and Blog in More than 50 languages[3].Shocked?Thats true…Thanks for readingAditya PandeySource: Footnotes aaddedImage source: Stock Photography, Royalty-Free Photos & The Latest News PicturesFree Images - PixabayFootnotes[1][2][3]