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The Face Of The Modern Conservative Party

Was Teddy Roosevelt more liberal or conservative?


At least by today's standards.

He had, as his major philosophies, protecting and conserving the environment - and breaking up monopolies.

Today's Republicans are opposed to both of those.

Of course, it's important to remember that ALL previous presidents prior to Reagan would rank as 'Liberal' compared to today's Right Wing Standards.

For instance, in the 1960's, Senator Barry Goldwater of Arizona, was known as Mr Conservative, so rigidly Right Wing was he.

Comparing his votes to today's Republicans voting record would make him slightly LEFT of Center. - Although to be fair, this is mostly due to Senator Goldwater's position that Government should NOT be telling women what to do with their bodies.

So, in summation .....

Today's Republicans focus on ....

- Helping to destroy the environment at every opportunity

- Helping to protect Monopolies - or generally perverting Capitalism.

- Desiring Big Government controlling people's personal lives.

NONE ... I say again ... NONE of these points was acceptable to Classical Republicanism.

It's why I say ...... today's Modern Republicanism is a Morally Perverted Ideology ... and ANTI-Traditional Values Ideology.

If you want to apply an 'ism' to today's Republicanism .. you would not be far wrong to call it a Theocratic Corporate Fascism.


Hope this helps.


Is it ironic that conservatives from the south wave around the confederate flag and say?

Republicans push their revisionist nonsense because they're trying to get minority votes. It isn't working.