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The Insult That Would Hurt You The Most Is -

Poll: The insult that would hurt you the most is-----------?

Nothing...I've learned a few lessons and one is this... insults are usually based on lies and aimed to hurt.... not going to let that be what others do to me. Insults mostly come from others on this Yahoo Answers and they are just nasty...and lies!
I'd prefer advice designed to be helpful and caring compared to an insult, which was never meant to be a positive in any way.

What "insult" would hurt you the most?

You really want to get to the heart of me? Just say something about me being unkind. It will derail me, I promise you - and the guilt will eat me up eternally. It's that simple. Have there been times when I have been unkind? Far too many in my lifetime - but to be told I am, overall, an unkind person would break my heart. I tend to despise snickering, too and the words "What the hell is wrong with you?" make me shudder.

I find what makes me angriest is not being listened to. I may have a lot to say (I suck at brevity) but that is my own insecurity - I do have a point and it is rarely harmful (certainly never meant to be). When I was younger my parents never let me finish a sentence; they made assumptions and judgments long before I could explain myself. Everything I did, every path I chose, seemed to be wrong. It hurt like hell and eventually made me quite withdrawn. It took me a very long time to realize that others actually want to hear what I have to say. And to know there are people out there who don't need an explanation for my every action, who barely even need me to speak aloud to understand when and why I am hurting, is the most glorious thing in the universe.

What gets you most?

What insult hurts the most: "you're lame" or "you try too hard"?

no one in real life says things like that to me. for the most part.

An insult usually only hurts if it's true. Say you're a 130 lbs (60 kg) male and someone calls you a fat pig. Will it hurt you? Not at all, it will seem totally ridiculous and fly over your head instantly. Now say someone calls you a small fragile, will it hurt you? Well, maybe, since it's the truth.A good insult is nothing else than a truthful observation aiming at your insecurities and said in a very direct way.Say you're 5' 9" (175 cm) and someone calls you a ridiculous midget. It might hurt you, especially if the one calling you that in a handsome 6' 4" (193 cm) man. But it all depends on weather you feel insecure about your height or not. The moment you realize bone length has nothing to do with being better or it will not hurt you anymore.When I was a teen my biggest insecurity was my big feet. Guys would call me a yeti and it made me feel miserable. But now I embrace it, lots of girls like big feet and since I'm tall it goes very well with the rest of my body. If someone calls me a yeti again, I couldn't care less and I would at best just laugh and at worst totally forget about it instantly.

What is the most hurtful insult you have ever recieved?

kids at school making fun of me when my father died when i was 11. they would go on about how much supposed theoretical pain my father was going through the minutes and seconds before his last breathe and his emotional state like having a crappy son etc. that made him angry, have a unhappy life etc., bunch of whatever, i learned to deal with it, thats why they kept increasing their tactics, that was back in the day though 1991, when "real" tough kids were around, nowadays kids be committing suicide for far far less insults, plus teaches are much less likely today to let stuff like that continue and blame it on kids being kids. the teaches and the whole school for that matter knew what was going on, but, it was excused away as long as i wasn't physically hurt.

What's the most hurtful insult you've ever been called?

My dad called me a slut when i was 13 because he heard a rumor that I had slept with a guy on a church hayride and he believed the guy that spread the rumors over me. I was very hurt from that because I had been teased at school all day about it and when I got home that was not what I was expecting to have to deal with. Dad told me I was worthless and the dogs were better then me when I was 15. I was told when I came home from college for Christmas that I was a backstabbing ***** and he didn't know why I ever bothered to come home because I was nothing but a little trouble maker. That was because my mother knew he was drunk and he just knew that I had told her. It couldn't have been because he smelled like a brewery and couldn't walk straight. Yep good memories.

Here's what not to do. A buddy of mine had a room mate named Tex. One day the center for his college team butted ahead of him in the lunch line. Bastard. Let's get him. Tex said hey don't cut me. The bb guy muttered something and slapped him. He went back to his dorm and told my buddy. Now it's getting good! My friend came up to the bb guy and said I heard you gave Tex the slappy? Bb guy said wha? My buddy is 5'8" so he said hey come down here. Yeah give him what he deserves! Bb guy leaned down and my buddy uppercut him and the ran him face first down the corner of a brick building. Please rewind. This isn't cool or fun. Wait the cops and a dental surgeon  are coming. And so my buddy was expelled from college and  began a long slide into dark places. I lost contact with him when he began preaching and prostituting in the dirty streets of Brooklyn. I think of this story whenever I get to that point where I feel my own personal  slappy comingI take a deep breath and ask who is getting angry?

this story will help you prevent insults.......once lord Buddha was moving around in a village with his followers.they visited a rich mans house and requested for food and money.he didn't like Buddha and started abusing him in front of his followers with bad words.he blatantly said i cant give you something from my property..after hearing all the insults Buddha was smiling at him. he asked him.i just requested you to give me something from your hand.  is it? it is your property and you can only give me. if i am not accepting it will it be remaining as your own property itself not as mine ? is it? rich man answered. what doubt ? it is my property and it will remain as mine only. Buddha was smiling and asked. if  i am not accepting your insults....then? naturally it is remaining with you and returning back to you only.. the rich man embarrezed... and  convinced his mistake. the insults .it is his own property ...he has to took back what he said.. how beautifully budha answered the insults  and dealt with the insulting man. ..always understand this matter.if we are accepting any insult from the other person then only it is affecting or becoming an insult to us .otherways it is returning back to the abuser himself ,as his own property.. this story will help you  to face any type of insults