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The Personification Of


A personification is a figure of speech that gives an inanimate object or abstract idea human traits and qualities, such as emotions, desires, sensations, physical gestures and speech. It is not to be confused with prosopopoeia, which is the act of an author or writer narrating as another person or some other object. Anthropomorphism is a specific form of personification which assigns such traits to tangible objects or natural phenomena.

Some simple examples of personification in English:

1. The book was sitting on a table.
2.The flowers were suffering from the immense heat.

Is this Personification?

Personification is the act of making use of a human trait to a nonhuman merchandise. a million. night won't be able to phically fall, and to declare it does is personification to that degree, yet night falls because it relates to darkness, does no longer be a stron personification, because of the certainty that it "dusk" has exchange into prevalent because of the fact the encroachment of darkish onto the sunshine. 2. Wind won't be able to whistle, yet could make whistling noises whilst blended with another merchandise, so "the wind whistles a track" might desire to be viewed a personification. 3. the sea makes a roaring noise clearly, so as which would be anomatopeoia fairly than personification. 4.Bee hums is definately a personification of the sound of humming, because it places a human trait to the sound of wings in flight. 5. floor swells might desire to go the two way, it is not unavoidably a uman trait to swell, and the floor does swell whilst frozen complicated or being hit with the aid of an earthquake. De to that reasoning, i could tend to sat it is not a personification without some explanatory writing to go with it

How do you give personification to a tree?

I give personification to my trees when I water them in the evening. The garden store usually has it. The tree seems to appreciate it as it allows the wind to be its voice in thanking me.

Personification help?

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Is this personification?

It is giving human qualities ( feelings, emotions, actions, behaviour) to non-humans objects or abstract notions.

The bells sang out
The sun smiled down
The warm wind embraced me in his arms
The cold winter wind pinched my nose.
The dog gave me a sarcastic stare
The bath water invited me in
The warm sand caressed my feet
The chocolates seduced me.
The trees danced in the breeze
The seagulls sang a sad song
The chair groaned as the fat man sat down

I would say heat of injustice is likening injustice to something warm not human.

heat of oppression s likening oppression to something warm not human.

Oasis of freedom and justice is likening freedom and justice to an Oasis.

This is also an example of repetition and replacement. Some words are repeated and others are replaced. Sweltering is repeated. Heat of injustice is replaced with heat of oppression.

Also :

They are metaphoric examples throughout , where he makes a direct comparison between two different things as if the subject is the thing it is being compared to. So it is an extended metaphor.

Many people will think because he mentions sweltering it is a personification, but an animal can swelter ( e.g horse can swelter) . It does SPECIFICALLY have to be a human person quality . Hence the name person (ification).

A state cannot literally swelter so it's a metaphor.

A state also cannot be transformed into a oasis of freedom and justice, so again it's a metaphor.

It's like saying he had a ice cold heart, but the small child melted it with his sweet face. The man's heart is not ice and cannot be melted literally. It is a metaphor .

King used lots of repetition and replacement and metaphors this is a fine example of both together.

The Naomi Campbell example is a simile not a metaphor as the mountains are likened to her loins. When there is an 'as' or 'like' it is a simile.

Hope it helps.

There are so many songs that utilize this clever use of language but, in my humble opinon, not many do it as well as Bob Dylan…just pick any song by Dylan and there’s a bevy of personification in lyrics, he is one of the original masters of this technique. Dylan is not the only artist, many have done it and some have done it better than old Bob, Eminem is a recent artist that comes to mind and his abilities to use it are, in many ways better and include more language/vocabulary than Bob Dylan…but I’ll stick with Dylan because I understand/indentify more his music…here’s a fairly good example:

Personification is attaching human characteristics to something that is non-human. Examples:Personification in LiteratureHumpty DumptySat on a wall.Humpty DumptyHad a great fall. (nursery rhyme about an egg)The fog comeson little cat feet.It sits lookingover harbor and cityon silent haunchesand then moves on. (from “The Fog” by Carl Sandburg)Ah, William, we're weary of weather," said the sunflowers, shining with dew. "Our traveling habits have tired us. Can you give us a room with a view? ("Two Sunflowers Move into the Yellow Room" by Nancy Willard)Three little kittens,They lost their mittens,And they began to cry, (children’s nursery rhyme)"The night was creeping on the ground!She crept and did not make a sound" (from “Check” by James Stephens)Sentence PersonificationThe bees played hide and seek with the flowersThe thunder grumbled like an old man.The flowers waltzed in the gentle breeze.Her life passed her by.The sun glared down at me from the sky.The moon winked at me through the clouds above.Time creeps up on you.The news took me by surprise.The fire ran wild.The thunder clapped angrily in the distance.The tornado wildly ran through town.Personification in AdvertisingOreo: Milk's favorite cookieNothing hugs like Huggies (Huggies diapers)Goldfish - The snack that smiles back (Goldfish snack crackers)Kleenex says bless you (Kleenex facial tissues)The car that cares (Kia)Unwrap a smile (Little Debbie snack cakes)Carvel - It's what happy tastes like (Carvel ice cream)

Objectify and objectification both come to my mind too. After all, personify and personification mean 'to represent an abstract idea as a person or creature.' So objectification works in the opposite direction.However, I have other thoughts about this matter:-The word abstraction might work. This would be in the sense of using an inanimate thing to represent some kind of human collective or human activity, such as Downing Street intends to investigate the matter. Downing Street, the White House, the Pentagon, etc, is just a place and incapable of human acts like decisions, etc. But we're using Downing Street as an abstraction to represent the government officials, who are able to act.The words dehumanising and dehumanisation might work too, depending on the context. After all, to be something other than human is kind of reducing or removing the human qualities.Reification might be workable too. Although the word means 'to concretise abstract things,' it could be pressed into service for the sense of objectification or dehumanisation. I don't know -- I've never used the word myself, though I've seen it used in my reading matter.From the Internet I've seen the word chremamorphism used. I gathered it means something like 'in the reverse directon of,' and I've seen it used (I think) as giving characteristics of an object to a person. But your guess is good as mine about chremamorphism.