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There Is No Add For The Wavier Wire Where Di It Go

I need a relief pitcher from the waiver wire....any recommendations?

WHo might be available depends entriely on how deep your league is.

Among closers worth having who might be there, Dotel and Valverde. You can look at Otsuka who will close if Gagne has problems, bet on Timlin to win the Boston job, or look to some of the top middle relievers, who can be worth having, esp. if your league allows daily changes. Someone like Broxton.

Is Jorge Cantu worth my number 1 waiver wire?

What are you waiting for? Grab him. Do you really think someone better is gonna come along across waivers? Whoever dropped him is an absolute idiot. He should be carried in all leagues. Jeff Francis is not that good and can easily be replaced. Don't drop Lee. Try to deal Cantu, remember you got him for nothing. I'm sure someone would be willing to take him. If not, I would even consider dealing Reynolds if you can fix a hole in your roster b/c Reynolds will put up more HR and RBI, but he will also strike out about 2x as much as Cantu. It all depends on the rest of your team and the way your league's point system works. Bottom line, use that #1 waiver. You'll work your way back up by the end of the year. It's still pretty early.

Fantasy Football.. Waiver Wire Help please look!!1?

Im thniking of dropping garcon since he has a bye week and bc hasnt been doing so well since his big week and Gonzolez shud be back soon.. So shud i drop him? for hoo? here is a list of players there

Sidney Rice
Jeremy Mcclin,
Johnny Knox
Mike wallace

Or shud i pick up Anthony Gonzolez and stash him since i have a replacement for garcon anyways and it doesnt seem like any of those WR are worth it or are they? wat u think please help.. and say why!

Waiver Wire pick up in Reggie Williams?

12 team league and Reggie Williams(JAX) was dropped to waivers.
My WR corps consists of:

Randy Moss
Justin Gage
Devery Henderson
Derrick Mason
Kevin Walter
Kevin Curtis (injured)
Bobby Engram (injured but dropped for Amani Toomer today)

Should I drop someone and pick him up on waivers ( I have 1st pick)
or wait and pick up I.Bruce(SF), R. Meachem( NO), or C. Stuckey (Jets)?

Please help.
Thank you

In D.E.P. - Should I get a waiver? (for a past misdemeanor) Please Help (Recruiters, Military)?

I am going to explain my situation as best as I can. About 3 months ago I got into the Delayed Entry Program for the Marines. Down the road (about a month ago) I got a MIC & MIP (Minor in Possession and Consumption of Alcohol) ticket. It was a Class 2 Misdemeanor but since it was my first offense in anything all I had to do is go to the court and they told me to take the class. I paid $150 for the class and they said it will be expunged from my record. So I did that. However, I am sure the government can still see it even if it is "expunged".

Right away I called my recruiter and told him what happened. When I went in to go talk to him he told me I had 2 choices. #1 is to be quiet about it and do not say anything about it at MEPS before I ship out and not mention it at all, or #2 is to have him do the waiver process but that can ruin my chances of getting in the Marines.

Background: I already went to MEPS (passed it) and took the ASVAB (score of 72). I have my MOS contract already which is to be an Aviation Mechanic. I am drug-free, have about 60 college credits, nothing medically wrong and can pass all physical tests for the Marines.

WHAT WOULD YOUR BEST ADVISE BE TO ME? (Recruiters, Veterans, and Anyone that can help)
Should I just shut up about it and go on about my ship date as if nothing happened like my recruiter suggests?
Should I tell my recruiter that I want the waiver and go on from there?
-I am mainly asking this question because I do no want to get f***** in the end for something stupid I did. Like "fraud. enlistment" because they do security clearances and stuff like that. I plan on making the military as a career. I know I shouldn't have drank that night and I made a mistake but I do own up to it and am staying out of trouble. The best I can do now is to see what I should and can do to be in the Corps.

If I do ask for the waiver what are my chances of getting it approved under the circumsatnces I am in and how long will it take?
If they deny the waiver will that deny me from joining elsewhere also (like another recruiting station or branch)?

I appreciate your time and help.

Will I need a felony waiver to enter the Marines even if I was not convicted of a felony?

The Marines are the strictest while it is composed of previous criminal in applicant historic past. I doubt if it is going to alter. in case you're desperate to get into the Marine, there's a manner. connect the army. Enlist for the shortest time a probability. Get some rank. while your enlistment is approximately to be finished, pass see a Marine recruiter. tell him which you fairly decide to connect. you have got a plenty plenty greater effective shot at being favourite as a recruit with previous protection rigidity service on your checklist. of path, you may nonetheless could pass by boot camp, yet you may in all probability get a rank assure on your enlistment settlement as quickly as you finished boot camp. on the concern of adjusting the criminal to a misdemeanor: rather a probability. yet you desire a actual stable, high priced criminal professional. On who is conscious the judges and how the judges sense approximately issues. If the criminal professional could modern the info approximately you to the excellent decide, and clarify which you attempt to get into the service, you may get the criminal replaced. which could resolve the concern, too. stable luck and function a super 12 months.