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These All Cant Be Coindences Part 1

Atheists, how do you explain uncanny coincidences?

statistics my friend! honestly, in the car example from your link (I didn't bother reading any others) for example, if you think that millions and millions of car accidents happen every year, it would be much more shocking if there weren't a few cars which were involved in so many accidents!

as for your example of things you hear about from two places within moments of each other, well if you consider the vast amount of information we are exposed to and process every single day, then again, it would be more shocking if these pieces of information never did repeat themselves from different sources very close together every now and again. especially considering that if something is a hot topic it's going to be brought up all over the place.

statistically speaking, it would be a more notable phenomenon if coincidences like this never did occur. it would in fact be completely shocking and probably much stronger grounds to consider thinking up some supernatural explanation! the reason it seems the other way around on the surface is that our brains are very good at picking up patterns, and that we tend to notice coincidences much more strongly than we notice anything else. this is the reason that people still believe in tripe such as astrology; people are willing to overlook all the irrelevant twaddle that doesn't apply to them without a second thought, but as soon as a single generic 'prediction' in a horoscope or whatever even vaguely matches something that happened to them they are shocked :).

as for your implied question of whether these coincidences would be evidence of some kind of god, not at all! even if we are to entertain the conclusion that these coincidences are somehow unnatural, are you suggesting that there is some supernatural all powerful being somewhere who is more interested in cooking up obscure little coincidences to intrigue and confuse us, as opposed to feeding the hungry, eradicating genetic disease, overthrowing dictatorships, curing cancer etc?

If you don't believe in coincidence, then what do you believe?

because we live in a cause and effect world. we are all interdependent of each other and our planet. we often forget but it is often the small things piled one on top of each other that make up the big things in our lives. those little moments. i will explain it as i can.
a woman is going to bed, she is worried about something so much that she forgets to set her alarm. she is 15 mins late for her bus and misses it. she calls for a cab but the cabby has to get gas and that makes it another 10 minutes to get to her. there is a traffic jam because some body's car broke down in the middle of the road and that adds another 5 minutes to the drive. she is almost a full hour late to work now. but see this woman worked at the world trade towers and just barley escaped being in that horrible tragedy. now it seems like a lot of nothings led up to her being spared. but all that was started seemingly by her forgetting to set her alarm. but it goes even farther than that back. why was she worried what caused that issue and it goes on and on in a web that is so convoluted that we often just call it fate, destiny, luck, and coincidence because it is way too hard for us to see the infinity amount of connections and effects that those little things do. you would drive yourself crazy trying to make sense of it all. there is a pattern to what looks like chaos. we just can't see it.

Coincidence? 6 out of 7 continents have name starts with letter "A"?

EUROPE: It is named after Europa, one of Zeus's many love interests in Greek mythology

ASIA: Asia or Clymene in Greek mythology, is a daughter of Oceanus and Tethys, the wife of the Titan Iapetus, and mother of Atlas, Prometheus, Epimetheus and Menoetius.

Herodotus (4.45.1) records the tradition that the continent Asia was named after Asia whom he calls wife of Prometheus rather than mother of Prometheus...

AMERICA: named after Americo Vespuccio

i would continue but i don't have time right now.
actually Europe also originally ends with a (Europa)

there is no mistery here , they end with a because the ancient greeks decided to name continents after females.

sorry to disappoint you but aliens are not involed !!!

These are really interesting facts for the physics lovers:Fresnel and Fraunhofer both investigated the diffraction phenomenon;  in Fraunhofer's experiment the source and the screen are at infinite distance from the diffracting element; while in Fresnel's experiment the source and the screen are at finite distance from the diffracting element and the coincidence is that both lived a short life of equal number of years.Again  Maxwell died of cancer at the age of forty-eight in 1879, the year in which Albert Einstein was born. Maxwell had been the greatest theoretical physicist of the nineteenth century; Einstein was the greatest theoretical physicist of the twentieth century and both contributed remarkably in the field of Electromagnetism.By a similar coincidence, Newton was born in the year of Galileo’s death and again both were greatest scientist of their time in the field of classical mechanics.

Googling exact distance between earth and sun gives me -92955807 miles!Googling exact diameter of sun gives me-864938 miles Divide  first one by second ,you get 107.471063821(very close to 108)!Again google for distance between earth and moon,you get -230100 miles and diameter of moon-2159 miles.Divide one by other you get -106.5771(1.5 away from 108)There is one more interesting relationship between them.volume of sun is 1.41*10 power of 18,volume of earth is 1.08 *10 power of 12 .Dividing both of them ,you get 1.3*10 power of 6-which can be written as 109*109*109-(109-very close to 108.)Approximation is must in  these cases as no one can find exact distances In this vast universe, why should life exist only on earth?why should distance between earth and moon be 108 times diameter of  moon?why should distance between earth and sun be 108 times diameter of sun?Why is that number of beads in rudraksha mala should have only 108 beads?Why is that astottara in Hinduism have only 108 different names of same god? Why is that in Japan  a bell is chimed 108 times in buddist temples to close old year and start new one?Why is that Ayurveda considers to have 108 pressure points in our body?Why is that periodic table claims to have little more than 108 elements in universe? Why is that only 108 sacred books constitute holy writings for tibetians?Are these just coincidences? I don't know, but whenever I think about this i am some how astonished.

There is a cause-effect domino supply chain for every single energetic consequence within the universe. The reason is driven by the meaning of the underlying Intention and that is for each of us individually to determine for ourselves. Take no word from anyone except from yourself.

Is there like a curse or is it some big coincidence that so many music artists have died in plane crashes?

stupidity played part of it
John Denver and John Kenedy were not that good of pilots, and they paid the price for it. Crashes according to the NTSB are 1/3 pilot error, 1/3 weather related, 1/3 mechanical failure. So there is no coincidence, just a series of crashes with explainable failures. The fact that famous people happen to be in the aircraft in question is a sidebar to history. Legendary guitarisy Steve Ray Vaughn died in a chopper crash after leaving a concert, it was pilot error that killed him and the pilot, he had just happend to be booked on a flight that could have been another routine flight had not the pilot blown it all.

Am thrilled by your experience. If I recall correctly, I had similar experience years back. I was still an undergraduate, I wanted to graduate top of my class. This desire made me to work and study hard day and night that I forgot the place of God in my life. I forgot that "A Good without God is zero". When my GPA for that semester was release, my performance was below my expectation. While I was thinking about what I have done wrong, I suddenly remember the scripture that says "I have planted, Apollos watered; but God gave the increase. - 1 Corinthians 3:6 (KJV)". This scripture made me flash back to my past. I began to recollect the hand and move of God in my life. I eventually returned to God by 1. studying His Word (the Bible) more than before, 2. praying more frequently and fervently, and 3. fellowship with others by attending church services more. During this period and until now, I can see the hand of God correcting and guiding me more frequently. I eventually graduated as overall second best student in my class and moved to one of the best universities abroad for my graduate studies almost immediately and God has always been with me because I acknowledge Him in my life.I shared my story with you to let you know that the coincidence you are currently experiencing is nothing but the correcting and guiding hand of God in your life. This is just God stretching out his hand and calling you to return back to him. Finally, I leave you with this scripture, which is one of my favourite bible verses  (Proverbs 3:5-7)- 5 Trust in the Lord with all your heart    and lean not on your own understanding;6 in all your ways submit to him,    and he will make your paths straight.7 Do not be wise in your own eyes;    fear the Lord and shun evil. (KJV)May the peace of the Lord be with you. Amen. Shalom!