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This Is So Odd What Could Be Wrong With Me

Bf seems antisocial, or am i wrong?

My bf and I love each other very much, but I'm a little worried about something. We're both seniors in college, and as I'm an engineering major he's had to make plans around my busy schedule. He seemed more supportive during freshman/sophomore years when we pretty much lived together. He would come with me to the computer lab and surf the internet while I worked with my project partner. After he transfered into a college an hour away, we only see each other on weekends. That usually means he drives to see me because he has a car and I usually have to work with classmates on projects. The 3 guys in my group right now are great people and I'd like my bf to get along with them. He has nothing against them, but he won't stay around when I have to work with them on my projects. He's afraid of being the odd one out while we discuss our project. He got mad at me tonight for having them come over to work in my aptmt instead of in the lab (which even he agrees is a bad environment to work in).

I have a 'fetish' for pregnant bellies, Is It odd, strange, or wrong?

I'm a 23 year old guy and I kind of have a fetish for pregnant bellies....................................
I just want to know is it sick, odd, strange, or wrong for me to be obsessed with pregnant bellies?
I mean to me a woman's pregnant belly is just so sexy, beautiful, gorgeous, and cute.
I mean if you ask me people who say eeewww alot to pregnant bellies and the way that belly buttons look on them (really nasty), well they just don't know any better.

Feel free to upload any photo or photos of any pregnant bellies that you think are just beauitful.

Is it wrong or sick for me to feel this way about pregnant bellies???????????????????????????
You see I'm not married yet and I wish that I was so I could have a pregnant wife to be with.

Everything in my life goes wrong. Looks like God wants only me to face all odd situations. What should I do?

Dear Fellow Quoran -Let me start by asking you a question.Why do you think you’re so important for God to look for you? Or for that matter, is there even a God?With an ever expanding universe, & galaxies more than the number of sand grains on whole earth, on some secluded planet, among the 6+ billion people on that, you’re the “target” of God.There is NO God! There isn’t one.Gods are idolized only for the sinners. Perfection is for im-perfectionist only. So that one always feel small — good and bad are only point of views. So are fortune & misfortune.Your life is only your making and your karma will decide, what those supposed “Gods” will do to you.You’re in a big soup -You make a hue & cry about it to the whole town. Do nothing. Stay in the problem. End up dying.Or, you can think about a solution. See what’s working and what’s not? Stop what’s not working. Find more “what’s working”. Learn a lesson from it. Do not make the same judgement in the exactly same or resonating situation. You get wiser, happier, and satisfied. And death wouldn’t matter then.Your life is 99.99% your making and possibly, 0.01% external or whatever the % of number you want to tag it with. The truth is, you can only do the best at what you can and of what you can.Being rational, truthful, and generous not to others but to yourself is your only chance to make it through.All the best!

Which is the odd one out in the series 2,3,6,7,8,14,15,30 and why?

8, because the rules apply like this:-The number is first added 1.-The new number is then multiplied by 2.2 + 1 = 33 + 3 = 66 + 1 = 77 + 7 = 1414 + 1 = 1515 + 15 = 30And so on...Does 8 come up in any of the calculations? Nope, therefore it's the odd one.

I have a strange fettish....watersports. Is there something wrong with me?

Watersports has two definitions in the fetish word ... one is the rather mundane sports on water definition (water skiing comes to mind). The other difinition involves play with bodily fluids, namely urine.

Assuming the "worst" of the two above answers.

From a clinical perspective - as long as your fetish doesnt interfere with your daily living, doesnt cause you to impose it on others against their will, and doesnt cause you undue discomfort - there is nothing wrong with you.

However - society does not generally like your particular fetish and discussion of it will generally lead to you being treated pretty meanly. However, for the longest time that was also true of other fetishes such as cross-dressing (which these days gets somewhat mixed-reactions in some situations). It make make it difficult for you to find a playmate that enjoys your particular tastes, but that's true for the likes and dislikes of everyone.

If your particular fetish bothers you - I suggest you seek the guidance of a therapist specializing in sex therapy.

I think sex is absolutely disgusting, am I odd?

There are lots of reasons why you might feel like this, but one possibility is that you are asexual.Asexual people are simply those who don't desire sex. Some of them are interested in relationships, but those who aren't are called aromantic. Asexual and aromantic people are comparatively unusual, but (obviously?) there's nothing wrong with them for being like that. Have a cartoon.Cartoon by Adri Tibbs, a 29-year old cartoonist based in Indiana. Check out their blog for more comics, or follow them on Twitter @AdriOfTheDead.That said, do keep an open mind. You may find that your interest increases over time.

What would cause a person to be labelled as being weird or odd?

Well I think that depends on what one perceives as “odd or weird”; abnormal. Usually it means someone who's seen as not conforming to what society view's as “the norm.” Maybe someone who does things different than the majority.I've noticed some people who are above average intelligence are sometimes viewed or “labelled” as a bit odd or weird, and often eccentric. That in itself can be viewed as not “the norm”, however it doesn't mean there's something wrong with them, right? Hmm��� I usually don't think so, just a bit different, interesting and bright!Perhaps someone is mentally challenged and we dont know, so who’s to say? We need to be careful before judging or putting “labels” on someone, as we could think them to be odd or weird, and perhaps not normal, if our perception is wrong.What may be abnormal, odd or weird to one person may not be abnormal, odd or weird to another, or even close. We all have different views, personalities, intellect and mannerism's. We're raised differently and may have different customs and beliefs. Some may be perceived as “odd or weird”, when in reality they are not.Really weird can be just that. Someone who does something totally opposite of what's actually considered pretty normal [by standard] or viewed as natural; meaning what should be the obvious to most. These types of people would be beyond odd and considered very “weird”. Something we may percieve as completely off or even creepy.So there's odd and there's odd; as in simple odd, [sorry, lol] this to me can mean, “different or quirky”. One might say a person “marches to the beat of a different drum”, that's not such a big deal and probably nothing to cause alarm.Then there's scarry odd that bleeds into abnormal, and odd, that’s just plain weird… like run, don't walk, run! Someone who doesn't conform at all, or lives in a “different reality”, all their own... they're more than just odd or weird. We know it or them when we see it, and if we do, it's hopefully on rare occasions.I think this is actually a pretty complex question, with complex answers and more so than I would have thought, until I started trying to answer ;-)~People are more complex and can be completely misjudged or misunderstood. The truly “off” has been illustrated. So the odd, the weird, that we see as the abnormal, is definitely there. But theres also a lesson to be cautious, a lesson to be careful as well, with the “labeling” of people.~This was actually a good question, how odd ;) LolThanks!

I've been acting strange lately, what's wrong with me?

Are you a teenager? An adult? Older? As a teenager, your body grows rapidly so your brain doesn't have time to adjust. As an adult, your body also goes through changes. Different changes. Your brain's frontal lobes become highly reasonable. Insurance rates drop because you're more responsible. When you become old, body parts start to hurt. Just like anything else that's been used years and years. You also start to lose memories.What kind of changes are you going through in details? Beginning a werewolf?

Is it odd to be childless?

No not at all. Every person is different. I have a friend that I've known for some time. Almost 15 years. He and his wife are now in their 60s and they have never had children.

They enjoy life and enjoy their own brother and sister's children. And are happy without. They have fur babies and would rather not have children of their own. They like to travel and do things for themselves. They've been married for over 30 years.

What draws so many odd men who become obsessed, to someone like me? Is it my size, looks, personality or the fact that I react too much and inadvertently give them attention? I am just curious so I can stop attracting the wrong kinds of people.

Most likely if you followed each of your wannabe Romeos with a surveillance team, they are hitting on women every 5 minutes. They are playing the odds—hoping if they hit on 100’s of women a day, TWO will respond.Ex: My sister is too sweet and very extroverted. Our town culture requires ALL genders to be very friendly, charming and mildly playful, called ”Southern Charm” due to a huge immigration of Southerners in previous generations. She gets hit on constantly, even while wearing wedding rings, or mentioning she has a husband.They don’t hit on me and my other sister because—- 1. Sister #2 is too SHY and won’t interact with them.  2. Sister #3 and Myself: (IF I don’t like them) I’m guardedly friendly, BUT I’m enjoying visualizing how I’ll disable them and trying to pick out the parts.Study Facial & Body Language Communications on These Role ModelsMichelle RodriguezWednesday Addams