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This Is Stupid But . Am I Fat

Why are so many people fat and stupid?

I'm watching t.v and 177 billion dollars are annually spent on health care in the united states. In the short term future 43 percent of all adults will be obese. So, why don't these people realize that it is stupid to kill yourself with bad food? My ex girl friend and I would argue all the time. She was obese and I would try to get her to be more healthy and exercise. She said I made it worse. It just pisses me off that its acceptable to be a fat *** because everyone is paying for their health care. Also, I currently have people that I care about and are overweight but its so acceptable to be a fat *** I don't know what to do. I don't want them to get diabetes or have a heart attack. Plus, my ex thought it was the worst thing ever I commented on her weight. "NEVER, comment on a womens weight". How stupid can you be. Should we just let every women become 400 pounds.

Why am I so stupid and fat?

Please hear me out: You are not stupid. You have flaws and weaknesses, but you are not stupid. You were put on this Earth for a reason. Your life was formed to do something in this world, and I am sure you will find it.As for being fat, weight is relative. Everyone has some amount of fat in them. As long as you are eating healthy, exercising often, and feeling happy, there is nothing wrong with being fat.If you ever need someone to talk to, I’m always here. Thanks for the A2A <3 :).

I'm fat, stupid and lazy. What should I do?

I'm fat, stupid and lazy. What should I do?Well, clearly you are not truly stupid - you can type, you found Quora, and you have one other question posted on Quora “I voted for Trump and will vote for him again in 2020. What are you gonna do about that?” to which I gave an almost snarky answer. So if you did vote you are most likely an adult American and are probably in the “normal” range or possibly a little below normal and“dull” . Very few people are really “stupid” IQ test - 3 levels of stupidity with Bell Curve showing standard deviation.There’s a slim chance you lack the ability to know that you are “full” after eating a proper meal. This is known as Prader-Willi Syndrome (PWS) and it is a genetic defect, usually diagnosed by age two because of the symptoms, including childhood obesity. So by “fat” do you mean morbidly obese? We are still several years (decades?) away from having genetic modification so if you have PWS I hope you have someone to tell you to quit eating.Now, let’s consider the question of “lazy”. My wife accuses me of being lazy but my real problem is that I am easily distracted or have little willpower for quitting something I enjoy to switch to doing something I should do. Which reminds me, I have to go do something else.Good Luck.

My parents keep calling me ugly, fat, stupid and lazy... What should I do?

I'm going into grade 9 in September, and I'm 5 feet 1 inch tall, and weigh 114 pounds, and all my parents are doing are telling me how fat I am whenever I want to get more clothes or am trying them on. It even becomes sort of a joke. My dad's nickname for me is 'fatty', and he jokes about how the ground shakes whenever I jump. Since I do gymnastics, I weigh a little more because I gained muscle, but they don't seem to get that. This really hurts me, and I've already tried telling them to stop. It works for a week, but they just continue it again afterwards.

I don't think I'm ugly.... I don't think I'm gorgeous either, but apparently I'm the ugliest thing. My mom keeps telling me I look disgusting in the clothing I wear (I usually wear baggier T-shirts) and that I look like a boy, and my hair is a mess. I don't have any fashion sense and I don't know anything, and my style of clothing is stupid and ugly.

Every time I get something wrong or I make a mistake, my dad and mom will both comment on 'oh my god she is SUCH an IDIOT...' or 'You know, you're really stupid'. All the time. I do really well in school, I skipped a grade and my marks are usually always As. but I'm never good enough for them. And apparently, since I don't alwasy get perfect scores, I'm 'lazy' and I never do anything and I never want to work hard.

I feel really poorly about myself now and virtually all of confidence has been flushed down the drain. What am I supposed to do?

Why are fat people so stupid and jealous? Why do they call models and slim people anorexia all the time?

@eternal wildfire trying hard to make yourself feel good much?
don't say im arrogent just to make you overweight people feel right. Nothing is going to cover the fact that you ARE unhealthy coz you don't workout and overweight. You definitely have a higher chance of dying of health problems than a well-built person. Get over it. Some people are NATURALLY slim and healthy AND attractive. Hourglass figured people have the least chance of having health issues than other figures, other factors keeping constant.
Oh and you didn't answer my question. So gtfo together with your F-A-T

I'm fat, ugly and stupid and I want to die?

First off your 14, I can still relate to you seeing I am only 4 years older. I think that you are a normal teen. You arent loosing weight because your body goes into survival stores all the food you do eat. Dont cut you get scares to remind you of how you feel. I have them I cut at 13. It hurts your parents, and your boy friend. Guys dont think thats sexy either so stop. Plus guys like girls with a figure not tooth picks. I gained 10 pounds in college and my boy friend loves it. As long as your healthy weight will be normal fo you. Your not stupid, your only 14 maybe only a freshmen in high school you will learn so much you are not stupid but acting like this is stupid and immature. You are better than all that, your an adult in 4 years....start practicing. Get a counsler, or psychologist.

I'm 21 and I'm fat,stupid,lazy obnoxious,useless,have no value what so ever?

Your 'self awareness' and description is amazingly specific. which denote more intelligence than the answers you have received, which makes me think what you have is not the result of your psyche being less efficient or intelligent, developed or up to snuff, as they say, but rather it is being poisoned by food you ingest, having made this dietary trait a habit for years now, re-adjusting your metabolic rate, to include the extra amount of sugars (carbohydrates) that you consume (hence your being fat); at the same time - and through the years - insulin increment has caused your thinking to become sluggish, and the feeling of laziness, uselessness and stupidity are close enough then.

My suggestion: avoid totally, all sugars, starches, carbohydrates or beep them to a bare minimum (say tops 45 grams per day), for 8 weeks, and notice two thongs: 1) your weight will go down dramatically, 2) your stamina, joy of life and improvement in your humour will take a 180 degree turn. Have proteins as you wish and be satisfied.

I believe you have hyper insulin condition and that is affecting your metabolic rate, hence your mind. You can have a Doctor check your blood for triglycerides, cholesterol, sugar and liver functions before you start anything. Get the Dr. Atkins Diet Book, it's cheap, but could save your butt.

I'm ugly, fat, short, balding, stupid, lazy, disabled, and diseased; is it possible for me to find love?

Well, yeah. Anyone can. But...If you don't love yourself, why would anyone have to?Think about it. As you say, you're "ugly, fat, short, balding, stupid..." and so on. Why in the world would anyone love those things? Oh, I know.A) if you want to find flaws within yourself, you will. B) you're not as terrible and hideous and ugly and absolutely useless and gross as you can think of. C) you don't know all the billions of people out there so yeah, quit generalising. D) attitude. It's all about attitude. Just by reading the description you wrote about yourself, I don't really think about how ugly, fat, lazy, diseased or disabled you can be, I think about how little you value yourself and how much you need for someone to tell you to stop dragging yourself through the floor in the hopes of finding someone to offer a hand. Dear human being, you are after all, a human. You're imperfect. You might be everything you don't want to be, but tough luck, you are what you are and no matter how much you want love and you search for it, you will never get it if the most important person in your life doesn't love you; YOU. As the Jake Bugg song says; "you've been forgetting just how special you really are". But hey, if I can't make you think about how much dirt you are giving yourself just because you can't accept how you are, then, I'll just make sure to tell you that yes, you can find love. Hope I helped! Good luck!