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This Kid Keeps Biting My Child At School What Should I Do

How do I keep my 6 year old son from biting kids at school?

I have a 7 year old godson who has HADD today playing with a class mate they started fighting and he got mad and bite the child. right now he woke up ask if he can watch TV I respond no & said I want you to think about what you did today and were going to talk in a minute. I have patients but I will admit I was a nerves wreck at the end of the day. 2 years ago. he had no discipline Mom would give him anything just to stop him from whinnying, if not he'd run out the store with the toy he wanted. so with moms permission to discipline my way. by the way I never had to hit any of my god children. I ask him to put his shoes under the bed suddenly he had selective hearing so I gave him a warning if not I turn off the TV. so of course I turned off the TV and yes when I stepped out he turned it on so I pulled the power switch of from the power box. next came the whinnying so I raised the volume on the radio and let him no I don't response to whinnying and when he's ready to do what I ask knock on my door. eventually about 20 minutes he knock on my door apologized put his shoes under the bed then ask if he can watch TV I said I'm going to turn it on after he straighten out the living room. he does not open my door without being given permission to walk in he ask if he can watch TV he listen to me and when I talk to him about correcting his behavior I have him repeat to me the reason so I know he gravitated what was said.being consistence and following through what I promise will happen if he violates the rules. I set out for him has gained his trust and love for me he calls me and say's Nina I think the best thing for me is to move in with you. it takes a lot of patients and involving them in chores getting involved now is key now I'm going to talk to him about his biting but again you have to deal with each problem accordingly.


Child keeps getting bitten at daycare?

My 15 month old daughter keeps getting bitten at daycare. Some days we get two accident reports a DAY and sometimes we get 1 a week, but so far, in the past 3 months, we've gotten at least a dozen. At first, I was upset, but understood it was normal for this age group. I was explained that the one child that was repeatdely biting her would be "moving" rooms. He did move, and the problem still continued with other kids. Then, it was explained to me that my daughter was "taking" other toys from kids, so I "kind" of understood the frustration level. But, my concern at this point, is she is getting bitten from different children and I don't know how to handle it. I'm not even sure what I expect the school/parents to do. I'm a FTM, so maybe I'm just naive, but I feel like it shouldn't be a learning experience my daughter needs to keep incurring. Once or twice, I can understand, but not a dozen in 3 months.

My question is how do I address this was the daycare? I'm a firm believer in providing suggestions to a problem, if you feel you need to address them, but I'm not sure what I would do if the shoe was on the other foot. These babies are only 1.....

Please don't advise me to switch daycares -- My daughter loves the school and I would not be willing to switch. I just want to know how the problem could be fixed or how you would address with the school. They have adequate supervision per state guidelines, with 2 care givers to 9-12(max) kids typically. I can't ask them to hire more teachers.... so....suggestions?

My dog keeps biting kids, what should I do?

Does the dog live outside? If this is the case, it's likely a case of poor socialization. Outside dogs (especially ones kept tied up-which yours doesn't sound to be) are the most likely to's because the don't spend enough time with their families, or pack, to learn the social skills they need to be around children.

I think you need to contact a trainer to help resolve this problem. I'm sure your 2 yr. old was not outside unattended, but make sure that no one under 10 ever spends time alone with the dog (which you should do with every dog)...especially not before you have resolved the nipping.

If he's "getting meaner"'s from lack of proper training...what's really happening is that he is getting away with more and more, and he'll keep challenging humans this way if he's allowed to continue. Lack of training has turned many dogs into raging bullies. If you have already hired trainers, keep searching until you find the one that can help, and seriously consider if you have done your part on following through with the training. Dog trainers are more to train owners than dogs. It's our job as owners to do our homework and continue with training throughout the dog's life.

You don't sound like a bad owner, or a bad parent, just like someone who doesn't know which way to go a trainer-if you can't find one, ask your vet for a referral-just keep calling around until you find one...nearly every community has at least one-they can just be more difficult to find than you'd believe. Oh, and if the dog IS living outside, start now to rectify that situation...that would likely be 85% of the problem...I know it's hard with 4 kids, but you should-starting today-try to spend at least 2 hours a day with this dog. Take him for at least one walk a day, and spend a minimum of 2 15-20 minute sessions working on training, even if it's stuff he already knows, like sit and stay. If he's outdoors, bring him inside for at least SOME supervised time with the family (keep him on a leash around the younger kids for now). I could go on all day with advice, here, but I hope I've given you some direction on where to go next.

How do you make an autistic child stop biting other children?

Caring for an autistic child can take an overwhelming amount of patience, self-control, and understanding. Unless your friend is trained and educated in behavioral techniques and management for an autistic child, she is not really doing the child's mother a favor. It's not to say she isn't a thoughful person for trying to help out and give it a shot, but it's best to have him in a setting with people trained in working with autistic children. If he is three and has a legitimate diagnosis, he should be eligible for a special preschool like Easter Seals, etc. She could even check through her local school district, they often have programs as well.

5 year old son biting at school! may get excluded help!!?

Yh, similar thing happened to my little brother recently (he's 5). This boy and his mates were pshing him down to the ground o he couldnt move. then while the mates did that.. the boy punched him......... This was the first time anything like that ever happened 2 any of us..

So when he returned from skwl, he told us. Now, he's been told like i have, never to start a fight, but if someone hits you, do it back.

The next day they did the similar thing again. My brither turned around and gave the kid a big black and blue eye. (Bare in mind he's 5)

They didnt do it again. But my Mum was called out of college because he'd hit the kid back.

So, the best thing to do is, in my opinion, is to go to see the head and tell him / her the problem, someone had bitten your child first under THEIR care. Now your child is only looking after himself and can't forget the time he'd got bitten. Especially as you haven't taught him to do that.

That's my advice to you anyway!!

Good luck!

My son keeps getting bitten in daycare?

provided that I volunteer at a daycare I see this ensue normally with infants. definite, this is quite basic with this age group... They see some thing they choose and act by using biting and hitting to get it. i've got seen youngsters getting harm by using different youngsters adequate to make bruises and draw blood and that i observed precisely what occurred and actually think of there replaced into no longer something the instructor might have completed to dodge it. in the previous helping in a daycare I used to think of daycares did no longer take biting heavily adequate... yet now i believe like they are doing all that they might (or a minimum of the daycare I help at is). this is quite difficult simply by fact regardless of in case you already know who the "biter" is you may no longer take a seat there and watch all of them time. and there is no longer lots you're able to do whilst they do chew. the infant does not understand that what they did replaced into incorrect. yet that's what you're able to do as a determine. a million. communicate it inclusive of your infant's instructor or/and the supervisor of the daycare, lower back.. 2. communicate to your infant. tell them that each and each time somebody bites them to yell NO and get the instructor's interest. And each time a infant acts like they are gunna chew them yell NO. Your infant would possibly no longer realize it thoroughly. yet save conversing approximately it and prepare it along with her. fake to be the "biter" and have your infant push you away and yell NO. Your infant will in all probability think of this is a sport and prefer to coach it. good success and that i'm hoping you may save your advantageous son secure and chuffed!!!

My son keeps getting bitten at daycare?

Since I volunteer at a daycare I see this happen often with toddlers. Yes, it is pretty common with this age group... They see something they want and act by biting and hitting to get it. I've seen kids getting hurt by other kids enough to make bruises and draw blood and I saw exactly what happened and truly think there was nothing the teacher could have done to prevent it. Before helping in a daycare I used to think daycares didn't take biting seriously enough... But now I feel like they are doing all that they can (or at least the daycare I help at is). It's really hard because even if you know who the "biter" is you can't sit there and watch them all time. And there's not much you can do when they do bite. The child doesn't understand that what they did was wrong. BUT here is what you can do as a parent. 1. Discuss it with your child's teacher or/and the supervisor of the daycare, again.. 2. Talk to your child. Tell them that every time someone bites them to yell NO and get the teacher's attention. And anytime a child acts like they are gunna bite them yell NO. Your child might not understand it completely. But keep talking about it and practice it with her. Pretend to be the "biter" and have your child push you away and yell NO. Your child will probably think it's a game and love to practice it. Good luck and I hope you can keep your precious son safe and happy!!!