This Might Seem Strange But I Asked Someone On Facebook I Don

It is weird to friend someone on facebook that you don't know and try to talk to them?

Don't do it. It's awkward, they might be some creep that your friend accepted because she/he wasn't paying attention. If they have like 20/30 mutual friends I'm sure it's okay.. otherwise no.

Is it impolite? No.Is it advisable? The answer to that is no as well.Here’s the best measuring stick to use: Place yourself in the other person’s shoes.How would you feel if someone randomly added you as a friend or, worse yet, messaged you and said something along the lines of, “Hey, you don’t know me, but I’ve seen you in my Econ class and think you seem pretty cool. Want to hang out?”I know how I would feel. At the very least, it would be awkward. At the very most, it would be creepy and stalkerish…even if you “just want to be friends.”A good friend of mine has a measuring stick he uses for social media. I think it makes sense and works well for him. He calls it “The 30-Second Handshake Rule.” Basically, if he hasn’t shaken someone’s hand and had a conversation with them for more than 30 seconds, he won’t accept or send a Facebook friend request.Generally-speaking, if you want to meet a person that badly, talk to them in person. Face-to-face interaction goes a long a way. Even if you’re painfully shy, take the leap. Say something. Strike up a conversation (DO NOT use a pickup line). It may be difficult, but it gets easier with time and experience.Good luck!

Hi Rosey thank you for this question. It's a bit difficult to answer this question. I think maybe people that gossip a lot about their friends and tell me things that there friend confided in them and they swore never to tell anyone. These people are strange to me. They betray the trust of their friends but are careful not to talk about their own short comings. I know it makes them feel better and it comes from a place of low self esteem and usually envy and bitterness, but I do find it strange how other people tend to believe them even though they are known to be gossips

Does this seem strange to anyone? This guy keeps messaging me?

He certainly seems to want to speed things up a little bit,if you consider he is "moving" too fast for your liking,then your best bet is to wait it out,he probably does not mean wrong,after all he just might be might be eager to meeting you in real life,he might just want to get to know you better(something that is not really possible through texting)at least not entirely,but guys tend to do such things often and girls tend to get too paranoid about it,if he has only so far called you cute,there is no harm in that,again it is normal for him to want to meet up,on the other hand it is good you are cautious,you actually think things through,so if you reject his offer now he is most likely to get offended and possibly lose interest as this leads to misunderstandings,he will think you do not "like" him after all,that depends on the person and i cant speak for all guys,he might just take it well and understand that you have known him for very little,but you would still be risking it anyway as you do not know how he is going to react,or you can accept his offer,if you choose to do so then i'd advice it is a rather fairly crowded place and not too far away,in case something happens,if he suggests any really lonely place then reject it as you haven't met him yet,just a suggestion,it is up to you in the end,so in short, you are not being overly cautious,that is what every smart person would do, they would take precautions,specially with somebody they are not familiar with.If you then do not feel comfortable going out in such short time you might aswell tell him you would like to wait a little bit,then again you could ask anyone who knows him WELL,so you can feel more secure and confident.Be safe and all the best.

Why do weird people i don't know on facebook keep adding me what should i do?

I get strang people trying to add me also.

Ive had people from other countries even try to add me, we had no mutual friends so i dont even know how they found me to begin with.

I ignore them. & what you can do is go into your privacy setting & change the who can serch for me option. I think it offers;

Noone - meaning noone can put your name in & find you. You wont show up in the search results.

Your Network - im in the St. Louis Network. So if i selected this option only people that are also in the St. Louis Network would be able to do a search & see me.

& I think theres a mutual friends one. So if someone that has mutual friends with you could see you if they did a search for your name.

I wouldn't suggest adding people that you dont know. Just because Facebook usually holds personal information such as your phone number & your address on your profile (optional) but still. Theres no use in having them going through your stuff if you dont know who they are.

If God told you to do something, and it seem strange to others, would you still obey God and do it?

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Would it be bad/weird to ask over facebook?

So I have a crush on a guy in one of my classes. We are both 16 and we used to talk alot in class last year but we lost connection. However a few weeks ago we started talking again, I think he might like me, but he is shy and I don't know if he is just being friendly. I really want to hang out with him more just to get to know him and see if he does like me or not. But, we just got out of school for Christmas break. He doesn't have a phone so the only way I could ask him if he wanted to hangout is through facebook. We have talked on facebook before but I don't know if it would be bad/weird to ask him on facebook. What do you think? Also if you think I should ask him, should I start a conversation first or should I just flat out ask? And where is a good place to hang out?

Would it be weird to ask a girl on facebook how she does her eye makeup?

I don't think so, maybe make a comment on one of her pictures saying "Wow your eyes look great, how do you do that?" That would be less weird than a message.


It's certainly not childish.  THEY wouldn't consider doing that.  It's not that immature, either.  Some great friendships have been started that way, even if the one being asked had already been committed.  Of course, at least as many askers have been dropped like dead rats.If you never experiment, however, you'll never know.  Is it a TOTAL stranger you see on the street?  Then good luck.  Is it someone you've at least talked to before?  At least 'hi' in passing?  Then you DO stand more of a chance.You seem to be an F asking a guy.  Go for it.  I've often heard of guys WISHING girls would ask, because they're too scared to.