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This Or That Boys Names

Boy names that start with "C" and end in "N"?

Cohen - Cowen

Biblical boy names?

Abraham-Father of Multitude
Adam -The First Man
Andrew -A Strong Man
Benjamin-Son of the Right Hand
Caleb -Bold
Charles -Free Man
Christian -A Follower of Christ
Christopher -Holds Christ's Faith
Daniel -God is My Judge
David -Beloved
Dominic-Belonging to God
Edward-Successful Leader
Eli -Height
Elijah -The Lord is My God
Eric -Strong Leader
Ethan -Loyal
Ezekial-God Make Me Stronger
Felix -Cheerful
Francis -French
Gabriel -God's Man
George -Popular Saint Name
Gideon-The Destroyer
Giles -Infant Goat
Henry -Lord
Jacob -Son of Isaac
James-An Apostle
Jed -God's Friend
Joel -The Lord is God
John -God is Gracious
Johnathan-God's Offering
Joseph -God will give more
Joshua -God is My Salvation
Lawrence-From Laurentum
Luke -Author of the Gospel of Saint Luke
Mark -Author of the Gospel According to Saint Mark
Matthew-God's Gift
Michael -Archangel
Moses -Drawn out of the Water
Nathan-God's Gift
Noah -Peaceful, Restful
Paul -Small
Peter -Stone
Philip -Horse Lover
Richard -Great Strength
Sampson-Child of the Sun
Tobias -The Lord is Kind
Valentine -Powerful
Victor -Winner
Vincent -To Occupy
William -Strenuous Guardian

This or That (Boy Names On Girls)?

Ashton or Aaron >> Ashton (I think it's cute spelled Ashtyn on a girl)
Bailey or Brennan >> Brennan! It's soooooooooo cute on a girl! ♥
Christian or Caiden >> Caiden
Dakota or Devin >> Devin
Emerson or Evan >> Evan
Forrest or Fallen >> Fallen
Gage or Gabriel >> Gage
Harley or Hunter >> Hunter
Isaiah or Ireland >>Ireland
James or Jace >> Jace
Kai or Kellan >> Kai
Lane or Landon >> Landon
Mason or Marley >> Marley
Navy or Nevin >> Navy
Owen or Oceana >> Oceana (though I'd have probably went with October)
Parker or Payton >> Payton
Quin or Quinton >> Quin
Rylan or Rowan >> Rowan
Shane or Skyler >> Skyler (I prefer the spelling Skylar on a girl)
Travis or Trace >> Travis
Uden or Ulysses >> Uden
Willy or Wyatt >> Willy
Xavier or Xavian >> Xavian
Zachary or Zayden >> Zayden


7-letter P names for boys?

Phineas, Preston, Patrick, Padgett (English, means attendant), Paisley (Scottish, means church), Parish (English, means from Paris or noble), Pascual (Spanish, means Easter), Patrice (yes, it can be a boys name), Pharell (American, means descendant of the valorous man), Phillip (Greek, means lover of horses), Phoenix (Greek, means blood red), Piperel (English, means pepper), Placido (Spanish, means calm, quiet), Porsche (German, means offering), Prairie (American, means flatland), Presley (English, means from the priest's field), Preston (English, means from the priest's town), Prewitt (English, means brave, valorous), Probert (English, means son of Robert), Prokhor (Russian, means one who leads the singers), Prosper (LAtein, means fortune), Ptolemy (Greek, means warlike), Pyralis (Greek, means of fire).

What are a few Hindu baby boy names?

We may not know all of them, but there are many Unique Hindu Baby Boy names in usage, i’m listing few of the names below with meanings:Aarav - Peaceful, RayAadrik - The rising sun between the mountainsAarish - First Ray of SunAarnav - Ocean, seaAarush - First Ray of SunAaryesh - King of AryaAbhilash - Desire, WishDhruva - The most brightest star in the skyAkshat - UnharmedAmeya - Lord Vishnu’s nameShaurya - Brave or courageousPradyumna - Extremely MightyTushar - Fine drops of waterThaman - Name of GodDhairya - PatiencePrateek - SymbolPranav - Phonic sound for sacred syllable OmAnyak - VariousDhanush - A BowDakshith - Lord ShivaTanishq - JewelRaajan - KingRithwik - SageNikesh - Another name lord Vishnu

What are some unique but unpopular boys names?


Can Royalty be a boy's name?

How about trying Royal or Royle?I'm all for weird and wonderful names but Royalty just doesn't fit right on a boy for me.Want some unique boys names? I'll give you a list.RedleyEmorySilverAspenOakleyHow about some Royal themed names?PrinceBaronLord/LordeCastleReignBut at the end of the day it's up to you, if you think royalty will be a fitting name for your baby then go for it.

Does the boys name go first in a ship name?

When creating a ship name, where the names on two people are combined to form a single word, you have to consider howhen hard the combined name will be to say.There is no rule that the boys name comes first.