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Throat Hurt Really Bad Last Night Till This Morning When

So..... last night, I started getting this really bad sore throat.?

Halls Defense BF passed his cold onto me, & that is what I am on today! They have Vitamin C, Echinacea, & Zinc. It has always helped me get better faster! I like the Cherry, but they do have other flavors!

My throat hurts at night in bed and in the morning.?

For the last week or so, I've started coughing at night before bedtime. When I wake up in the morning (and throughout the night), I have a very sore throat. Hurts to swallow. After I get up out of bed, I start feeling fine after a little while, by midmorning and afternoon, I feel totally fine. What's going on?

once i gargled some water i dont remember if it was salt water or not n i spit out some nasty green stuff n then my throat felt fine. but i HATE doing that it is terrible!
anything else?

Went to a party last night and now my throat really hurts... why?

could be from drinking so much sometimes its almost like the alcohol irritates the lining of your throat which is possible it is poison to your body

My throat hurts extremely bad when i wake up in the morning?

when you sleep you salivate less, so it leaves your mouth and throat a little dry in the morning. also when you sleep or even throughout the day mucus flows from your nose down to your throat which can irritate it and make it sore, the dryness it gets from less saliva at night makes the sensation worse. you can soothe your throat by making a garlic cough syrup with honey. just mix 4-6 minced cloves of garlic with about a quarter to a half a cup of honey or real maple syrup. put in a sauce pan. add about a quarter cup of water to make it more viscous. just heat it up until it starts to bubble and let it cool. then take a spoonful of it when your throat feels sore.

the hydroscopic properties of a sugar syrup like honey help soothe the throat, while the anti-biotic proterties of garlic help it heal faster and prevent infection.

it also helps to eat canned peaches, hot tea with honey, cough drops, and gargle warm salt water.

Why do you get a sore throat if you leave the heater on all night?

What happens is that your throat gets dry and sore.Depends on what type of heater you have. If it is ducted heating belching out hot/warm dry air then you surely will end up with a dry throat, tendency to cough and eventually may lead to inflammation.Hydronic heating is by far the best but more expensive and more difficult to install.Humidifyers may be an option. Also you can have a glass of water at your bedside so you can sip some water at night when you feel your throat is dry.Do you sleep with your mouth open? are you a mouth breather? That may be one of the reason why your throat gets dry too.

Sore throat, hurts to swallow- sharp pain when bending forward or move head side to side?

the sore throat part happened last night but it was only on my right side. I woke up this morning and it started hurting to swallow and now it hurts to bend forward or move my head side to side. I get a sharp pain every time I try and I don't have the money to go to the doctor. any thoughts on what it might be?