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Tips Of Being A Better Muslim

How can I become a better Muslim?

What collections of hadith's would be good for me to read?

What are some tips on memorizing surah's?

What dua's are best for me to strengthen my deen?

What are some tips to help me wake up for fajir?

How can I constantly think about Allah? (SWT)

And anything else that will help me strengthen m deen and my relationship with Allah.

Who is a Good Muslim?

As a matter of fact, this is a very good question. And the answer should be made clear to every Muslim in order to be able to adjust him/herself for a better position on the day of judgement.Who is a Muslim and Who is a good Muslim is a good Muslim is two completely different things all together and we must know the difference Insha Allah.A good Muslim is always conscious of the following three Questions:Who you are, your purpose of life, and your destination! (follow the link to read this article)The first question I need to ask myself is where was I before I was born? Then I need to ask myself where am I right now, and how long will I be here? And then I need to ask myself, where am I going to go after my heart stops beating, when this body of mine is separated from the soul?The only way I will know the answers to these question is by referring to revelation. Go back to Allah because nobody else has the answer. Science cannot help you. Medicine cannot help you. Those with PhDs cannot help you. The most educated person on the globe cannot help you. The machinery and technology we have will not help you. Nothing will help you. But revelations will help you answer the questions.So in order to find these answered and to identity who a good Muslim is, Who a Muslim is and who a bad Muslim is, Please follow the link bellow to discover that. It’s very lengthy, so it’s better I just give you the link.WHO IS A GOOD MUSLIM

Any tips to stop listening to music?

I burnt all musical elements, stopped listening music, for last 15 years, feeling much better.
Music was the worst disease in my life, alhamdulillah I'm free of music.

How can i become a better muslim teen girl? 10 points!?

Assalamualaikum sister :)
Being a good Muslim just sounds and seems hard, though it actually isn't.

About the praying:
set a timetable kind of thing for yourself. set a time for prayer and follow it! i also felt really lazy for getting up for prayer,but put the fear of Allah in your heart. Remind yourself when u r in the middle of some activity, "is this activity more important than pleasing Allah?"
Read more about the benefits of Salah and bad consequences of not praying. Think, can you not take out 10 minutes of your time, just pause your activity for the sake of pleasing Allah Subhana WaTa'la?It is Allah who has given you whatever you have right now and can take it away anytime. Please Allah.Do what he has instructed. That is the only way to succeed in life.
Just make prayer a routine. did you know that if you do something religiously for 18 days, it becomes a habit on the nineteenth? start with only the fard rakah and start sunnat and later nafil.
No offenece, but you're a teen girl and every teen girl wants to look prettier and have wonderful skin, right? I do too :D think of wudhu as a way to clean your face. Wudhu really has many benefits.

I recently started wearin hijab too, Alhamdulillah. When thinking about hijab, i made many excuses to myself. my friends would think of me as 'weird' and stuff. but seriously, you're doing something for Allah, it might seem hard at first but Allah will ultimately make it easy for you. i hope you dont think modest clothing is non fashionable clothing. if you do, you are SO wrong :) hijab does not mean stopping fashion. check out these youtube channels for hijabi fashionistas:
nye armstrong

No one knows when they're going to die, so its better to start to improve right now. Forget what people might think and say.Please Allah and he will give you everything.

watch islamic lectures on 'zakir naik'
many great personalities are hijabis. shelina zahra janmohammed,naima b robert, sarah joseph.
its not too late now, but it might be in a moment.Allah is merciful. seek forgiveness and you will become a better muslim Inshallah.
Hope i helped. any more doubts/advice, feel free to ask me more :)

What should I do to become an ideal Muslim man?

Emulate Muhammad S’AW!His example is seen in Qur-aan, sunnah and hadith. Where the hadith are concerned, typically I would be more enthusiastic in emulating the traits that align with the Qur-aan.In a nutshell, be the best human being that you can be within the bounds of Islam by being the kindest, most considerate, compassionate, patient, charitable, generous of spirit, devout man you can be. The two things that energize the beauty of the soul are your self-esteem and your dignity; do not let those be taken away nor should you give them away to anyone.Leave the world better than you found it, do no evil, speak well of everyone, if you cannot say something good of someone then say nothing at all, avoid evil, be good to your family, friends, neighbours, treat others in the best fashion of the way you would like to be treated, be wise enough to know which battles you can afford to lose but still win the war etc.Allaah has said that the most odious sound is the braying of the ass, take that to heart!The world needs ideal human beings = ideal Muslim man!Finally, words mean absolutely nothing without the actions to support them!The Qur-aan tells you what and how you need to be, to be an ideal Muslim man and Muhammad shows you the way.

How do I know if I'm a good Muslim?

Islam is about Faith and Good work.Good Muslim has a strong faith in God, and he preforms his obligations and prayers as prescribed.He also strive to do good and help fellow human, and refrain from doing bad and harmful things.He takes care of his outward look and his morals and inside.He is always positive, in good times he is generous and spending of his money for charity, and in bad times he is patient and hardworking.Wherever he lives he makes the place better for himself and the people around him.A good Muslim is a good son/daughter, a good brother/sister, a good mother/father, a good neighbor and a good friend, and humanbeing.The prophet SAW said:” The best among you is the best for his wife/family”.He also said : “ The best among you is the most helpful to other people”.He also said:”The nears to me in the day of Judgment among you are those with good morals”

How should a Muslim become a practicing Muslim again?

You should go for “Jihad”.Yes! you read it right. Jihad against your desires (Jihad al-nafs).A wise man told me when I had the same question- “doing good deeds is easier but stopping yourself from own desires and sins is the most difficult part”. He also said Muslim Sufi’s and Saints did not become Sufi’s and Saint’s by doing good deeds or by offering Namaz or fasting or any other islamic stuff but they use to go against there desires and they accepted “Taqwa” (conscious and cognizant of Allah, of truth, of the rational reality, fear of god).Taqwa is the struggle against evil ideas, desires and powers of lust, anger, and insatiable imagination, placing all of them under the dictates of reason and faith in obedience to God's commands, and finally, purging all satanic ideas and influences from one’s soul.This struggle is considered as the major struggle (al-jihad al-akbar) as it is much more difficult than fighting in the battlefield, for in the struggle against the self, one has to constantly battle enemies that are hosted inside his own existence.Hence, stop fulfilling your desires and try to avoid doing even small form of sins. Also try to stop feeding what your Nafs (desires) asks you. Inshallah soon you will find difference in your Imaan.FYI:- Recently I have started practicing this- started feeling difference. Some of the thing which I do:I don’t feel like waking-up for fajr early morning (my nafs says sleep) but I go against it.I feel like watching TV but I go against it and recite Quran.Sometime I feel like having good food but I try to avoid and have normal food (just to kill my desire).Since I started doing this, I got strength to stop my self from doing sins and I got motivation to pray more.May Allah give us Hidayath and Imaan for both of us and all. Ameen!