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Tips On Becoming Healthier

I get sick a lot, what can i do to become healthier?

There are actually quite a few simple ways to boost your immune system. Supplements are an option, but they can be expensive and won't be a quick fix! Some of the most important and simplest ways to boost your immune system are:

- Get a good nights sleep
- Eat lots of protein, from healthy low fat food sources
- Cut the sugar from your diet (this means refined white sugar, the natural sugars in fruits and veggies are still essential)
- Stay hydrated
- Get your vitamins (a multivitamin goes a long way)
- Wash your hands regularly!!!!! ( this one won't technically boost your immune system but it's something most north american's don't do enough and will significantly decrease your risk of catching bugs in the first place!)

Also here are some links to a couple more sites and a short video on boosting your immune system, they have even more suggestions I didn't include, enjoy!:

How can I become super healthy?

The process of becoming healthy requires time, effort and patience.Here I would provide some tips that will help you to become healthy.Do exercise regularly.Exercise all your body parts.Do meditation.Eat a healthy and balanced diet regularly.Eat lots of fruits and vegetables.Avoid fast foods and junk foods.Drink plenty of water.Replace sugary drinks with water.Eat a light and healthy breakfast regularly.

How do I become healthier?

Both Diet and Exercises together are a must for happy healthier life.If you don’t have time for gym and can hardly give 40 mins to workout then exercises that you can do at homeImagine like you have a Treadmill and keep running for about 15–20 mins. This will well work on your thighs, legs and you feel like your legs are strong :PA little belly exercises and exercises which stretch our muscles something like thisExercises using chair. These are interesting and you’ll feel good. There are many and you can easily find them on internet but in initially do which are comparatively easy and then go for complex one. One such easy one is like thisSkipping helps in reducing your extra fat and keeps you healthy but I wouldn’t suggest much of this as someone told me it would effect knees in long run.If you like to dance then Zumba, Aerobics or any dance step which will move your body and you swat for it :PEye exercises like rotating the eye ball clockwise and anti-clockwise for 5 minsMost importantly exercises which suit your body types. Initially it will ache your body like hell but don’t give up. You’ll start enjoying the pain.Now, the important part…Food and diet. Diet doesn’t mean to stop eating. It means to eat healthy. Remember a Low Carbohydrates - High protein diet would make wondersTwo cups of green tea. Many would suggest green tea with honey. But these days honey has lots of sugar and that is not advisable.Cut down your rice portion. Avoid cooking rice in rice cookers as it takes in starch. More starch implies more carbs.Avoid having dinner after 7.Whatever your food portion is break it up into parts and have it for two times instead of gulping it once.Don’t snack with oily and cheesy stuff. if you are hungry eat sprouts. Eat as much of sprouts as you can. It will help burning your fatReplace one meal of your day with oats.Try Organic foods. You feel like you are inner soul is getting purified.Eat fresh fruits instead of juices.3 times a week. Have salad as your dinner. Carrots cucumbers lettuce tomatoes curry leaves….add all that is healthy. (No cheese and no oil)Have half spoon of cinnamon powder every alternate day. This works like magic. It not only keeps you blood sugar on check but also helps reducing cholesterol.As I said It is difficult to follow right from day one but you’ll love the process when you start feeling good, your inner soul being happy, it will be like a new you.All the best :)

What small steps can one take to become and feel more healthier?

Well, I vote for relax. I’ve tried tons of advice about becoming healthier concerning sleep, food, exercise, and I’ve found out one thing - if this step to health makes you nervous or tense, it’s not worth doing. Really, what’s the point of drinking certain amount of water or eating low-carb diet or whatever, if it makes you obsessed and stressed? People tend to forget that health is not just about physical state, this word also implies mental health, social health, feeling good in all aspects of your life.So I suggest relax. Breathe. Try to listen to your body, what it wants - a glass of water, a walk, some stretch, some sleep? Do what it says, not what tons of fitness experts recommend. “Customise” your healthy lifestyle so that it makes you feel good. Relax, smile, talk to people, go for a walk, don’t miss your friend’s birthday because you have to go to the gym, drink an occasional glass of wine and be happy.

I want to become fit and healthy, where do I begin?

Don't join the gym. People join the gym for one year membership and only go for a week. Try this instead. Get a small pocket book or calendar and hang on the wall somewhere in your house.Start with day 1. Do push ups like 20, burpees and pull ups as many as you can in one set. Do 4 sets of each workout. 1 set means you did 10 push ups aka 10 reps without stopping. Do 4 sets of everything.  Do the same thing next day but more than what you did yest. May be 11 push ups or more. Follow this for 5 days and take 2 days rest. Try again same thing next week. May be go for running or long  jogging or any type of workout. Mark your calendar or book. What you did here is "commitment' if you did your workout without skip a day or two. You are ready for a gym if you want. You can always workout at home or go in the park. Next part is nutritions. You learn more as you go but the most important time to eat before and after workout. Eat carbs like rice with chicken or bread with meat so you get some energy. Eat right after you done working out. Same food. Sleep a lot and drunk lots of water. Good Luck! Let me know if you have any questions.

Tips on becoming vegetarian?

I went vegetarian around your age (a lot of people usually do) and you'll be fine as long as you eat right. It will help looking at a food pyramid for a vegetarian diet.

It may be healthier if you eat more vegetables then you do know. If your eating junk food and processed crap like oreos and morning star farm fake meats then it won't be. If you still want fake meats I suggest the gardien brand that has wholesome ingredients that you can actually read.

The different types of diets are
semi-vegetarians who sometimes eat seafood or poultry and not red meat
vegetarians who don't consume seafood or any meat
ovo-lacto-vegetarians who eat dairy and eggs, but no meat or fish
lacto-vegetarians who don't eat meat, fish, or eggs but consume dairy products
pescitarians who eat seafood, but not meat
vegans who don't eat anything from animals(including bees) and don't have any products tested on animals or with animal products

And some tips gelatin isn't vegetarian you can find it in most often in; yogurt(read ingredients for it), marshmallows, most gummy candies, jello desserts, altoids, and gum. I've also heard about some being in frozen vegetables oddly enough. Also look out for rennet or animal enzymes in cheeses. Rennet and animal enzymes come from the 4th lining of a baby cows stomach. Most all parmesan cheese is made with rennet as well.

As for what type of diet you should go by pick what one you think would be best for you.

How can a skinny and thin person become healthy and fat?

Here is a best diet for skinny guys to gain fat.Vegetarian:Morning ( Along with normal breakfast )Whole grain bread with Peanut butter - 6 slices2 bananas with a glass of milkAfternoon ( Along with normal lunch )1 medium cup of boiled soya beans2 medium boiled potatoesNight ( Along with normal dinner )1 glass of milk with 3 spoons of honeyWhole grain bread with Peanut butter - 2 slices2 bananasNon-Vegetarian:Morning ( Along with normal breakfast )3 boiled eggs2 bananas with a glass of milkAfternoon ( Along with normal lunch )1 medium cup of rice with chicken1 boiled eggNight ( Along with normal dinner )1 glass of milk with 3 spoons of honey2 chicken chest piecesAyurveda ( for both veg & non-veg )Eat a spoon of chyawanprash every nightExerciseDo regular push ups and dumbbell liftingYogasanas1. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)2. Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand Pose)3. Vajrasana (Diamond Pose)4. Pavanamuktasana (Wind-Relieving Pose)5. Matsyasana (Fish Pose)6. Savasana (Corpse Pose)Try this daily routine, you would surely gain weight in 3 weeks. All the best !!And don’t just focus on gaining fat, try to lead a healthy lifestyle too. Get some natural Health Tips here 80 Simple & natural Ayurvedic Health & beauty tips, home remedies

Do you have suggestions on becoming healthy both mentally and physically?

Wash your hands and face as soon as you wake up. Look into the mirror and smile at yourself. Appreciate who and what you see. When you are alone practice smiling while thinking about how much healthier you are going to be when you continue to care of yourself.If possible, get outdoors as soon as you awake. If you are not yet able to do so then get near a window and look outside. Listen for birds, sounds of the street and of the world waking up. If you can’t get to a window then visualize being outdoors and imagine that soon you will be able to be outdoors.Say to yourself, if you wish, “I’m grateful for the health I do have.” Sip hot water with lemon before you eat. Read quotes of Daisaku Ikeda and Nichiren Daishonin.Think to yourself that you will be an even better person once you have crossed through this health crisis. Maybe envision that you’ll be able to be even more compassionate than you were before your illness. Be thinking of what advice you might give to Quora people upon your improvement.If you are able to write, then start writing down the beautiful things you see and hear throughout the day. When you think something beautiful, write it down.Life is about many things, however, pick one thing to challenge each day and intend that you will be victorious in one thing in one day. Think and feel about today. If you do this each and every day you will have 365 victories at the end of one year. You will begin to live in the now (the present).You can meditate and intend to receive good health both physical and emotional.You have a choice each time you need to make a decision and it may prove helpful to you to ask yourself, “What value would making this decision create?” “Will I create more value doing something or Not doing something.”Be patient with yourself and others. Respect yourself that you are doing the best you can right now at this minute. It might be a good idea to also realize that others are doing the best they can.Please think of these things, not as chores, but as steps, baby steps. Be kind to yourself and patient.

How do I become healthy in one month?

You can become healthy in a month by taking a balance diet which consist of good quality protein,complex carbohydrate and good fats.Your diet should be rich in vitamins,minerals and Antioxidant.Also to become healthy you should do atleast 30 min of exercise.Exercise can be walking,Aerobics,yoga or running.Also sleep plays a very important role in making one healthy.You should take minimum 6-7 hours of sleep on the daily Basis.Below is a sample of a Balanced diet chart which you can follow and become Healthy.Below diet chart is a 1800 calorie diet and 50 gm protein.You can increase the quantity as per your appetite but Quality should be maintained.Early Morning1 glass of lukewarm water with ½ lemons squeezed in it.Or1 glass lukewarm water with a pinch of cinnamon powderBreakfast1 glass of vegetable juice + 1 plate vegetable oats+ 2 whole egg + 4 almonds (Soaked)Or1 cup milk + 1 green Moong dal dosa + groundnut chutney+1 slice of multigrain bread (Soaked)Midmorning1 glass buttermilk Or1 glass coconut water + 1 egg white boiled Lunch1 cup raw vegetable salad + 2 chapatti + 1 cup Rice + 1 cup vegetable + 1 cup Dal + 1 cup pulses vegetable +1 cup curd  Or1 cup raw vegetable salad + 2 cups rice + 1 cup vegetable + 2-3 pc of chicken/Fish + 1 glass buttermilk.Afternoon (2 hrs Post Lunch)1 cup green Tea + 1 fruit  Evening Snack 1 cup sprouts Dinner1 bowl soup + 1 chapatti + ½ cup rice + 1 cup vegetable + 1 cup curd.Or1 bowl chicken Soup + 1 cup rice + 2-3 pc chicken/Fish/1 egg  + 1 cup vegetable.Bedtime1 cup Milk with a pinch of turmericOr1 cup green tea + 2 almonds