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Tired Of People Saying

People say I'm too skinny and im tired of it!?

I'm 14 and I'm 5'4 and I weigh 104 pounds. I am really starting to get FREAKING tired of people telling me that I'm so skinny ive been told by some of my friends and even ADULTS. On fourth of July my grandma's boyfriend was like oh my gosh you're actually eating, my family's landlord told me when will gain weight, and my auntie said I'm nothing but bones. People may think that it doesn't affect me, but it does! Let's be honest but I eat like a pig but I have a fast metabolism. I'm trying to gain weight but I can't with this fast metabolism that I have. I am skinny but it's not like my bones show, okay, people make like I'm stick thin and I'm not. My collar bones show but it ain't like bones show all over my body!

What will you never get tired of saying to people?

The same things I do get tired of saying to people. The reasons I’ll never “get tired” of saying them are either I’m already tired of saying them; I’m not “tired” of the work of saying them, but rather of people not getting what I’m saying; or soon there will be no more need for saying them.None of this makes any sense until you read this:Johnnie Lockett's answer to What are you tired of explaining to people?The simple fact is: I never get tired of saying things that might somehow benefit, motivate or edify other people.

What are you tired of people asking/saying?

Do you still have the rheumatoid arthritis? Have you ever tried (some diet out of a women's magazine or some bizarre treatment or other)?I am so sick of these well-meaning types offering me the latest in bogus cures and snake-oil remedies that I could cry. RA is incurable, I've accepted this and try to get through the day as best I can. I'm not going to chase after esoteric cures and protocols in the vague hope it will cure me. I know it won't.These are cures that no one in their right mind would ever try. I know the people offering the cures mean well, but damn if I'm not tired of it…(And please, no magical mystery cures in the comments. I've heard them all and I'm not interested. Thanks.)

What's something you're tired of people saying to you?

About 15 years ago I had a mental breakdown from overworking. That’s different from an emotional breakdown associated with relationship issues. This happened out of the blue with symptoms similar to a stroke and I had to quit my career on the medical advice of my doctor.Ever since then, when I phoned my mother the first thing she’d ask was, “Have you got a job yet.” I eventually got so fed up giving the same explanation that I just stopped phoning her. Now I might phone her maybe once every 2 to 3 years and often regret even that much contact.There are plenty of things I’m tired of hearing other people say to other people, like parents who keep repeating, good girl and good boy. This is the kind of reward system used for dogs. Children are not dogs, but based on how they’re dragged around on these new style dog leashes, perhaps their parents think they are.Another thing is when the weatherman apologises for the weather like he is God. There’s no need to apologise for reporting something that happens naturally every day.Then one thing that confounds me is women who ask why breasts exist. I’ve seen them ask this on TV many times. They don’t know that they evolved to feed babies and think they’re just put there as ornamentation.While we’re on the subject of women there are a few that say stupid things like, it’s not possible to rape a man, or, when a man is raped, it’s not rape.I don’t understand the mentality of any man that calls a woman a slut as if it’s a positive thing. It’s one of the most offensive things a man can call a woman. The equivalent would be if women commonly referred to men as pussies and expected that to be perceived as a compliment.People who say you “have to” do this, and “have to” do that, as if they are my parents. We’re not even related. Where do they get off their high horse?People who say that money is everything. They’ve never loved, lived or laughed if they think that.

Im so freakin tired of people saying that if your gay, you go to hell...anyone else?

Presuming that the people are Chrsitians who say you're going to hell for being gay, they are forgetting something basic to the foundation of the Biblical faith (whether Christian or Jewish), and that is that salvation from hell is not based on any deeds that we do. We cannot earn heaven ("for all our righteousnesses are as filthy rags... all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God."). According to Scriptures, salvation is obtained only through faith in the God of the Scriptures. So, if salvation cannot be earned by DOING something, it cannot be obtained by CEASING something, because that is also a deed with he goal of earning salvation. Converting to heterosexualism will not save anyone, and heterosexuals will not receive salvation merely based on their heterosexuality. The Bible says that "if you shall confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus, and shall believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead, YOU SHALL BE SAVED." Doesn't say anything about having to be heterosexual to go to heaven. So, no matter what anyone says, don't judge God or the Scriptures by the human biases of others who bring false accusations against God by saying that you're going to hell for being gay. God never said that you were going to hell for being gay, and anyone who says that He did is putting false words in God's mouth.

-Rev. Jim Cunningham

Why does saying “you're tired of people and ready to leave some place” considered rude?

People get offended easily and are sensitive, they like to be cared for and understood. Also people hate it when you assume what they want!! If you’re going to suggest something you have to sugarcoat it or make it sympathetic in a way they won’t take it badly, such as using the words “like”, “as”, “I think”, or adding “I don’t know though” at the end.

If someone said to you, “I'm tired of hearing people say what people say. Say something else or don't say anything else," how would you respond?

I agree, I don't like gossip.If I talk about the beautiful quilt my friend is making it's all good.If I talk about the guy my friend is dating in a derogatory manner, that's not cool.

Can people say things they don't mean when they are tired?

my gf tends to say really hurtful things when she's tired.(like woke up at 9 am and now it's 4 in the morning tired) she might tell me what she hates about me and she'll answer any question I want. I have taken advantage of this before and found out if she would go behind my back if I made her stop talking to her best friend(who is a guy that I feel messes up our relationship alot and causes me an enormous amount of stress) and she said that she would most definitely talk and meet up with him behind my back. she also mentioned one time when she was tired that for the opportunity to have sex with a certain guy she would throw away our relationship. she said having sex with that one guy was worth it. now this hurt me deeply because I know I could never look like someone like that and It makes me feel the need to go make myself look better no matter how much money it costs. I really love this girl and would like to marry her. she loves me to but she says things like this when she's tired and they are really hurtful and she usually tells the truth when she's tired so I wanted to know if there was a chance people can say things they don't mean when they are tired. my self asteem has almost been ruined and my self image is even worse. I have nightmares about her cheating on my with her best friend or this other guy. I had a nightmare last night about her working with this guy and I stopped in at her work and they were graphically doing it on the counter in front if me and the guy started laughing and flipped me off and made my gf scream. I have these sorts of nightmares every night and I feel terrible about myself all the time. I just really need to know the answer to this. bonus for a scientific reason.

What are single people tired of hearing others say?

When are you planning to get married?-Hey, I saw you dancing with that girl in the club, why didn’t you do anything afterwards?-Well, she was not my type.-So? You are single.-But she was not my type.-You don’t have any other options for the moment.-But she was not my type.-You will never get married with an attitude like that.You are not getting any younger, when are you planning to get married?-You must be feeling really lonely and depressed being single for quite some time now.-Well actually, I am very happy. This week I have wrote a couple of articles for my blogs, written a number of answers, had great table tennis sessions and managed to hang out with friends on multiple occassions.-But you are single.-But I kinda like it as it is now. I don’t feel the urge to rush into some relationship for the sake of being in relationship.-Suuuure.. Keep lying to yourself. Single and “happy”, right.-…-When did you last get some?-Other people of your age are already getting married and you spend your days playing chess and writing answers on some stupid website.-Oh, leave me alone, mother.