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To Reject Or To Be Rejected Which Is More Difficult

Is it disrespectful to ignore rejection?

Oh I know! I had a male friend who wanted more. I said I didn't. We would still hang out, then I'd get 'the talk' (where is this going?) and I'd explain myself again and back right off. Then we'd start hanging out again, and he would still expect more.
My partner, for the last 2 years, had been receiving messages from this middle aged, married woman, who obtained his number deceptively through his work. He told her, it's not appropriate for you to contact me, please don't contact me, and direct all enquiries to my work. You would think any normal person would say to themselves 'well, that was awkward. I won't contact him again'. Not her...she just kept going, and he ignored her. She was even asking him out! Like he's suddenly going to stop ignoring her and go out with her! We went to something that she invited him to together, and she just completely ignored me, and him, and the messages stopped. I couldn't believe a grown, MARRIED woman would throw herself at him so unashamedly and consistently. I thought, with or without him having a girlfriend, he was not interested and was brutally honest about not being interested - that should have been enough. I guess the point is, some people think that they can win you over with persistence, but it doesn't work that way. If people aren't interested, it's unlikely to change. The chasers just need to get a sense of pride and take rejection for what it is - rejection - thanks, but no thanks. Sure, they put themselves on the line and they didn't get the response they wanted, but they should respect the other person's honesty, and GIVE UP!
Yeah, it is disrespectful to ignore someone's rejection. I know in the case of my male friend, we used to have so much fun together, and when he'd put the hard word on me, it made me feel like he didn't respect my feelings, and that our friendship only existed because he felt like it was a stepping stone to something more.

If a null hypothesis is rejected with a significance level of 0.05, is it also rejected with a significance level of 0.01? Why or why not?

Yes.The Rejection Regions in the distribution of the Test Statistic are located in the Tail Areas, where the Probability reduces towards the tail. The 5% (0.05) rejection region includes the 1% (0.01) area of the tail. Plotting it on a piece of paper will clarify this.

Why has US visa been rejected three times?

Usually the visa to USA get rejected either because you are too good for them or in similar vain your good character won't make you successful in USA. One might think they do it random or it is luck. It is not. Those visa officers are highly trained intelligence officers or of similar training who can spot a winner there who can adjust to their kind of life something like a high frequency winner of horse racing bets. They can figure out along with it your political deposition and act accordingly. This they do so professionally you don't notice it, because of the subtility by which they gather this information or the contradictory way they frame questions.In my days, I was rejected 5 times, though I got opportunity through another country, UAE and graduated from there and came back. In these days or any time I feel one need not to worry about such rejections, because in the long run we will see that USA is a newbie in their engagement abilities and what we learn has even more value than what one gain there. The fact is if ever one has to come back then adjusting back is difficult and more difficult to disparge the callous dimension of wealth creation added on to your cultural value which can make you non believable a person to your family and society. Career training in USA is irreversible and this keep you an outcast in Indian business environment for the rest of your life.Considering the post American events it is better to never pursued this route if one cannot make it easily.

I was rejected again for freemasons?

This could be for any reason or none at all. Depending on where you live the Lodge elects it's own members and it could be one black ball or up to 3 to reject a petitioner.
It could be that someone in the Lodge knows you personally and doesn't think you would make a good Mason or the Investigation committee gave you a unfavorable report when they read your report to the Lodge.

I suspect the reasons have something to do with the fact that your here on Y!A complaining about it.

The practice of 'blackballing' or secret ballot is very old in Freemasonry and one of our most treasured practices. Each member has one vote and is reminded before voting that it is solemn and serious. One should not cast a blemish on the Fraternity by rejecting a worthy applicant or accepting an unworthy man.

I would look into other Lodges in your area after a year has passed.


question mode is way off base, and I suspect they know it but just like to sow the seeds of discontent. In other words typical boar.

Oscar thinks it a waste of time...OK. Well many men like george Washington, Ben Franklin, Buzz Aldrin, Mozart, Harry Truman, Norman Vincent Peale and man others thought it worthwhile and rewarding. Of course since it NOT a religion it cannot be a cult or any such nonsense..duh! Yes you can be of whatever faith you choose, all are welcome who hold a belief in a Supreme Being and the immortality of the soul. Of course since it's nt a religion, the Lodge does not try to define that Supreme Being or interfere with a man's faith of choice. Religious intolerant like Oscar get all steamed about this point...can't understand I suppose.

Scully is another typically response to something he/she cannot understand. Defamer that which you have no knowledge of is so medieval and generally illogical. Freemasonry is a Fraternity, not a sorority so how can it be sexist? The very nature of a Fraternity is male only...duh!

What is worse, a guy getting rejected by a girl or a girl getting rejected by a guy?

It depends on the why and how strong the bond is, if any, with the one being rejected. Fred chooses between Mary and Marsha, both strangers to him, at a party. Fred asks Mary to dance. Marsha may feel let down but because there is no strong connection with the newly met acquaintance, this is a minor rejection.

Playing it again, Fred asks Mary to dance, and Mary says no. Now there is a tinge of rejection-type feelings held by Marsha, and more importantly by Fred.

Now play it over again with Fred close to Marsha. At the party, Mary and Marsha are talking and Fred walks up to Mary and asks her, not Marsha, to dance. Marsha has some attachment to Fred and unless there was something obvious, like Marsha's leg was in a cast, Marsha will be feeling a very strong sense of rejection, and yes, this will likely hurt for quite a while.

Now play it over again with Fred super infatuated with Mary, but Mary doesn't even know that Fred exists. Fred asks Mary to dance and again, Mary says no. Unlike the disappointment expressed in an earlier example, Fred will likely be devastated and feel it for a very long time.

If you can get your head around it, the risk taker (the one approaching) is often the most invested. The girl not chosen will hurt, but the person making a choice and then rebuffed will hurt worse. The person with the strongest emotional bond, however, will hurt worst of all when that bond is broken. The ones without the emotional tie, though, will rarely be phased or bothered.

The issue is not the guy or the girl, it is the risk or bond of attraction.

How to get rid of rejection scars?

I had my belly button pierced a while back and it rejected and left an ugly red scar and I want to know if there is any way I can get rid of it? I've had the scar for a while, so it's not fresh, which might make it more difficult to go away.