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Today When I Was Chatting With My Fb Freind The Name Of Her Was Showed As A Facebook User And Was

Why do some people's Facebook chat names show 'last active' numbers?

From Facebook messenger, you can turn off yourself as ‘Inactive’.To be able to do that, go to last tab of messenger and click on ‘Active’ and switch yourself ‘Off’. There by your account will not be shown as active and it neither shows your last active time for others..Regarding the display of last active for others and for some not showing, it is due to the above explanation I gave to turn you off or on in messenger app.If you’re using browser, you can log out of messenger by clicking on ‘Settings’ and logging out of messenger alone. If someone purposefully logout from messenger or mark them as ‘Inactive’ in messenger app, then you wouldn’t be able to see their last active time..If someone just uses messenger and later goes out of it, for those people last active time would be displayed..Hope that helps..

Person goes offline when I click on their name on Facebook chat?

I have a friend whom I regularly talk to on Facebook; we're friends in real life too, but we chat a lot on Facebook. However, recently whenever I click on his picture on the left or in the chat bar at the bottom right in Facebook chat, when the chat box comes up it says he is unavailable and shows him as offline. This has been going on for a couple of days. It doesn't happen with anyone else. Did he block me on chat? Or am I just clicking on him after he logs off or other Facebook bug? I saw him in person today, and he seemed very warm and gave me a big hug, so it would seem odd to think he blocked me, but do you have any ideas?

How do I check last login/active time of any other (friend) Facebook user?

Active Status shows you when your friends and contacts are active or when they were last active on Facebook or Messenger.The best way I have found to see this status is to go to Facebook Messenger.On a computer:Log into Facebook.Messenger will be at the bottom right of the screen or along the right side of the screen. If the chat box has been collapsed, click on the chat bar to open it.You will then see the list of your active or inactive contacts.Beside each contact, you will either see a small green circle or how many minutes or hours have passed since they were last active.On a smartphone:Open the Messenger app.Once you open the app, you will see your recent conversations and a list of active friends.If you don’t see a specific friend on the list, you can use the search bar to find them. Their last active status should be next to their name after selecting them from the search results.If you’re having trouble seeing active statuses, check that you haven’t disabled your active status. Facebook notes on one of their help pages that “You won't see when your friends and contacts are active or recently active in each place or app that you've turned off your Active Status.”[1]Footnotes[1] What is Active Status and how does it work?

My friend is active on Facebook but the green dot isn't showing?

Your friend might turned off chat that's why you doesn't see the green dot or he/she turned off chat for you. You can turned off chat for specific people.Or maybe you turned off your chat. You are not able to see who's online if you turned off your chat.

I'm pretty sure the facebook chat sidebar is displaying friends who have recently viewed your profile?

I know it's against facebook's terms of service to report who has been viewing your profile, but I have a hunch that who views your profile plays a role in who is displayed when you "go offline" on chat.

I know that the majority of people on there are people who you frequently interact with, but there have been several times I've noticed random people showing up on there too. But really, it's not entirely random. These people are usually people I've hung out recently or talked to outside of facebook.

For example, last night I hung out with my best friend and her boyfriend. The next morning her boyfriend showed up on my sidebar without having been there before. The thing is, we have never ever interacted on facebook publicly or privately. Is it just a random coincidence?

Another time a friend of mine who I had just seen the day before also showed up on my sidebar. We have messaged before, but not recently. The last time he was on the sidebar was probably a month ago but then he disappeared because of the lack of messaging. So that's a little strange...

Other times, there are simply straight up random facebook friends who I've hardly talked to who have been displayed on there, but wouldn't be surprised if they were looking at my page.

So, either facebook is finding away to stalk me in real life (lol), or your profile viewers are a factor in who is shown on that list. Again, i'm NOT talking about online people, these are friends being displayed when you go offline.

So what do you think? Has anyone else noticed this? What else could explain these friends who appear on my side bar?

What logic does Facebook use to list your friends on the chat bar?

This answer is prolly very late, but I feel like I have somethe frequency with which one checks the person's profile.if you have already messaged the personif you have shared a photo tag with the personif any of your comments include the person's name/contentif you and person share a group, or have liked a same pageif you have shared any content on the person's timelineif the person has already liked your posted contentyour choosing from chat settingsphysical location of both and proximityif you share mutual friendssomeone viewing your profile page frequentlyWhile Facebook maybe using all of these variables (and they may be the more major ones) I realized that there are 100s more that are being used to generate your sidebar, just as there are many variables used to generate what's shown on your timeline.The general gist of what controls the what's inside of the sidebar is a combination of previous interactions (tagged pictures, liked post), mutual friends, but most importantly the greatest variable is potential social proximity.Social proximity is generated by how many general similarities people may have with you. This includes very basic variables like those mentioned above. Some examples:Tagged interactionsMutual FriendsLiked ContentPhysical LocationMessaged FrequencySocial Proximity also includes some crazy variables as well. Some other variables include:Popularity (you're more prone to interact with these people)Upcoming events (who's going to them and who you should message)Physical Contact (usually sensed using cell phone sensors)Signs of a crush in the presence (Theoretically able to tell with combination of phone sensors and machine learning to know the common signs)Personality matches (check this out here)DietBuying habitsInterestTypes of jokes you resonate withWho you're most likely to interact with soonPeople that have a high sentiment towards you (able to be told by conversations they have [yeah, people record you], messenger data, and tagged photos with commentary)People you have a high sentiment towards (collected using the same methods as above)People with similar goals as you (easy to tell based on what links your read and share)There's so many more, but these are some that I've found to be somewhat true. I noticed that the way they decide who to place on your sidebar can be very intrusive. They collect and buy crazy amounts of data from you, but there's some decent accuracy on who you should contact on that bar.

If I deactivate my Facebook will my name still show up on messages?

When your deactivated your FB account, your ID will still appeared on your every friend’s contact and friend list. If you deactivated your FB account, there’s an option if you want to use your messenger or not. If you disabled this option then even if your id still appeared on their contact list, they can’t contact you.I’m moving my FB account to a new one, so I often activated and deactivated quite often. My messenger is active on my old account. I never test deleting my account, so I’m not sure how it will appeared if you deleted your FB account. But, I think it will have the same effect.

What does it mean when peoples names are gray on facebook?

It means their accounts are either set to private, or they have disabled some of their privacy settings not to have anybody who's not a friend view their profile.. Try searching their name on the search in the top right of the page, if you find them, then it's the second option.. If you can't find them, then simply they have made their profile private, meaning you can't find a way to message them or add them or view their friends or anything, but they can leave traces of them as in comments on photos and walls.. Can you click on the name? You shouldn't be able to if they're set to private..

By the way, this has nothing to do with them blocking you or ignoring you as a friend.. They just don't want their profile to be public in the reach of anybody they have come across..